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‘Toms’ In Thailand becomes Popular among Female Clients


‘Yes or No tells the story of Pai, a college girl who holds a negative attitude about tomboys. Yet she finds out that her new room-mate, Kim, is a woman who dresses like a man and who likes women.’


Via: City News Chiang Mai

According to Thai news site Sunandha News, a new job is becoming popular among Thai university students called the ‘tom host’. Being a tom host entails a tomboy becoming a ‘host’ for a female client in need of someone to go out with, or perhaps even have sex with. (really?)

It was reported that this new form of escorting is taking off in the capital. An agent of a Tom Host ‘club’ said that most of their clients are working class, stressed, and in need of company.

The club has been running now for five years and finds clients through the internet.

The club said they are not part of the sex trade, but an escort service. (yeah, right)

They also said that they only select good-mannered tomboys who are service orientated. They currently have 52 hosts who are mainly university students.

Client age ranges from 15 to 50 years old.


personal thought:

If you can’t find what you are lookin’ for in Thailand, then I suggest you aren’t lookin’ very hard.



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Pattaya – Bangladeshi caught up in wallet snatch


Early on Friday Morning a Bangladeshi reported a street robbery which occurred in North Pattaya in front of a Hotel.

Mr. Khairul Islam aged 45 was accompanied by a friend and explained that the pair were walking back to their Hotel JUST BEFORE DAYBREAK on Friday when they were approached on a motorbike by a Ladyboy who asked to borrow 10 Baht. Initially the pair refused but the Ladyboy was persistent and continued to follow the pair and ask for money.

Mr. Islam decided that he would give the man a 20 Baht note and during the transaction the Ladyboy grabbed Mr. Islam’s wallet which contained 3,500 Baht, 2,500 US Dollars and 2,000 Bangladeshi Taka with a combined value of approximately 100,000 Baht.

Police will examine CCTV in the area as they attempt to arrest the suspect and recover the stolen money.

personal thhought:

‘Just before daybreak’ out on the street in Pattaya, with +$3,200USD CASH – what a MORON!



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Pattaya – Lady boy blamed for Stolen Mobile Phone!


At 5.30 am MR.ALEXZANDER GOROSHILO , 34 years old Russian tourist ,the victim of a pick pocketing incident blames a lady boy Mr. Soonthon aged 23 from Phitsanulok province for stealing his mobile phone when they met at walking streets. The incident was reported at the Pattaya police station by the victim.

After investigation Mr. Alexzander the victim testified that while at walking streets he met Mr.Soonthon a lady boy who tried to talk to him after a while offered his service, the victim felt that he was drunk and wanted to return to his room therefore he did not go along with the little boy. (a little boy? I don’t think she looks like a boy, and I certainly wouldn’t describe her/him/THEM as ‘little’.)

The lady boy continued to walk after him and again asked him to use this service again but Mr. Alexzander went straight to his room. Just before reaching his room he checked his belongings and found that his Samsung Galaxy note 1 worth 20,000 baht ($625 USD) was missing. He confessed that the phone had been stolen by Mr.Soonthon. He then reported to the police and they are now investigating to find his mobile phone and the person involved.

Mr.Soonthon claims that he did not steal the mobile phone but he also confessed following and talking to Mr Alexander. He believed that the victim was drunk (a drunk Russian – IMPOSSIBLE!) and the mobile phone was stolen by someone else before they met. He also claims that even though he is a lady boy it does not mean that he will take someone else’s stuff. He claims that he has a degree and has participated in many beauty pageant contest and has received plenty of prize money. He never thought of any kind of behavior that will affect his impression. However, if the victim wants to blame him he is willing to fight the case stated the lady boy.

The victim still holds his statement that the ladyboy was the one who stole his mobile phone. The police therefore told the victim that he must have solid evidence to fight the case against the lady boy. The police however recorded all information and told the victim to rest and come back when he was sober (a drunk Russian – IMPOSSIBLE!).

Moreover, if the victim do take over the case then Mr.Soonthon will be informed.

personal thought:

I believe if you are Russian coming to Pattaya, you should turn over ALL your money, cellphones, drugs, and pants; to the FIRST LADY-BOY you MEET.

I mean you’re going to give it up anyway, so …

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Pattaya – ‘Police crack-down’ – 40 Ladyboys arrested!


Via: Pattaya One

Just before daybreak on Tuesday Pattaya Police conducted one of their regular beach clean-up operations in response to continuing complaints, from tourists and others who frequent Pattaya Beach late at night, regarding rude and aggressive Ladyboys.

A team of Police and Police Volunteers assembled at Pattaya Police Station just before 5am and went from the North to South end of Pattaya Beach and along Walking Street to the Bali Hai Port.

40 Ladyboys were arrested and taken to Pattaya Police Station where they were profiled and urine tested. No one was found to have consumed illegal drugs, and in accordance with laws relating to loitering, the group were fined the sum of 100 Baht ($3.30 USD!) each before being released with a warning from Police not to be seen loitering again.

As expected, the Ladyboys ignored the warning and returned to the Beach as if nothing had happened.



Oh, but this time the cops are serious, as there is a study underway to possibly raise the fine to, ($4.00 USD!)120 baht!

(yeah, that should work!)


Happy Holiday!


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Thailand – HIV, syphilis rise among gay men in Bangkok

Thailand AIDS Vaccine

Via: Bangkok Post

Cases of HIV and syphilis among gay men in Bangkok are on the rise, according to data released by US and Thai health authorities on Friday.

SYPHILLIS cases among gay men more than DOUBLED from 5 percent in 2005 to 12.5 percent in 2011, said the report in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Meanwhile, the annual prevalence of HIV also rose “SIGNIFICANTLY,” from 24.5 percent in 2005 to 29.4 percent in 2011 among men who have sex with men (MSM), it said.

These data show ongoing and increasing epidemics of HIV and syphilis infection among MSM in Bangkok,” said the report. (yeah, you think?)

Read more, HERE:


personal thought:

Billions on high-speed rail, and peanuts on health care / education.

go figure, huh?


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Pattaya – Elderly, and grossly overweight, Indian Tourist Asks Tourist Police To Chase Down Watch Thief


Via: Pattaya Daily News

At around 02.00 AM as Tourist Police and Voluteers were servicing tourists at their mobile van at Walking Street, an Inidian tourist who has been identified as Mr. Srigiri Bhaskar Rao, age 52 along with his son, informed the Tourist Police that he needed help.

After questioning Mr. Srigiri Bhaskar Rao, it was known that he was tricked by a transexual or Ladyboy, who has working as a prostitute at Walking Street. He said that he was together with the transexual for two nights already, after he agreed to pay him for sex. He told the police that as he was taking a shower, his transexual partner stole his Tommy hand-watch, which was estimated to be 25,000 THB worth, as soon as he took him hand-watch, the Ladyboy fled.

As soon as the incident was reported, the Tourist Police comprehended the evidence and facts. The Tourist Police then sent out a patrol to find the alleged suspect. It didn’t take long until the Tourist Police found the suspect, the transexual was arrested at Walking Street, he was identified as 23 year-old Mr. Tusnai Hanthong. He was frisked by the Tourist Police and the victim’s Tommy hand-watch was indeed found.

After questioning Mr. Tusnai, the 23 year-old Ladyboy suspect, he confessed his crime. He claimed that as he was going back to get something in Mr. Srigiri’s hotel room, he saw that he was showering therefore, he committed the crime by stealing his expensive hand-watch, which proved costly for the thief. The suspect is now in Pattaya police custody and will be charged for his crimes.



Don’t know of course, but I’d be willing to bet a ‘stack of chapatis’; that before the shower,  the bozo was braging up how expensive the watch was.


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Pattaya – Kuwaiti Stolen 300,000 Baht ($7.000USD) After Taking Out A Transexual


Via: Pattaya Daily News

At around 12.00 AM Tourist Police officer Narin Yimpong was notified that foreigner was stolen money at a certain hotel near walking street. After being notified, Tourist police sent out a team to investigate the incident.

When the police arrived at the scene, they met with 56 year-old Kuwaiti national Duhaiman Alalati. He told the police that he picked up a Transexual prostitute at Walking Street, he then brought the prostitute to a nearby hotel. After he woke up in the morning, he noticed that the prostitute disappeared. He immediately checked his possessions, he noticed that around 7,000 USD and 100,000 THB was stolen. The Kuwaiti immediately told the hotel reception to call the police.

Police then investigated the incident, they asked the hotel to have a look at the CCTV tape to get a better idea of how the prostitute looks. After taking a close look at the CCTV tape, police identified the transexual prostitute as Mr. Sumitr Manupun, aged 20. Police then printed out his national ID to have the Kuwaiti confirm that the police identified the right person. Police will now search for the prostitute and will try to arrest him.


$7,000 AND the front page of the newspaper – AMAZING!


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Thailand – Miss Tiffany becomes a monk


Via: Bangkok Post

Thus, it was more than a little surprising to most people  when news came out that the winner of the transsexual Miss Tiffany Universe 2009
contest, Sorrawee ‘‘Jazz’’ Nattee, had entered the monkhood on Sunday at a temple in southern Songkhla province.

While technically a man, Jazz had lived as a woman for much of his adult life.

His family says, however, that while Jazz had had breast implants, he never underwent transgender surgery. Removal of the implants have returned him to his original male gender.

‘‘I want to be a monk for the rest of my life and I’m ready to leave my worldly possessions behind,’’ Jazz said after becoming a monk at Wat
Liab in his home province.

‘‘It’s not that I’ve become a monk to run away from problems, but I’ve studied dhamma for two years and now know what it truly is.’’

The monk, whose ordination nameis Phra Maha Viriyo Bhikku, which means one who is diligent, said he took part in the transsexual beauty contest four years ago because his parents urged him to.

He added that he also wanted to enter the monkhood to repay his parents.

The abbot of Wat Liab said Jazz did not conceal the fact that he participated in the Miss Tiffany beauty contest.


‘‘Jazz is 100 per cent man, both emotionally and physically,’’ the abbot said.

Q: If he would have kept the implants, would he be, 105%?



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Thailand – Chinese official suspended after being photographed with ladyboys


Via: Bangkok Coconuts

The South China Morning Post is reporting that a Chinese official from Guangdong province has been suspended, after photos of him partying with ladyboys in Thailand surfaced online.

Huang Kangsheng, village party secretary of Xinglong, visited Thailand two weeks ago with a tour group. The group included not only Huang, but also his family members and members of his village cadre.

Huang’s problems have been exacerbated by the fact that the trip may (may?) have been paid for with public funds. A developer technically footed the bill for Huang’s tour, but one online commenter has insisted that villagers would “shoulder the burden eventually.”

After admitting that the photos of him were real, Huang added, somewhat superfluously, “I never expected that they would post the photos online.”


I can’t help thinking; Huang, has been, ‘hung out to dry’.

good riddance



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Thailand – Draft-Dodging Ladyboys Get Last Laugh


Via: Pattaya Daily Mail

Banglamung City Hall was chosen as the site to enlist military forces to be conscripted for the Army and Navy. The season of military conscription had come, and all the men from Banglamung who had reached age 21 came to register, both straight men and ladyboys.

The draft lottery was held on April 9-10 for the 2 sub- districts of Banglamung and Nongprue. The chairman was Lt. Col. Peerapan Chuea-asa, commander of squad 2.

The scene was very lively, with a lot of Thai males and transgender women, and also their relatives. Transgenders who had been surgically transformed into females were all exempted from military service, because their altered gender was not the same as their birth gender.

So they were all delighted.


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