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Thailand – Crocodile bites Sally Fields (See Photo) in the ass!

Via: Coconuts Bangkok


A crocodile took a bite out of a nun’s leg yesterday in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Khanarn Temple Abbess Amnuay Choochuai (Sister Bertrille), 64, was collecting morning glory to cook a meal when she encountered a 1.5-meter crocodile which just came right at her.

Amnuay said that she tried to run for help but the crocodile gave chase and bit her in the ass!

It took 20 stitches to sew up her leg, which was nearly bitten to the bone. She also suffered many scratches. She said she has lived at the temple for years and routinely collects, but this was the first time she was bitten doing so.

As for the crocodile, it’s been caught by the experts and moved it to another location, Thairath reported.



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Pattaya – Wheelchair Way Construction Completed


Soi Panead chang alley, Pattaya Daily News reporters had inspected a wheelchair way which had just been finished. The wheelchair route is on the left hand side of the road and is about 1 metre in width. Also the road has been raised in certain places where they can cross the road. The one crossing is opposite the North Pattaya junction.

Upon inspecting the wheel chair route which has just been it was still dangerous (yeah, you think?) some areas near construction sites and where people had parked their cars on the route which has caused the wheel chair users to cross the road in very dangerous areas.

Mr.Suppaluk Wongyapeng a 25 year old wheel chair user said he had used the new wheel chair way and had lived in Pattaya for 3 years. Previously wheel chair users had a lot of difficulty moving around the streets because some side streets had a lot of cars and motorbikes parked in them.

HOWEVER, the officers had constructed the new wheelchair way but some people still drove too fast and parked their cars on the wheelchair way.


personal thought:

After nine-years living in Thailand, I am convinced of the following:

1. IF you want to be handicapped, walk on a ‘handicap sidewalk’.

2. IF you want to get your ass run over, ride your wheelchair on the ‘wheelchair way’.






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Thailand – ‘Photo of the Day’



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Chiang Mai Latest Hub For Bangkok Air



Bangkok Airways will turn Chiang Mai into its third airport hub and use it as a stepping stone to boost its coverage of Myanmar.

The privately owned carrier is set to launch three routes from the northern capital to link with Yangon and Mandalay in Myanmar as well as the northeastern city of Udon Thani (short trip to the ‘Friendship Bridge’ – Vientiane, Laos)  in late October, according to insiders.

Services to Yangon and Mandalay will strengthen the airline’s footprint in Myanmar, tapping fast-growing traffic demand.

Bangkok Airways is already the largest provider of flights from Thailand to Myanmar, operating three routes from Bangkok to Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw with a combined 40 flights a week.


I predict:

1. Bangkok Airways will expand the Chiang Mai hub to include China.

2. Air Asia will follow suit and make Chiang Mai a hub, but will include: Myanmar, China Nepal, and India.



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Bangkok – ‘Death by Ghost’ (See Photo)

Via: Coconuts Bangkok


A dark, maleficent ghost caused a motorcyclist to die in an accident yesterday, according to a witness.

Prajuab Chaisomthip, 49, died instantly after ramming his motorcycle into the front of an 18-wheeler on the Bang Na-Trat Road. Yes, Prajuab was inexplicably riding the wrong way at high speed on a highway, but according to the man behind the wheel of the truck which hit him, that’s not why he died.

It WAS a GHOST, Nipon Karapang told police, who covered the rider’s eyes and caused him to crash.

The long-haul truck driver told police he was driving in the frontage lane before when he stopped at the transition lane to  cut onto the highway.

Nipon then saw Prajuab’s motorcycle driving his direction against the direction of traffic. A person riding in the back slowly reached out and covered Prajuab’s eyes, causing his bike to collide with the truck.

Nipon said he got off the vehicle to find Prajuab dead, but the person in the back was nowhere to be found. He believes it was a ghost that wanted to take the life of Prajuab.


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Thailand – Overstay Penalties Officially Announced


CityNews – The Bangkok Immigration website has posted a notice outlining the new rules regarding overstay violations. The online announcement came today, July 22, and is further confirmation of the junta’s crackdown on foreigners illegally staying in Thailand.

According to Immigration Bureau, the most severe penalty is a 10-year ban on entering Thailand, which will be handed to those found overstaying in the country for five years or more

Lt-Gen Thatchai Pitaneelaboot, commander of Immigration Bureau’s Region 6 division, said: “It is time to stop. If you live in a country, you respect its rules.” He also stated that those caught overstaying in Thailand can expect no right of appeal to be granted.

On the other hand, foreigners who have arrived in Thailand on a visa-exemption entry will be able to extend their visa exemption period by 30 days instead of the current 7 days, starting from August 29. That means foreigners will receive a total visa-exemption stay of 60 days and the fee will remain the same (1,900 baht).

These new rules are now being implemented at immigration checkpoints and immigration offices nationwide.


bye-bye, bye-bye!



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Thailand – British Man Stabs Filipino Wife


SATTAHIP – at 11.00 am Pol.Lt.Yodpan Rattanacharoenkhun-investigation inspector of Sattahip police station- was notified that a foreign couple had been fighting and one was injured in a Navy House village. After notification the police officers and Sawang Rojjana Thammasatharn rescue team immediately rushed to the scene.

At the scene the officers found blood stains on the floor. Previously the rescuers had taken Ms LOT aged 22 from the Philippines who had been stabbed in her leg to the Queen Sirikit hospital. The officers then arrested MR. STEVEN DAVID aged 46 from England and took him to Sattahip police station.

Upon questioning MR. STEVEN DAVID he told the police that he was DRINKING with his wife and his friend and they had been staring at each other in a suggestive way which made him angry and jealous so he picked up a knife and threatened his friend. Unfortunately his wife had tried to protect his friend which made MR. STEVEN even angrier. While they were fighting, his wife crashed into a mirror injuring her self so MR. STEVEN decided to notify the police.

However the police officer didn’t believe his excuse and the police need to question his wife and friend to find out the truth of what really happened.If they find that he did stab his wife they will prosecute him in act of attacking and causing severe injuring others.


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Immigration authorities will not let visa runners return after August 12

FOREIGNERS WHO do regular visa runs in order to extend their stay in Thailand have less than a month before a crackdown by the authorities to enforce immigration laws more strictly.From August 13, people will not be able to re-enter the country, regardless of their choice of transport.The Immigration Bureau has already instructed officials to deny entry to foreigners doing visa runs as a measure to stop the exploitation of tourist visas and visa exemptions to live or work here.

Visa runs have been common among foreigners in Thailand recently, given that a simple search on the Net turns up several companies offering “visa trips” for expatriates staying or working here.

Visa runners are those who leave Thailand and return immediately for the purpose of extending their stay. By exploiting 60-day tourist visas and 30-day visa exemptions, many foreigners can work illegally in language schools, or restaurants and other businesses. It is easier for some to get jobs this way, as some employers do not want to go through the complicated process of seeking work permits and like to avoid the expense if they can.

“I have done visa runs several times before, because my employers would not agree to seek a work permit until I passed their probation period. So, when you stop allowing visa runs, the lives of many foreigners in Thailand will be affected,” a 46-year-old American said.

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Chiang Mai – 1960 flood

Via: Teak Door


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Chiang Mai – Suriwongse Theatre as seen in 1958


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