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Pattaya – American involved in knife incident

Via: Pattaya One


On Saturday Morning Pattaya Police detained a 49 year old American who was accused of using a knife and allegedly attempting to indecently assault a Thai shopkeeper.

The incident occurred at the Night Plaza in Central Pattaya and at a small shop inside the Plaza owned by Khun Jurarat aged 51. She had just opened the store at 9am when the American, named as Mr. Ronald Harris, entered the story and began to look at items, including lighters depicting a man and woman having sex and other adult-orientated souvenirs.

Khun Jurarat decided to approach Mr. Harris and ask him if he wanted to purchase any items as he had been looking around the shop for some time. She alleges that Mr. Harris then produced a flick-knife and grabbed the shopkeeper in an inappropriate way.

Her Husband soon arrived who was then allegedly struck by Mr. Harris as the pair came-to-blows. During the fight Khun Jurarat sustained a small injury to one of her fingers.

Mr. Harris was taken to Pattaya Police Station but vehemently denied allegations of assault brought against him.

He was however not willing to comment on the knife possession.

Legal proceeding are currently ongoing.



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Pattaya – 2 Teenagers Arrested For Murdering An Elder American Man


2 teenagers were arrested for allegedly murdering an Elder American.

The Director of Pattaya Police station tried to cover up the news story as he feared that it would cause a feat under incoming tourists.

(I can’t help but wonder if they meant feet instead of feat; as in, ‘Feet, do your stuff!’)


Two teenage suspects aged 19 and 22 were arrested for allegedly murdering an American at an internet café in South Pattaya. The American was named Mr. Steven F. Morfiella, aged 70.

After checking their criminal records police were astounded by the number of cases they had, they had over 40 cases in Jantaburi Province.

Journalists reported that police officers ordered reporters to not present the news of the arrest, as it was feared that it would cause negativity to Pattaya’s tourism. (seriously, is that even possible?)


Via: Pattaya One

And this newspaper, said Mr. Morfella was BEATEN to DEATH in HIS OWN BED!

“At the time, Mr. Morfella was asleep and as the two men entered the 2nd floor bedroom, they saw him in the bed and used a stick to repeatedly strike him. The victim screamed for help as one of the suspects placed a pillow over his head while the other continued to beat him until he died.”

personal thought:

The crime is bad enough, but the cops trying to cover it up – UNFORGIVABLE!

No more trips to Pattaya for me, that’s for damn sure.


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Bangkok – American arrested for bank robbery


Via: Pattaya 103

Lloyd Dennis Hall, a 62 year old English teacher,  was traced to his apartment yesterday by detectives investigating the robbery which took place in a branch of the Bangkok Bank in a Tesco Lotus Mall during which the robbers passed a note to tellers, written in English and demanding cash.  In the note he also claimed to be armed with both a gun and a knife

Police searching Hall’s apartment found over 350,000 baht ($11,700 USD) , much of it still with Bank wrappers..  A detailed search also revealed a discarded crash helmet and shirt, similar in appearance to those used in the raid.  The bike, suspected as that  used in the getaway, was also found close by and Hall was removed to the local police station for questioning.

After several hours, during which he repeatedly denied any involvement in the robbery, Hall admitted the charges as the evidence was presented to him.

He is expected to be held in Prison until a trial date as this was a crime involving violence and he may be considered a flight risk.



After his conviction, he’ll no doubt spent his final days at the ‘Bangkok Hilton’ (see photo).

Brilliant move, Lloyd!


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Pattaya – ‘American MORON’ Arrested With 13-year-old Prostitute

Via: Pattaya Daily News


A police investigation of underage prostitutes on Beach Road resulted in the arrest of an American tourist and a female minor for prostitution.

The operation was supervised by Pol. Col. Supphathee Boonkrong, Deputy Commander, Chonburi province; with Pol. Lt. Varakorn Bannasit, Deputy Inspector of the Center of Protecting for Children, Teenagers and Women, police station section 2.

A police team was sent to investigate reports of female teenagers selling sexual services by sitting on the side of Pattaya Beach Road, led by Pol. Maj. Gen. Kosol Phuaves, Deputy Commissioner, section 2.

An undercover patrol was cruising on Beach Road and saw the 13-YEAR-OLD girl sitting on the sidewalk across from Soi 11, during in the early hours in the morning before dawn. So the police watched her behavior, until they saw a foreign man stop to talk to the girl. The undercover police saw both of them walk to Soi 13/1 to rent room number A-2 in P.J. Guest House.

Later the police entered the hotel room and identified themselves as police and arrested them. Both the tourist and girl were naked when they were surprised by the officers. Police found 2 condoms and a pack of condoms on top of the bed, which they seized for evidence. The foreigner was identified as Mr. Neal Rosenthal, age 38, nationality American.

Mr. Neal admitted to police that he had agreed to pay 700 baht ($23 USD) to the girl to have sex together.

He told officers that the girl had lied to him, and said she is over 19 years old.

The police charged Mr. Neal in an accusation of “taking away a child under age 15 but not over 18 from her parents or people who take care of her, in order to do an obscenity which the child is willing to go with, either by force, threatening, persuasion, support or consent, and letting the child show or perform the act of the obscenity whether getting paid or otherwise.”
Police then sent the Mr. Rosenthal to the investigation officer at Pattaya police station to prosecute according to the law.


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Pattaya – Two Americans Caught With “Ya-Ice” and Ganja

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Paksuwat Chomthanom, the head of Chonburi Provincial Transnational Crime Suppression Center and Banglamung police arrested Mr. Hans Hendric Ryman age 65, American national, passport # 450644595 in possession of ya-ice (methamphetamine) , weight 1 g, drug paraphernalia and one stick of cigarette mixed with ganja (cannabis; a.k.a. marijuana).

Mr. Ryman’s urine test was positive.

Mr. David Jerome, age 62, nationality American tested positive in the urine drug screening.

The police armed with an arrest warrant entered room # 406, 6th floor, Pattaya Tower on Soi 4, Beach road and found Mr. Hans Hendric Ryman and Mr. David Jerome, the two suspects and ya-ice, ganja and drug paraphernalia hidden behind the wardrobe.

Pol. Lt. Col. Paksuwat Chomthanom said that all the drugs belonged to Mr. Hans Henric Ryman who had bought the drugs to consume them with his American friends.

Their urine samples were sent to Banglamung hospital for further lab tests.

The police accused two American citizens of illegal possession of crystal methamphetamine and ganja.

Mr. Hans Hendric Ryman and Mr. David Jerome were sent to Pattaya police station to be further investigated and prosecuted according to the law.



Bang Kwang Central Prison (Bangkok Hilton)

Bang Kwang Central Prison is a men’s prison in Nonthaburi Province, Thailand, located at the Chao Phraya River about 7 miles north of Bangkok.

The prison houses many foreign prisoners. It is a harsh prison which handles death row and long-sentence prisoners. All prisoners are required to wear leg irons for the first three months of their sentences. Death row inmates have their leg irons permanently welded on.

Prisoners receive one bowl of rice in vegetable soup each day. Other food must be purchased from the prison canteen. The prison works on a chit system. Each prisoner has an account with the canteen. Poor prisoners do chores for wealthier prisoners and prison guards to earn money for food. Some British and Lebanese prisoners receive extra money per month from charities. The British Embassy also provides food and vitamins for their prisoners. Prisoners are provided with cooking facilities and gas for the stoves is provided by the prison.

Read more, HERE:


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Thailand – Sea Captain’s Thai Wife Caught In a 10 MIllion THB House Cum Meth Den

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Nitate Soodcharee, Huay Yai police station, Pol. Lt. Col. Paksuwat Chomthanom, and his police team were informed about a suspected ya ice den located in 129/2 Moo 8 Tambon Huay Yai, Amphur Banglamung.

The undercover police agent reported that in the house there was a group of people consuming crystal methamphetamine.

When the police entered the large two story duplex house they found a group of 5 teenagers; 3 male and 2 female, and one dog (see photo) consuming crystal methamphetamine.

All of the suspects were detained including the drug paraphernalia.

Upon investigation the police found that Mrs. Yupin aka Pin Chinvichai age 44 is the OWNER of the house. The police searched the house and found 1 sachet of crystal methamphetamine aka ya-ice weight: 1.14 g and 5 amphetamine tablets.

As the police body searched Mr. Prasit aka “Lek” Jittaphol, age 29, address: 34 Moo 7, Borthong, Kabinburi, province they found 8 amphetamine “WY” 8 tablets in sachets and two more sachets of ya-ice weight: 1.07 g and 1.04 g hidden in the pocket of the shorts that Mr. Prasit was wearing.

Also detained were three teenage girls; “Ms. B” age 17, Ms. “A” age 16 and Ms. “Khao” age 17 whose urine was found positive on a drug screen test.

As Mrs. Yupin was interrogated she confessed that he was using both ya-ice and amphetamine tablets.

She usually bought 4-5 g per time. Always in Pattaya and consumed the drugs together with her relatives. Her husband is was American (is, was; say what?), who is the captain of an merchant vessel. He is on the sea for long periods of time.

After she had a son with her husband, they bought a house for 10 million THB ($322,580 USD). Her son is 6 years old. Her husband gives her an allowance of 100,000 THB per month ($3,226 USD).

If not enough she can ask for more. (well yeah, wouldn’t you?)


Mrs. Yupin said that her husband didn’t know that was she is a drug addict. (SURPRISE!)

Now she does not know what will happen to her family when she is convicted.

She says, she is ready to quit the drug habit and she knows that she has to go to jail but she worried about her son.

Mr. Prasit aka “Lek” Jittaphol claims that he had bought the drugs from Ms. Yupin the ya-ice: price 3,000 THB per sachet and the amphetamine: price 120 THB per tablet.

Pol. Lt. Col. Nitate said that the police will carefully investigate the ownership the 10 million THB house. There could be something fishy about this case. Is Mrs. Yupin only an addict or is she also a meth dealer?


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Pattaya – Cops Nab US Man With Three Fake Credit Cards

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Chitdecha Songhong and Pol. Capt. Prajakphong Suriya were notified by Mr. Satit Kalanuson, an officer of Bank of Ayudhya bank about a foreigner using fake credit cards to withdraw money from ATM machines.

From the CCTV footage the police identified the suspect as he was standing in front of the Bank of Ayudhya ATM unit in South Pattaya, Banglamung, Chonburi province.

Pattaya police rushed to inspect the suspect and having received permission to body search him they found a British passport issued to Mr. Brood Thomas and fake credit cards: one UOB gold card number 4313-0724-1328-9375.

One black UOB: card number 4313-0714-5174-5025 and one fake City Bank gold card: number 4313-0771-7608-9284

All the three cards were as seized as evidence and the suspect was detained and will face further investigation at Pattaya police station.

Later after being interrogated the suspect confessed that he is a U.S. citizen: name Mr. Robert Warren Dingleberry Jr. age 64. His U.S. passport was found in his room in Soi Buakhao.

Mr. Robert Warren Dingleberry Jr confessed that all the credit cards were the fake. He had received them from a Thai man named “Tom” from Khaosarn road in Bangkok. No surname. Mr. Roberts and Tom’s modus operandi, to withdraw money from the banks or the ATM units and divide the money.

The fake British passport was used together with the fake credit cards to withdraw cash from banks.

Mr. Robert Warren Dingleberry Jr. is charged with ATM fraud and possession of a fake passport.


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Pattaya – American charged with molesting 12-YEAR-OLD girl

Via: Pattaya Mail

An American man has been arrested for allegedly molesting a 12-YEAR-OLD girl.

George Edward Webb, 62, was apprehended at his Soi Nernplabwan home March 29 by child-protection and human trafficking police. He was charged with sexually assaulting a minor, but denied all charges.

Police claim Webb had on several occasions abused a 12-year-old he’d procured from a Thai woman arrested along with two other foreign customers earlier. After learning of the pimp’s arrest, police allege, Webb panicked, moving and changing his phone number and giving Chonburi Immigration seven false addresses. He allegedly also used several cars fearing he’d be caught.

Searching his house, police found five motorbikes, a truck and a car.

Webb allegedly has been living in Pattaya for three years, utilizing the services of agents to procure children paid as little as 40 baht by pimps. He supposedly owned a bicycle parts manufacturing company in the United States, but turned over the business to his children when he retired and moved to Thailand.


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Pattaya Police Catch US Fugitive Wanted For Drug Related Crimes

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Col. Choosak Panusumporn, Immigration office Chonburi province together with Pol. Lt. Col. Praphansak Prasarnsuk and a police team arrested an American citizen: Mr. Dray Matthew ‘dumb-ass’ Pleuger age 36 wanted for drug related offences in the United States.

Pol. Lt. Col. Praphansak Prasarnsuk, Deputy Superintendent with his team had spotted Mr. Plueger sitting in a bar at Soi Pattaya 5. Upon investigation Mr. Plueger said that he had lost his passport.

Pol. Lt. Col. Praphansak Prasarnsuk had co-ordinated with the US embassy in Bangkok and knew that Mr. Plueger had left Thailand on October 7, 2010 via the immigration at Nongkai Thai-Lao border.

In Laos in went to the US embassy in Vientiane but his passport was confiscated on October 8 2012 due to a US arrest warrant.

Thereafter Mr. Pleuger entered Thailand illegally and stayed under the radar for TWO YEARS until he was arrested by the Pattaya immigration police.

Mr. Plueger was detained with an arrest warrant issued by a court in California. He is charged with possession and sales of drugs and related crimes. Mr. Pleuger faces deportation to the USA as soon as possible. (well, good riddance)


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