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Pattaya – Woman claims sexual assault by Middle-Eastern Man she met on Beach


On Thursday Afternoon a 27 year old Thai Woman made a complaint at Pattaya Police station of sexual assault by a Middle-Eastern Man she thinks was Iranian. (SEE PHOTO)

The woman was taken to the Station after she was seen crying at the front of Soi 8 on Pattaya Beach. She claims she had come to Pattaya to meet her Swedish Boyfriend who was yet to arrive from his native country. The woman decided on Wednesday Night to walk down to Pattaya Beach where she encountered the middle-eastern man, she identified as being an Iranian. (SEE PHOTO)

She claims the man grabbed her wrist and forced her onto the back of a motorbike taxi. She was taken to the man’s room where she was offered a drink. It is claimed she then fell unconscious and woke up in a naked state on the bed.

Evidence of sexual intercourse was evident according to the victim who made her way back to Pattaya Beach where she was seen by passers-by who offered assistance. Despite the Police being unsure of her story, she was sent to Hospital for a medical examination and Police will investigate further and attempt to apprehend the Middle-Eastern man to determine if the assault took place. –





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Pattaya – Iranian (SEE PHOTO) Plundered by Ladyboys

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Via: Pattaya Daily News

It was reported that an Iranian tourist went to complain in Pattaya Police officers that he had been plundered by 3 individuals at Pattaya beach. He said that his wallet and iPhone was stolen from his pockets.

The victim of the thievery was named Mr.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, age 29, an Iranian national. He said that he was approached 2 ladyboys and 1 teenage girl, but when they started to talk to them, they touched his body around an quickly snatched his phone and wallet. Luckily, Mr. Vahid was able to notice that, making him catch the 3 suspects and call up the police. The suspects were aged 18, 28 and 30, they have now been arrested by police officers for the offense. They’re now in the custody of Pattaya Police officers and will now prosecute the suspects for thievery.



It’s quite obvious the one in the middle, ‘she/he/she’ feels VERY sorry.


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Pattaya – Slick Iranians Use Sleight Of Hand To Ripoff Banks

Via: Pattaya Daily News

The suspects were identified as Mr. Aliashraf Rezamanesh Faramani, 50, and Mr. Hamidraza Radshambayati, 32. They were charged with stealing property according to the arrest warrant of Pattaya provincial court at J.519/2555 and J.520/2555 dated August 7, 2012.

MANY bank representatives also pointed out the two Iranians to confirm to arrest. Pol. Maj. Gen. Jamnong revealed that the police was notified by many bank officers that foreigners had asked the banks to exchange money and then stole some money.

So he commanded the Banglamung police together with police from the Center of Subduing International Crime, Chonburi province, to investigate the case. Police investigators then caught up to Mr. Aliashraf and Mr. Hamidraza. After obtaining the court warrant, the police arrested the men in front of Marine Plaza in south Pattaya.

During questioning, Mr. Aliashraf confessed that he and Mr. Hamidraza went to numerous banks to ask to exchange 100 THB to 1,000 THB banknotes.

When they got the money, they would ask to exchange the 1,000 THB banknotes for those with a “T” alphabet, asking the bank officer to take out all banknotes for them to choose. Then they would steal some money in their hand and return the leftover amount to the banker, escaping with the stolen money.

The police discovered that both men had scammed many Chonburi and Rayong province banks, stealing more than 200,000 THB ($6,250 USD).

After initial investigation, the police charged them with stealing property and restrained them to send to the investigated officer to prosecute further according to the law.

The police also invited any other bank that might have been victimized to come to the Banglamung police station and identify the men and file theft charges.


personal thought: 200,000 at a 1,000 baht a time – busy, busy.

I’m only guessing here, but possibly they charmed the tellers with their startling good looks,

Then again, maybe not.


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(2 of 2) Pattaya – Iranian Tourist reports theft from hotel room safe

Via: Pattaya One

An Iranian Tourist reported the theft of money from his room safe on Wednesday afternoon and the suspected thief is thought to have checked out of a room directly above the victims.

Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad aged 40 who resides at the Amstellux Apartments on the Pratamnuk Road in South Pattaya met Police who came to investigate the theft of 7,000 US Dollars and the equivalent of 100,000 Baht’s ($3,225 USD) worth of Iranian Currency from the room safe.

Mr Ahmadinejad explained how he left the room at 11pm on Tuesday Night and returned at 4am on Wednesday. He went straight to sleep, not realising his safe had been forced open and the contents had been stolen, when he was out. When he awoke on Wednesday afternoon, he noticed the safe was open.

Staff at the apartments confirmed that the foreign occupier of the room directly above Mr. Ahmadinejad’s had checked out and evidence was seen which suggested he had climbed down to Mr. Ahmadinejad’s room and conducted the theft.

Police have decided to withhold his name and nationality for now until he is caught.



‘Police have decided to withhold his name and nationality for now until he is caught.’

Let me take a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess), here:

The Fuentes Cartel – Columbia?


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Pattaya – Ladyboys Whack Iranian With High-Heel Shoes

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Capt. Somchai Chaikananukul, Pattaya station was notified that two ladyboys had beaten up a foreigner in the middle of Soi Pattaya 10, Pattaya beach road, Banglamung, Chonburi province.

At the scene of the incident the police found Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad age 47, Iranian nationality bleeding profusely from a head wound. Nearby the police found two ladyboys: Mr. Nattaphol Srisongkram, age 19, and Mr. Pattheera Samrongphan age 22.The two ladyboys were arrested. The police also seized one pair of high-heel shoes which were used to whack the victim on the head.

The injured Mr. Reza was provided first aid and sent to Pattaya Memorial hospital.Upon investigation Mr. Pattheera one of the ladyboys confessed that he hit Mr. Reza with his high-heel shoe.Before the incident, Mr. Pattheera and Mr.Reza went to a hotel to have sexual intercourse. They agreed on 1,000 THB for a short time.

After the sexual service, the Iranian paid the ladyboy only 600 THB but refused to pay the outstanding 400 THB and asked the ladyboy to leave the hotel room. A quarrel broke out. The Iranian tried to hit Mr. Pattheera.

Mr. Nattaphol, Mr. Pattheera’s friend, was passing by and saw them fighting. So, Mr. Natthaphol gave his high heel shoe to Mr.Pattheera and who whacked the Iranian on his head until he started bleeding.

Mr. Pattheera, the ladyboy, said that at first he didn’t intend to hurt Mr. Ahmadinejad but the he started the fight and refused to pay the full amount for the sex service which was agreed upon earlier.

The the police detained Mr. Pattheera and Mr. Natthaphol for further investigation at Pattaya police station. Later, Mr. Ahmadinejad, the Iranian man, after receiving stitches at the hospital came to the police station.

He agreed to drop the charges but wanted them to pay for the hospital fee of 4,700 THB and requested an apology from the two ladyboys in front of the police.

Q: Did the ‘cheap bastard’ offer to pay them the 400 baht ($12.90USD) he tried to cheat them out of?

A: Oh, hell, no!


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Pattaya – Two Iranians hurt in fight

Via: Pattaya One

Two Iranian tourists were seriously injured following a fight involving three other men, thought to be of middle-eastern origin, in the early hours of Wednesday in South Pattaya.

The two badly injured men, Mr. Mohamad Lezai 30 and Mr. Amin ‘Vita Corleone’ Gotfather (see photo) aged 24 were rushed to Hospital where Police took-up the case and determined the attack took place in Soi 16 off Walking Street and although limited information was available, it is thought they were attacked with knives and broken bottles by three other middle-eastern men.

The two injured men sustained serious head and neck wounds along with facial injuries and are both in a serious but stable condition in Hospital.

Police are now speaking with friends of the victim’s in an attempt to gain further insight into the altercation which remains a mystery for now.


Note: IF WW-III (Iran vs EVERYONE else) breaks out; remember where it started, Soi 16.


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