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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – Thailand’s gathering storm

Via: Sydney Morning Herald


Former police senior sergeant Pichit Tamoon sips  coffee outside the red-painted headquarters of the city’s red taxis and reveals  plans for the mobilisation of 500,000  red shirt supporters who until now have  largely remained quiet as anti-government protests have crippled Yingluck’s  government and shut down parts of Bangkok ahead of Sunday’s national elections,  which  authorities fear could turn violent.

Pichit, the red shirt co-ordinator for 17 vote-rich provinces, paints a  disturbing scenario that would see northern Thailand’s political separation from  Bangkok and southern provinces and almost certainly stoke further violence in  the country of 64 million people.

”We will not be the ones who will start the war, but if a coup happens, we  will announce that we will fight,” Pichit says.

”Our groups have met and we have developed a plan to defend against an elite  group that is bent on destroying our democratic system,” he says.

Under the plan, Chiang Mai, a former ancient capital among Thailand’s highest  mountains, would become a base for red shirts who would come in en masse from 37  of Thailand’s 76 provinces, Pichit says.

Yingluck, Thailand’s first female  Prime Minister, would evacuate to the city  that is home for her powerful family, including brother Thaksin Shinawatra, the  former billionaire prime minister living in exile who has been the target of an  eight-year campaign to purge him from Thai politics.

From Chiang Mai, 46-year-old Yingluck would be encouraged to keep on  governing as the legitimate rival to whoever takes over in Bangkok.

Under the plan, half of the mobilised red shirts would then descend on  Bangkok to confront anti-government protesters, while the rest would mass in  Chiang Mai.

”If we go to Bangkok, the protesters on the streets now will run away,”  Pichit says.

”We can outnumber them 10 times. Most of them are middle-class people with  money. They will not sacrifice what they have and will run to their homes for  safety,” he says.

Asked if red shirts have weapons, Pichit, a 44-year-old father of two, says  ”they are all prepared, but we cannot talk about it”.


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Pattaya – wake-up call gone bad, VERY VERY BAD!


Via: Pattaya One

Early on Sunday Morning a Pattaya-based Minivan driver, Khun Kanawoot aged 41, was lucky to escape with only minor injuries after he confessed to falling asleep at the wheel causing his vehicle to slam into the rear of a parked Police Truck in front of a Police Box.

The officer on duty at the Dow Tan Police Box was Police Senior Sergeant Major Supap who did not hesitate to tell us that he was asleep at the time of the crash which caused him to jump out of his seat to investigate.

Khun Kanawoot made no attempt to leave the scene and waited for a more senior officer to arrive to investigate the crash which destroyed a Police Truck parked at the front of the Police Box. The crash also caused some damage to a road sign and flat roof at the front of the Box.

The minivan driver revealed how he had come from Pattaya to collect his customers in Soi 99 off the Sukhumvit Road and simply fell asleep as he was driving. He appeared relaxed and even joked about the incident with the officer stationed at the Police Box.

He was later charged with reckless driving causing damage and will appear in Court on Monday.


No question about it: AMAZING THAILAND!

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Chiang Mai – Formula One Racetrack Could Happen Soon

Via: City News – Chiang Mai

Chumpol Silpa-archa, the Tourism and Sports Minister, has said that Chiang Mai could have a Formula One racetrack in the near future that will be constructed at the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek.

Chumpol addressed the press saying that firstly a feasibility study would be done, but he hopes that one of the world’s biggest sports will one day come to Thailand. And of all places the quiet Mae Hia area was the chosen place for the very lucrative event where currently Malaysia has the closest circuit to Thailand, with Singapore and the new Indian circuit next.

The ministry of Sports told the press that one of the reasons they chose Chiang Mai was because of the large amount of space around the Royal Flora site, and also because they say the site is not close to residential areas and is easily accessed.


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Bangkok – Five nabbed in Thai fake sex drugs swoop

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Bangkok authorities arrested five men in a crackdown on sex drugs sold illegally to tourists in streets around the city’s red light districts, Thai police said Tuesday.

Raids on July 25 and 28 netted several fake or unlicensed drugs such as Viagra, which is normally prescribed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

“We have received complaints from the public that stalls explicitly sell fake drugs to tourists in the evenings,” said Colonel Paitoon Khumsraprom of the consumer protection police.

In total five men, two Myanmar nationals and three Thais, were arrested in the two raids, carried out in the China Town and Nana areas of the city.

They were charged over offences including the illegal sale of drugs and selling fake and unlicensed drugs. If convicted they could face up to 20 years in prison.

Police released a list of items seized in the operation, which were estimated to be worth a total of 500,000 baht ($16,800).

These included various types of Viagra, “Waman penis enlarging tablet”, Kamagra oral jelly — in banana, apple and blackcurrant flavours — and an item intriguingly listed as “Night fire heartily burnable lady’s intense emotion”.

“This has tarnished Thailand’s tourism image,” (yeah, think?) said an official from the Thai Food and Drug Administration, which also took part in the raids.


‘Kamagra oral jelly — in banana, apple and blackcurrant flavours’

Jus’ a thought, but if “Night fire heartily burnable lady’s intense emotion” is the PLAN, I would think banana, . . .



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Chaing Mai: with cars jammed with rush. Before he was hit by a moat

Via: CM108 – Google translate

Cars jammed with rush things. Before he was hit by a moat.

At approximately 1:00 am on July 20, 2554.

Car accident hit a tree. It was a moat. Chiang Mai.

Because the gas station right next Lok Moli Temple Road, Muang Krabi Chiang Mai.

A the scene found the driver was a man.  Knocked out of the car, a convertible car, wounded but still conscious.
Rescue officials from the Unity for Development Foundation Act. Was taken to hospital 1.

However, be aware of it. Victim was drivingthe car of the same 2-3 split Jang print head. Head to the door, a white elephant.

But after he collided with a tree on the footpath next to the moat of the two large trees broken in half a chance. It was a little bruised.

Agreed to turn over the car in the moat, which is not much water. The man driving the car alone. It collided with a tree knocked out on the grass beside the moat, making it an injury.

It is not known whether the car was just faster. Until the second half of the tree.


I’m sorry to read the tree was a little bruised; but is the white elephant which ran out in front of the car, okay?


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Pattaya – Broke Tourist Use Tree As His Dwelling

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol.Maj. Suparuek Yuprai, Pattaya Police was informed that there was a foreigner climbed and stayed on the tree at the Segun Village, Banglamung, Chonburi. The local people concerned that he might fall from the tree and injure.

The police went to the incident with the Pattaya Volunteer Police.

At the incident, the police found a foreigner man, aged 40-50, who looked like a homeless lolling back and smoking on the tree. He was hanging his backpack, milk and water with the tree branch. The local people, Thai and foreigners asked him to go down but he took their concern for granted.

The police afraid that this foreigner might sleep (sleep?) and fall from the tree so they informed Pattaya municipal to use a cable car to (cable car?) take him from the tree but he resist and climb to about the top of the tree. The volunteer police and local people took more than 2 hours to climb to help him getting down from the tree. After going down, he did not speak a word just lying and smoking.

The police assumed that he was a broke and strayed tourist. They took him to Pattaya police station for furture investigation and assistance.


Earlier, that same night:

bar-girl: “What yur name?”

tree-guy: “Xxxx”


bar-girl: “Where you from?”

tree-guy: “Xxxxxxxxx’


bar-girl: “How long you Pattaya?”

tree-guy: “x-days”


bar-girl: “You buy me drink?”

tree-guy: “okay”


bar-girl: “You take me home?”

tree-guy: “okay”







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Burning Bandits break duck skin in a department store in the Jewelry Gallery

Via: daily news. (Google translate)

The duck skin a cat’s paw keen to break free in-store Jewelry Gallery, the police keep a clean sweep of latent fingerprints, trace it.

At 3:00 AM on June 29 in Prime Swp.sp. Pol.Maj S. Pattaya, Chonburi, was notified. Security.’s Tesco Lotus. Penetrate into the criminal looting the mall. DIAMOND PRINCESS.



Therefore, to investigate the incident at the boot shop sells DIAMOND PRINCESS Jewelry, 1st floor, found that the glass will break out.  Jewelry, necklace, rings and earrings are also missing several items. There is also an iron crowbar.  And a yellow T-shirt. Are kept as evidence.

Initially expected to be the villain in that channel to escape as well. However, officials have collected the fingerprints and CCTV monitoring to guide the continued pursuit to arrest criminals.


UPDATE: The duck has ‘lawyered up’ and has ‘no comment’ at this time.


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Save money, leaving the face smooth snatch.

Via: (google)

Burning gang safe leverage.  T abandoned the city to save people cash snatch away scot 2.7 thousand square have a clue hunt.

Of the criminal gang of at least 5 people to unlocking the master key steel  And smashed the glass into the TOT Corporation Public
Company Limited (branch) canal Chandi. Chandi Road – Bus, Moo 4, Tambon Mae Chan’s Chawang Nakhon Si Thammarat.  Theft within the company.  By raising the company’s facilities are located downstairs. It weighs nearly 300 kg of the refrigerator about 3
thousand in cash and prepaid calling cards charge a 3 thousand on a truck to escape unpunished.

I was born on June 24, according to the news presented to them.


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Thailand – ‘planking’ news

Via: Asia One News

1. ‘Posting Nude Photos on line an offence’

“We will write to the National Police Office as well as the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Ministry to ask that they block [Web pages containing the pictures] and nail down (?) the people who posted them,” the centre’s director Ladda Tangsupachai said. She said people who posted such pictures would face legal action for violating the 2007 Computer Crimes Act.

Ladda also said that although it was not illegal to perform nude planking in private places, she warned people against it, saying that it was “not constructive” and “inappropriate”.


2. Lara Louise Pland Saen, 20, a tourist from the Netherlands, climbed over the roof of a car-rent company in Chiang Mai on Sunday night in the hope of planking, but ended up breaking many roof tiles.

The broken tiles fell and damaged a car parked below.

A security guard quickly alerted police and Saen, who was clearly drunk (really?), was arrested. She later admitted she was trying to perform planking and offered to pay compensation.

The company, however, has refused to settle the case out of court. It has insisted that she should be charged with intrusion and causing property damage.


3. In a related development, Mahamakut Buddhist University’s assistant rector for legal affairs Songkran Atchariyasap said that after personally offering a reward of Bt5,000 for information identifying a man seen planking in a monk’s robe, he had obtained pictures and “crucial information”.

He plans to give the information to the National Office of Buddhism today.

“It’s not an appropriate thing for a monk to do. If we find that the man in the picture is really a monk, we will alert the abbot of his temple. A reprimand must be issued,” said the office’s director Amnaj Buasiri.

Amnaj suggested that monks should begin “meditation planking” if they saw the trend as an opportunity to promote the practice of Lord Buddha’s teachings.



YES, that’s a Thai dawg.


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Chiang Mai, Thailand – Night Safari

Via: Chiang Mai Mail

The first person in our Chiang Mai Mail SPOTLIGHT is Dr. Sarawut Srisakune, CEO of the Chiang Mai Night Safari. Dirk Weeber Arayatumsopon interviewed Dr. Sarawut with the assistance of Bobby Khotbuntao.

CMM: Dr. Sarawut, when did you start your duty as CEO in the Night Safari?

DSS: Tomorrow it is exactly one year I started my duty the first of JUNE 2010.



Daily Mail:  ‘come to our zoo, . . . then eat the animals” (10 May 2007)

As conservation plans go, this one is perhaps not from the Department of Good Ideas. Visitors to a new zoo will not only get up close and personal with some of the world’s most exotic animals, but will be able to eat examples at the park’s restaurant afterwards.

The £60 ‘Exotic Buffet’ at the newly-built safari park in Thailand includes such delicacies as elephant and giraffe, with lion and tiger also on the menu for lovers of big cat steaks.

The safari park’s project director, Plodprasop Suraswadi, said: ‘The zoo will offer visitors the chance to experience exotic foods, such as imported horse,  kangaroo, giraffe, snake, elephant, and tiger and lion meat. We will also provide domestic crocodile and dog meat.’ The canines would come from Sakorn  Nakorn province, where locals regard grilled dog as a delicacy.”–eat-animals.html


personal thought:

The Night Safari got off to a VERY BAD START; but Dr. Sarawut looks like a very cool guy, so I wish him the very best.


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