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Pattaya – Aussie Drugged and Robbed by Lady boys


At 23.00 pm. 57 Mr Deniet Francis David 46 years old from Australia notified Pol.Lt.Col.Chaliao Boonkhum the investigation inspector of Pattaya police station- that he had been drugged and all his belongings which valued about 100,000 baht ($3,058 USD)had been stolen by a gang of lady boys.

Mr Deniet Francis David told the police that on May 28, at 06.30 am he was walking along Pattaya beach near the beginning of Soi 4 where he met a gang of lady boys.

The lady boys tried to befriend him and one of them gave him a drink which caused him to fall unconsciousness.

He then told police that he woke up in the Pattaya Memorial Hospital and his 4 baht gold necklace, 500 dollars, a mac book, headphone with music player and 1 data recorder which all valued about 100,000 baht were missing.

Upon questioning him the police recorded the incident and ordered a patrol and investigating team to the scene to hunt for the thieving lady boy gang (yeah right, that’ll happen!).


You’d think after all these years, the chuckleheads would begin to learn.

Guess not, huh?






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Thailand – Angry AUSTRALIAN Sets 3 Motorbikes On Fire

Via: Pattaya Daily News


At 12.45 p.m. Pol. Capt. Banjerd Krajangsaeng (Investigation officer of Koh Chang police station, Trad province) was notified that there was a crazed foreign tourist (aren’t we all?) walking around carrying a knife waving it at other tourists in front of Chai Car Rental shop, Baan Kai Bae, Moo 4 Tambon Koh Chang, Amphur Koh Chang, Trad province, so he rushed to inspect with the police team together with Pol. Col. Phaithoon Sawaengsak (Deputy Superintendent, acted for the superintendent of Koh Chang police station), Pol. Lt. Chawin Matthayamanan (Inspector of Koh Chang police station), the volunteers of Boon Chuay Luea Rescue Association of Trad province and some tourism police.

At the incident the officers found a crazed foreign tourist who was carrying a fruit knife approximately 8 inches in length in his left hand and a hammer in his right hand. He was walking around waving the knife and the hammer on the road amongst the tourists who were running away chaotically. The crazed man was bleeding from his head. The police tried to talk with him for more than 1 hour in order to calm him down and to put the weapon on the ground but they failed, therefore the police decided to charge him until they could detain him finally.

From investigating Mr. Narong Borploy, aged 55, who is the person who owns the rental motorbike, said that this foreign tourist was a Mr. Kent Wesley Farrar, aged 47, Australian nationality, that he had rented a motorbike for over 1 week and had returned it today but when he arrived at the shop he complained that the motorbike consumed too much petrol so Mr. Narong explained that if he wanted to continue renting, he could change the motorbike for him but Mr. Kent asked for some rental fee back so they quarrelled and ended up fighting which ended up in the foreign tourist sustaining a wound to head. He then poured benzine on the motorbike and set fire to it causing fire damage to 2 other motorbikes. The initial approximated damage was around 100,000 THB ($3,125 USD).

Initially, the police charged Mr. Kent Wesley Farrar with the allegation of intending to commit arson to other people ‘s property and sent him to be prosecuted further according to the Thai law.


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Thailand – Santa busted!

Via: Brisbane Times

A 93-year-old Australian man attempted to escape charges that he raped four  young Thai sisters by fleeing illegally into Burma, Thai police say.

But instead of being taken to Burma’s largest city, Rangoon,  and deported to  Australia, Karl Joseph ‘Santa’ Kraus, a former railway worker, was escorted by Burmese  police and officials back across the  border into the hands of Thai police.

Looking frail and dishevelled, Mr Kraus pleaded to be returned to Burma where  he had been staying illegally for about a month after skipping bail on Thai  charges of rape and sexual abuse.

”Where am I? Take me back to Burma. I want to go. You are illegal. My  embassy should be here,” he pleaded with Thai officials late on Friday at the  Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge near the northern Thai city of Chiangmai.


When asked what he had been doing in Burma, Mr Kraus replied: ”Mostly in  jail.”

Sitting in a border office surrounded by Thai and Burmese officials, Mr Kraus said: ”I am 93 years old and you treat me like this … it is so illegal.

”The embassy man should be here. Why do you like this?”

A Burmese official, who declined to give his name, said Mr Kraus entered  Burma by illegally crossing a river and travelled to the Karen state capital of  Pa-an where he rented a room for several weeks until his arrest on July 24.

Burmese authorities discovered he had entered Burma illegally when they  checked his travel documents.

The charges against Santa are among the most serious Thai police have  investigated in recent years.

Police allege one of four under-age sisters he lured to his house with  promises of imported chocolates and English lessons was aged FIVE when alleged  abuses began.

Police allege they seized more than 100 photographs of naked children,  including some with him posing with them.

Police say Mr. Kraus gave the children money.

They allege he emailed some pictures overseas, suggesting he was part of an international paedophilia network, which police are investigating.

The  girls’ parents told police they learnt of the alleged abuse when they  asked the girls what was wrong because they had lost interest in playing  outside.

Police say Mr Kraus approached the girls’ family in 2008 with an offer to  teach the sisters English.

He has been a frequent long-stay visitor in Thailand for more than a  decade.

Santa claims he was the victim of an extortion attempt by Thai  authorities, who levelled bogus charges against him. His family in Australia say  he has been denied access to medicine and proper care while facing the charges,  which were laid in June 2010.

They say that, while Mr Kraus was in custody, it was made clear to him the  charges would be dropped if he paid the equivalent of $14,175 to several  parties, including Thai officials.

Berlin-born Mr Kraus has been an Australian citizen for decades.

A new judge was recently appointed to hear the charges against Mr Kraus,  meaning his trial will probably not be heard for months.

Neighbours say that, until recently, Mr Kraus drove a car and appeared  spritely, but he has appeared in a wheelchair at his most recent court  appearances.

Thai police colonel Apichart Hathsin, who has investigated Mr Kraus since  2010, warned that the opening of Burma to outsiders was attracting foreign  criminals.

He also called for an increase in bail for Thai suspects. ”In most cases of  foreign paedophiles escaping conviction, they usually post bail and then make a  run for it, out of the country,” Colonel Hathsin said.

” I think it would be a good idea to increase the amount of bail to  correspond with the suspect’s original country. Otherwise, they will be able to  afford the bail and then escape.”

Read more, HERE:


personal thought:

I would like to see, NOT ONLY in Thailand; but NO BAIL for pedophiles, PERIOD.


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Phuket: Aussie STARTED the fight; 10 drivers FINISH the fight (see photo)

Via: Phuket News

Although several of the tuk-tuk and taxi drivers present admitted being involved in beating up Mr Hulands, they insisted that the Australian started the fight, twice.

Taxi driver Chaiyan Rakwong told reporters he saw Mr Hulands’ partner, Karyn Connors, leaving Rock City, on the corner of Rat-U-Thit 200 Pi Rd and Soi Sansabai, followed shortly afterwards by Mr Hulands, who appeared irritated and drunk (nah!).

When one of a taxi drivers asked him if he wanted a taxi, Mr Hulands abused him, and the driver responded with similarly robust language.

Then, Mr Chaiyan alleged, the Australian grabbed the driver’s neck, and the driver punched him in the face.

After other people intervened and stopped the fight, Mr Chaiyan alleged, Mr Hulands walked back to Rock City and brought two friends with him back to the taxi rank and started another round of fighting, though the friends did not get involved.

At that point, Mr Chaiyan said, more than 10 drivers piled in and beat up the Australian.

But, he added, “I INSIST that no taxi driver made jokes about his girlfriend.”


UNFORTUNATELY, a CCTV camera close to the scene was not working. Police are now looking for other camera footage to see if they can nail down the truth about the incident.

The Superintendent of Kathu Police Station, Pol Col Jirapat Poachanapan, said this incident would be a good case study to support the need for more effective CCTV coverage of Patong.

Currently, there are 31 CCTV cameras in Patong installed by government departments, but only 14 are working (45%).

“If the camera close by had been working, this case would have been sorted out a lot faster,” Col Jirapat said.

“We need to fix this problem as soon as possible. The improvement of CCTV camera [coverage] is now our top priority [for enhancing] our investigation system, and also as part of the Patong Safety Zone project.”


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Pattaya – Aussie faces attempted murder charges for ‘self-defense’ slashing of Thai

Via: Pattaya Mail

An Australian man is facing attempted murder charges after slashing a Thai man in the face in what he claimed was self-defense.

Semus Michael Macintosh, a.k.a. George Zimmerman, 29, was taken into custody near the McDonald’s restaurant on Beach Road in South Pattaya around 4:45 A.M. April 10. He was holding a bloody 20-cm. (7-inch) knife when apprehended.

Nearby was 32-year-old Wattana Aumtai, who had suffered a 12 cm. cut to his face and was bleeding profusely.

Police Volunteer Samran Meebut said he came on the scene when Macintosh was assaulting Wattana and said he witnessed the Australian stab him once before kicking the suspect off the Thai man and calling police.

Macintosh defended himself, saying he had slashed Wattana in self-defense after the Thai had attacked him first. The Aussie was booked on attempted murder charges as police look into the matter more closely.


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Pattaya – Ladyboy arrested for pick-pocketing Aussie

Via: Pattaya Mail

A transvestite recently released after serving a prison sentence for theft landed behind bars again for allegedly pick-pocketing an Australian man.

Uthen Jariya, 34, was apprehended on Soi Buakaow near South Road Dec. 20 following the pick-pocketing complaint from Stewart Gambele, 54. The Aussie said he was walking on Beach Road near Walking Street when Uthen tried to befriend him and used the distraction to steal his mobile phone.

Using Gambele’s description of the light-fingered cross-dresser, police found the Chiang Mai native walking near the Friendship Supermarket and searched him to find Gambele’s phone.

Police said the ladyboy confessed to taking the phone as he’d recently been let out of jail and didn’t have any money.


helpful hint of the day:

If someone as tall as a NBA player, tries to ‘befriend’ you on Beach Road; keep walking, DUMMY!


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Pattaya – “Fake Undercover Cops” Rob Aussie Biker

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Attaros Kongrat, Pattaya police, Kong Dongtarn sub-branch was notified by Mr. Oliver Perry age 45, Australian citizen that he had been robbed by two Thai males dressed like plainclothes policemen. The crime scene location near Rom Poe market, Jomtien Moo 12, Banglamung, Chonburi province.

Upon investigation Mr. Oliver Perry, the victim, said that he was riding his motorbike back to his room and passed the Rom Poe market circa 300 meter further when two men on a motorbike rode up to him and told him to stop. He he thought that the two men were plainclothes cops because they were dressed in white tight T-shirts and black jackets (plainclothes cops have uniform, now; well, that’s good to know).

The scene of the crime place was rather dark area with no street lights. One of the thieves pulled out the ignition key of Mr. Perry’s bike told him to give his Mr. Perry’s carryall bag for inspection. As he gave the thief his carryall the thief ran away to his accomplice with the motorbike waiting and the two criminals escaped swiftly.

Mr. Perry could could not ride after them, since they had taken the ignition key plus his carryall bag containing one Canon digital camera, one mobile phone, one Acer notebook computer and one document bag with 8,000 THB ($250USD) cash. After the theft he called his Thai girl friend (bar-fine? don’t know) and they went together to the police station.

The police team and volunteer police is on the case. However, there is yet no trace of the criminals.

The police believes that the two thieves were not plainclothes policemen nor volunteer police (hey, not us!) but criminals who operate in the Jomtien and Pattaya area.


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