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Pattaya – Swedish woman wanted for fraud is hiding (Damn – it’d be like hiding an A-380!) in Thailand


Via: ScandAsia. com

A Swedish woman named Annétthe Zettergren, 58, who is suspected of fraud is hiding in Thailand. The Swedish paper Expressen published a video and photos of the woman lounging by the pool in Pattya. In Sweden she was a POLITICIAN but last year she was charged with having stolen almost four million SEK from the taxpayers.

The Swedish government wish to have her extradited in order to pursue charges but according to Michael Målqvist from the Justice Department this may not be a swift deal.

“In some cases it can take more than a year from the time of the request to the actual extradition. There are no existing agreements of extradition between Sweden and Thailand. However, this does not prohibit working with states where there are no agreements. It is simply a system of helping each other out,” he says.

The district prosecutor, Barbro Brännlund, made a request to the state attorneys office in order to have Annétthe Zettergren extradited to Sweden, as she is suspected of looting almost four million SEK from the county council.

The time of processing depends on the many steps to be passed. First, the Justice Department has to process the request, then it is send to the Swedish embassy in Thailand and then on to the Foreign Ministry of Thailand. Barbro Brännlund expects the initial processing by the Swedish Justice Department will take a week.

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Pattaya – Wanted Swedish Bank Robber With Fake British Passport Caught

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Col. Kreetha Tankanarat, commander of Children and Women Rights Protection and Anti-Human Trafficking Region 2, said the Swedish police had confirmed that Bo Peter Soderback, was also wanted for at least two armoured truck robberies in Denmark and Sweden.

Pol. Col. Kreetha Tankanarat said that, the police arrested Mr. Bo Peter Soderback, age 40 nationality Swedish and Ms. Wannapha Singprakon age 25, his girl friend in an apartment located in Soi Bonkai address # 530/11 Moo 10, Banglamung, Chonburi. The police found ya-ice paraphernalia, a British passport and a fake driving license in the apartment.

The arrest followed complaints after the suspects played music loud and held drug parties. The two tested positive in a meth amphetamine drug test.

Pol. Col. Kreetha Tankanarat added, according to the Swedish police that Soderback was suspected of taking part in a armoured truck robbery in Denmark in 2008. The robbers made off with more than 300 million THB ($9.5 million USD).

He was also suspected of involvement in a Hollywood style robbery of a Swedish security company using a Bell helicopter and making off with hundreds of millions of THB in cash.

Soderback admitted that he had been living in Pattaya for over a year.

Mr. Bo Peter Soderback was charged with using illegal drugs, holding a fake passport and entering the Kingdom without permission and proper travel documents.

Mr. Soderback hees beee detaineed et Petteya puleece-a steesun und veell be-a prusecooted eccurdeeng to see lev.

Zeereeffter depurted.

Bork bork bork!


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Phuket – update: Swede horror smash driver surrenders

Via: Phuket Gazette

The reckless truck driver who killed FOUR Swedish holidaymakers in Phuket as well as their Thai driver on Wednesday morning surrendered to police in Phang Nga yesterday.

The driver, 27-year-old Muhummadyukee Jehyusoh, was held in a cell at Phang Nga Provincial Court yesterday. He has since been transferred to Phang Nga Provincial Prison.

Media access to the Narathiwat native was restricted by Khok Kloy District Police after he turned himself in at about 10am yesterday.

Despite the confession, Khok Kloy Duty Officer Capt Santi Prakobpran told the Phuket Gazette this morning that they still don’t know what caused Mr Muhummadyukee’s six-wheel truck to cross a median strip and crash head-on into a Toyota Altis driven by Wichit Phromluang, a 26-year-old from Udon Thani Province.


Mr Muhummadyukee, who fled the scene after the accident, surrendered himself after conferring with his employers at the Chotepatama Company.

He abandoned the company’s six-wheel refrigerated truck at the scene of the accident, which killed all five in the car instantly and ripped the axle off the front of the truck.

Mr Muhummadyukee was unhurt.


personal thought:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll no doubt say it again:

Thailand is a wonderful country, but the roads can be very dangerous.

Please be careful.



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Pattaya – Drunk Swede Taken For Dead Near TESCO Pattaya

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Staff at Sawangboribul Foundation were  notified about a dead  foreigner lying  in the grass in front  of Tesco Lotus  Chaiyapruk Two Road, Pattaya.

At the  scene the officers  found a foreigner  sleeping in the grass. Drunk but still alive. Name, Mr. Hogh Sverre age 74, Swedish citizen. The  officers woke up him and got him out of the bushes.

Upon investigation, Mr. Sverre said that he went to sleep in the grass  near the sidewalk because was was upset with his Thai wife and wanted to  calm down.

The officer let him return home and informed him not to sleep in  the grass or in the bushes  due to snakes or other poisonous animals that could harm him.  Mr. Hogh Sverre agreed and went back home.


Snakes and other poisonous animals, alligators, and crazy-ass lady-boys; I mean, DAMN!



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Pattaya – Swede With Heart Disease Thrown In Thai Prison: Overstay In Paradise

Via: ThaiVisa

Kent Melmblom, 52, got heart problems when he was in Thailand and was hospitalized. So long that his tourist visa in Thailand run out. Then began the worst 12 days of his life.

– I never thought that Thailand could be so dangerous, says Kent Melmblom.

Kent Melmblom from Stockholm rented a house in the town of Pattaya southeast of Bangkok, when he got a chest pain and was admitted to Bangkok Hospital in Pattaya.

When Kent Melmblom was discharged from the hospital, knew that his visa expired. One week after discharge, he went to the police station in Pattaya for advice.

But he did not receive any help – he was arrested on the spot.

– I was thrown into a detention cell. There was one person there. During the night it had been filled with other inmates, 67 people pressed together in five by five meters, said Kent Melmblom.

Chained with other The day after he was brought to justice. He was sentenced to pay 2000 Baht, 480 Swedish crowns, and would be
released within one hour.

– It sounded reasonable.

But Kent Melmblom was not released. Outside the hall was instead a group of policemen waiting for him.

– I was handcuffed, shackled and chained with a lot of prisoners and taken to a cell. I had to live under terrible circumstances, he
says. He was forced to pay another 1800 Baht, but not released. Went lost 16 kg weight.


Actually it gets worse –  you can read the rest HERE:



personal note:

I know of foreigners who were in a hospital here in Chiang Mai, and the Hospital Administration co-ordinated with Immigration to sort out the visa issue.

Now, why something couldn’t have been done in Pattaya, don’t know.


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