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Thailand – We’re Number 2! – We’re Number 2! – We’re Number 2!



‘Thailand ranks second in ASEAN for prevalence of obesity’

A recent study shows that Thais are tending to have more tendency to become obese, as the country now ranked second in ASEAN for the most people with obesity.

During the opening ceremony of the National Health Assembly 2013, the assembly’s organizing committee President, Dr Sirina Pawarorarnwittaya revealed the speculated tendency of Thai people’s health for 2014 that more Thais would become obese due to the current eating habits.
She said data from 2009 showed that Bangkokians were most at risk of becoming obese most, while the northeastern region showed the least risk of contracting the disease.
The data reflected that obesity is usually caused among city people who are well off and receive higher salaries than those who live in the countryside.
As for the ranking of obesity in the ASEAN region, Thailand came second after Malaysia, with the highest number of people with the disease.
And NO, ‘sexy’ Russian men (See Photo) are not factored in.
YouTube – Rod Stewart – “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy”




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Pattaya – DRUNK RUSSIAN Drowns at Koh Larn

Via: Pattaya Daily News


A RUSSIAN man has drowned off Samae beach Koh Larn. He had been swimming for an hour whilst DRUNK with his friend before he went missing. His body was spotted on the surface 2 hours later.

Pol.Maj.Chaliao Boonkhum-investigation inspector of Pattaya police station- was notified that a foreigner had drowned off Samae beach, Koh-Lan district. The police notified the marine officer and Sawang Thamma Satharn rescue team rushed to the scene by speed boat.

At the scene they found the body of a Mr Ramis Rachmatullin aged 30 from Russia. It’s expected that he had dead for 2-3 hours. Mr Maxim Schevchenko aged 29 who is Mr.Ramis’s friend was also at the scene.

Ms Sasina Buadee aged 30-a beach guard told the reporters that in the afternoon BOTH RUSSIANS were DRUNK and went swimming in the sea for an hour but Mr Ramis suddenly drowned. The beach officers had been searching for hours but they couldn’t find his body until the body was spotted floating on the surface. They brought the body to the beach and notified the police.

At Bali Hai Pier the police expected that he drowned because he was DRUNK. However they sent the body to the Police hospital in order to perform an autopsy before notifying the Russian embassy.


A ‘DRUNK RUSSIAN’, really?


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Pattaya – Russian Mafia Suspect Arrested (See Photo)


Pol.Col. Sutthichai Lo-kanphai (Deputy Commander), Pol.Col. Chaiyos Warakjunkiet (Superintendent), Pol.Lt.Col. Ratthaphong Tia-sood (Deputy Superintendent) together with forces of Immigration police ,Chonburi province, made a statement about the arrest of a  Dmitry Ishmukhametov (alias), aged 41, Russian nationality, who is a defendant according to a Russia arrest warrant in the allegation of extortion..

Pol.Col. Sutthichai revealed that previously Chonburi Immigration police had been contacted by the Russia embassy to arrest Mr. Dmitry who had fled Russia because of the allegations of extortion that were bought against him. He also took approximately 1 million Ruble and came to hide in Thailand. Immigration found out that he was the owner of Anastasia International Co., Ltd. which is located in Soi 5, Thepprasit road, south Pattaya, so Pol.Co. Sutthichai and the immigration police team to arrest him..

Initially, Mr. Dmitry confessed to all allegations and then the immigration police sent him to the investigation officer of Pattaya city police station and will repatriate him back to Russia so he can be prosecuted further according to the Russian law.


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Thailand – Russian Male Tour Guide Falls To His Death From 3rd Floor Balcony


TRAT – February 13, 2014 [PDN]; at 8.30 a.m. Pol.Capt. Banjerd Krajarngsaeng (Investigation officer of Koh Chang police station, Amphur Koh Chang, Trat province) was notified that there was a male foreign tourist who had fallen from a 3rd floor balcony of room no. 305 at the  Anchaleena Beach Front hotel (Koh Chang Grand Laguna), Ban Khlong Kloy, Moo 1 Tambon South Koh Chang, Amphur Koh Chang, Trat province so he rushed to inspect at scene together with the tourism police 6 (Trat) and the volunteer officers of Boon Chuay Luea Association of Trat province. At the incident the officers  found the corpse of Mr. Ree On, aged 27, Russian nationality, who was a tour guide .

He was naked in a pool of blood and had suffered a fractured skull and a broken neck. (Man, I bet that hurt!)

The officers went to inspect room no. 305 on the 3rd floor and found  Miss Yuria Zuvar, aged 24, who is a Russian tour guide of Orcandit Tour Co., Ltd. in the area of Pattaya city, Chonburi province, but she could not communicate with the officers as she could not speak English so the officers had to let the interpreter  translate for them. Miss Yuria claimed that she didn’t know anything about this incident and didn’t give any information to the police.  (SEE PHOTO)

Upon inspecting in Miss Yuria’s room the officers found traces of fighting. The furniture and objects in the room were dispersed all over floor and the glass window was broken with a hole about the size of the deceased.

The officers assumed that before incident occurred they might have been fighting which ended in Mr Ree  falling through the window where he fell to his death.

Upon questioning the hotel staff the police perceived that Mr. Ree On was a tour guide of Discover Tour Co., Ltd. and brought tourists form Pattaya and stayed at room no. 318. The hotel staff also told the police that some  Russian tourists in the tour group told the staff  that they saw Mr. Ree On going into room no. 305 late at night on February 12, 2014 which was the room of Miss Yuria Zuvar (the female Russian tour guide) then  in the morning  they were told he was dead. Initially, the police of Koh Chang police station had coordinated with the officers of Forensic Police Division to come to collect all the evidence at scene and will inform the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Thailand about the incident.



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Pattaya- Danish Man Attacked By RUSSIAN Teenagers

Via: Pattaya Daily News


Lt. Col. Phattharasa Dechphakkul (Investigation officer of Pattaya city police station, Chonburi province) was notified that there was a foreign man who had been assaulted by 2 Russians using knives, severely injuring him. The incident occurred at the public park in front of the Royal Cliff hotel on Phra Tamnak hill so he coordinated with the rescuers to take the injured victim to Pattaya Memorial hospital.

When the police arrived at an emergency room at Pattaya Memorial hospital they found the injured foreign man a Mr. Vasiliy Klausen, aged 25, Danish nationality who had sustained  severe wounds of being hacked by a sharp object to his left arm and right chest. Upon questioning the injured man the officers perceived that the trouble makers were 2 Russian men that assaulted and used the knives to attack Mr. Vasiliy severely injuring him before fleeing the scene.

Then police then went to the incident point at the public park on Phra Tamnak hill but only found traces of blood and from questioning the local people in the nearby area there nobody knew about the incident so the officers inspected the CCTV near the area but it was out of order.  However, the police will investigate the injured victim again after he recovers.




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Thailand – Tit for Tat: mulls end to free visas

Via: Coconuts Bangkok


This holiday season someone’s feeling the old bah, humbug!

To punish others collecting visa fees from its citizens, Thailand’s government will consider ending free-on-arrival visas for people from 17 nations.

The Immigration Bureau has formally requested the Foreign Ministry end the longstanding practice which provided free visas for arriving Australians, Britons, Americans, Germans, French, Swedes, Canadians, Dutch, Italians, Swiss, Danes, Finns, Norwegians, Israelis, Emiratis, Spaniards and Kiwis.

Why? Thai immigration officials complain it’s unfair those nations require Thais to pay visa fees, and believe the kingdom should reciprocate in kind.


Another reason to charge visa fees is the familiar “quality travelers” (yeah, like the Russians and Chinese – brilliant) argument.

Fees would filter out criminals and cons seeking to conduct their nefarious deeds from Thai soil, according to immigration commissioner Lt. Gen. Panu Kerdlarpphol.

Panu suggested two possible structures: A flat, THB1,000 ($30.33 USD) fee, or better yet, charge them the same as their government’s fees, which range from THB750 to THB3,900.



Related story:

“Teflon Thailand” is starting to lose tourists to its political chaos

It took a while, but Thailand’s political troubles are finally taking a bite out of its giant tourism sector, which along with the broader economy has been largely immune to the country’s periodic bouts of unrest.

A million tourists—400,000 international and 600,000 domestic—have stayed home while the country has been wracked by massive street protests over the past several weeks, which coincided with the peak year-end tourism season.


Read more, HERE:



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Pattaya – RUSSIAN Tourists Fondle Bottom

Via: Pattaya One


At 12.10 a.m. Pol. Lt. Wattana Pradit (Investigation officer of Pattaya city police station, Chonburi province) was notified by Ms. Oraphan Suwannachart, aged 29, address 51 Moo 1 Tambon Pha-in-plaeng, Amphur Erawan, Loei province that she was abused by 2 male and 1 female RUSSIAN tourists, she had sustained a black eye. The incident occurred at the entrance of Walking Street, south Pattaya at 5.00 a.m. on December 5, 2013. She went to for treatment at hospital before notifying the police.

Ms. Oraphan Suwannachart (the victim) told police that before the incident occurred she went to celebrate her friend’s birthday in Walking Street, south Pattaya and after the birthday party at 5.00 a.m. she started to head home, when she arrived at the entrance of Walking Street she stopped to buy some food suddenly there were a group of 3 Russian tourists consisting of 1 woman and 2 men.

The male Russians touched and squeeze her bottom, she was so shocked what they had done so she scolded them but the male Russians ridiculed her and then assaulted her before fleeing the scene. After that she asked for assistance from the motorbike taxi terminal nearby the incident to help chase after the Russian assailants but nobody assisted her. So she went to have the treatment at hospital then notified the police to follow up the Russian assailants to prosecute.

After initial investigation then the police made a note and recorded it for evidence and will inspect the CCTV footage and circumstantial evidence at the incident area in order to follow up the group of Russian assailants to prosecute them further according to Thai law.



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Pattaya – Tourist Policeman and 2 Russians Caught with Fake ATM Cards

Via: Pattaya Daily News


Police officers of Muang Nakorn Ratchaseeman police station, and Poklang police station held a press conference to announce they had arrested 3 suspects the first was POLICE SENIOR SARGENT MAJOR Nontapan, Sangsuk, 37 years old Thai national tourist police officer, Mr.Vasili Ivanov, 27 years old Russian and  Mr. Sergey Peternhof, 38 years old Russian in their possession they had  328 fake credit cards and 2.9 million baht ($94,000 USD) in cash.

The police were made aware that there was a group of Russians with fake redit cards and ATM cards who were withdrawing money from ATMs across the country and then fled to hide in Nakhon Ratchasima. Plain clothed police officers were sent to observe ATM boxes in various areas in Nakhon Ratchasima.

On the night of November 17, police watched two foreigners who went to withdraw money from a Krungthai bank located in front of the City Hall in Nakhon Ratchasima. They both acted suspiciously and they took a long time to withdraw money so the police approached them and searched them and found more than 100 ATM and credit cards, and 50,000 baht in cash in one of their pockets.

During the police raid they noticed a bronze Toyota Wish, Sor Ror 5501, Bangkok ,which  came to pick up the two suspects but the driver noticed that the police were there arresting them and tried to drive away, so the police intercepted the car. The driver was Pol.Sen.Serg.Maj. Nontapan, a tourist police officer.  Upon searching the car the police found another 200 fake ATM and credit cards, 3 cell phones and 2.8 million baht cash.

When asking Pol.Sen.Serg.Maj. Nontapan, he said that he was the DRIVER, and he got PAID 10 % of the money they withdrew, and he had done it MANY TIMES.

He used his police authority to avoid the other police officers. If stopped he would say he was picking up tourists but as for the cards, he did not know where the Russians got them from.

The Russians confessed that all the cards were foreign and the information on the cards was from foreigners. They used the tourist police officer because they were caught by him before and bribed him, after that the tourist police man became their driver.

However, the police found that the fake electronic cards were forged from 50 countries; the police believed that the gang used equipment to copy the information from a Skimmer to copy electronic cards’ information from ATMs across the country. Now the police officers are expanding their investigation to arrest the rest of the gang because they believe it to be a nationwide gang.


TRICK QUESTION: If you can’t trust the Tourist Police, who can you trust?


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Pattaya – Monk gets drunk over lottery loss in-front of Temple


A 55 year old Monk was found drinking whisky in front of a South Pattaya Temple on Wednesday morning and it is reported he was drinking to forget a substantial loss of money invested in lottery tickets.

Police and Municipal Officers were called to the front of the Tamsamakee Temple in South Pattaya just after 8am on Wednesday and were confronted by the Monk who appeared heavily intoxicated. Local residents saw the Monk had been earlier handed a bottle of Whisky.

The Monk’s registration papers were checked and appeared to be in-order. He told Police that he had come to Pattaya to make a new ID Card so he could register for welfare payments and claimed to have lost a staggering 500,000 Baht ($15,583 US) in, what is believed to be, an unlicensed lottery.

The Monks drunken state is in contravention of regulations pertaining to the conduct of a Buddhist Monk and he was taken to the Chaimongkol Temple nearby, where he was ordered to disrobe and leave the Monkhood with immediate effect.



So, IF you see a naked, drunk, bald-headed guy, it might be the monk.

So, IF you see a naked, VERY DRUNK, bald-headed guy, it’s probably a Russian tourist.

Either way, jus’ walk away, as fast as you can!


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Jomtien – 1 dead, 14 injured, GERMAN arrested (that’s right, just another typical night)

Via: Pattaya One


A 72 Year Old German man was arrested following a serious road crash which occurred on Jomtien Beach Road on Friday Night which left 1 dead, 14 injured and 13 vehicles damaged. (1 dead, 14 injured, 13 VEHICLES DAMAGED – I mean, DAMN!)

The crash occurred in front of the Somprasong Plaza on Jomtien Beach Road just after 8pm and led to the arrest of Mr. Juergen Heinze aged 72.

He had been assaulted by others involved in the crash and was in a dazed state.

The suspect was subjected to a breathalyzer test but it came back negative for alcohol in his system. Inside his damaged Mitsubishi Pajero prescription medication was found which led Police to believe he may have become impaired due to the drugs.

Witnesses saw the car being driven at speed and erratically and after hitting 10 parked motorbikes it then hit two other cars and a Baht Bus full of Thai and foreign customers.

The deceased victim was described as female, aged around 35 and of Russian decent. 7 Thai’s and 7 Russians were injured and taken to various Hospitals around Pattaya for emergency treatment.

At the Police Station communication with the suspect was difficult so it was decided to continue the interview on Saturday after the effects of any medication he may have taken have a chance to wear-off.



DAMAGED, yeah you think?


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