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Chiang Mai – ‘At Grandma’s House’

Via: City News – Chiang Mai


At Grandma’s house, the frogs chirp in harmony.

The bright red cherry tomatoes hang from the happy plants like apples in the Garden of Eden.

When Pam and I arrive we find Grandma Peng, who has the flexibility of a twenty-year-old yoga instructor, bending straight down in order to gather petals of saffron.  She cracks a toothless grin, cackles and reaches out a wrinkly, muscular little hand to me as I approach her.

She wais to me and immediately asks if we want some tomatoes. She ferociously reserves them for her family, which now includes me.
This is the same woman who a couple months before I saw ruthlessly rip the spiny fin from a young catfish while it still flapped wildly in the bottom of the black plastic bucket. She explained she did it so I wouldn’t get hurt when picking it up. It’s this bountiful love which shocks me and at the same time totally disarms me with its innocence and genuineness. It is a mother’s love, which would do anything to protect its young. Even though she is EIGHTY-SIX, I’m sure it would never even cross her mind to use that as an excuse to not do something for her family.
And thus, when last week she crouched behind me as we sat in her shady rice hut, and reached those same bony arms around my chest to squeeze my flabby pecs while exclaiming with glee, “Pen gon ook pook! Bouncy like little girls’breasts!” I was not insulted but only humbled.


I have since started jogging and doing push-ups every morning.



personal thought:

Military coup, what military coup?

Life just carry’s on, as it should; and life is good.




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Bangkok – US Embassy advises citizens to stockpile: cash, food and medicine

A Thai fashion college student conducts a photo shoot with soldiers keeping guard near the Government House in Bangkok

As political tensions are set to reach breaking point in Bangkok this coming week, the US Embassy is now advising American nationals in the capital to make sure they stock up on some much needed essentials, including cash, food, ‘dates’ (See photo), and medicine.

“We advise you to plan ahead. It is prudent to ensure you have a week’s supply of cash, keep your mobile communications devices charged, and stock a two week supply of essential items such as food, water, and medicine.”

Below is the official release in full from the US Embassy in Bangkok dated January 10, 2014.


NOTE: Protests are expected to occur elsewhere in Thailand, including near Chiang Mai University scheduled for Sunday afternoon, January 12.


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Pattaya – Lady Boy Drugs Elderly New Zealander

Via: Pattaya Daily News


At 2.00 a.m. Mr. Bernard John Griffiths, aged 65,a New Zealander,, went to notify Pol. Capt. Phitak Nernsaeng (Investigation officer of Pattaya city police station, Chonburi province) that on the 15th of December 2013 at 9.00 p.m. he was drugged by the Pattaya ladayboy that he met in Walking Street and had property totalling more than 300,000 THB  ($9,375 USD) which consisted of 1 VISA card, 1 diamond ring with a value of 8,000 dollars, 1 gold necklace with a value of 3,000 dollars and about 10,200 THB.

Mr. Bernard John Griffiths (the victim) said that he was walking down Walking Street then he met a lady boy that persuaded him to drink liquor at a bar which he claimed that it was his own bar so he went to the bar with him but he could not remember the bar’s name.

He drank 1 bottle of beer and when he went to pay his bill he realised he didn’t have any cash so he went to the ATM machine and the lady boy went with him but due to there only being instructions in Thai language the lady boy assisted him in withdrawing money as he told the lady boy his password.

The lady boy then withdrew 10,000 THB to pay the bar bill. Later the lady boy took him to lucifer bar and they drank 1 bottle of beer and ordered 1 more bottle which at that time he noticed that the lady boy had picked up the beer bottle to shake so he asked him what he was doing then he replied that “Nothing at all, I’m cleaning it for you” and after he drank the beer he then passed out (got unconscious) for approximately 15 minutes in lucifer bar and when he woke up he found that the lady boy had disappeared.

He then checked his belongings and realised that he had been robbed by the lady boy. He told police that he thinks he was drugged with a hypnotic drug which the lady boy had placed in his drink. He then went to notify the police to arrest the lady boy.

After initial investigation then the police made record for evidence and coordinated with the detective police team to rush to arrest the lady boy and prosecute him further according to Thai law.



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Thailand – Celebrates 76th aniversary of ‘Submarine Day’


Via: NNT

The Royal Thai Navy has celebrated the 76th anniversary of Submarine Day, saying that submarines are vital to the country’s strong military foundation.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy Adm. Narong Pipatanasai, during the celebration of Submarine Day, said the navy has to have submarines in order to defend the country against a threat, especially in closed sea areas. If those areas are invaded, the country’s water transport will be cut off completely. (possibly land-locked Laos?)

Although submarines are considered important weapons, the Thai Navy does NOT have one in possession. However, groups of marines have been sent to foreign countries like South Korea, Germany, and Spain, to learn about submarines.

Adm. Narong has, however, assured that despite the fact that Thailand does not have a submarine, the Thai Navy has already prepared armaments in case of emergency. In addition, Thai marines have undergone heavy training and drills in order for them to be well prepared to fight off submarine threats.

The best strategy to fight against a submarine is to use a submarine, said the Admiral, while affirming that the procurement of armaments will be conducted based on transparency and the rule of law, not a decision to be made by any single individual.

NOTE: Thailand also does NOT have an ‘International Space Station’ – but next year, ‘ Thailand – International Space Station Day’ – DAMN RIGHT!


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Thailand to receive more Chinese tourists


Via: China Daily

According to Kasian Watanachaopisut, president of the Thai- Chinese Tourism Alliance Association, the Chinese film entitled “Lost in Thailand” has reportedly made up to 700 million yuan ($111 million) since it premiered in the world’s most populated country earlier this month.

Produced with a 30 million yuan budget and directed by Chinese movie star Xu Zheng, “Lost in Thailand” might probably become China’s most-viewed comedy of all time.

Kasian said the film has drawn the attention of Chinese viewers to the fascinations and tourism qualities of Chiang Mai and many are interested to visit it some day.

According to him, a total of 2.5 million Chinese tourists are estimated to visit Thailand throughout 2012, and only a meager 2 percent of them are reported to have been somehow attracted to Chiang Mai or other northern spots.

“But that comedy is believed to be drawing a lot more of the Chinese tourists to Chiang Mai where local villagers, cultural heritages and scenic, natural spots are so inviting and well- preserved,” he said.

“With the help of ‘Lost in Thailand’ which is now a Chinese box office smash featuring Chiang Mai as a beautiful tourist spot worth visiting, we do hope that the number of Chinese tourists to Chiang Mai will substantially increase from this year’s 50,000,” he said.

According to a local tourism official, Chinese tourists spend an average of 3,750 baht ($125) each in Chiang Mai per day. ($125 per day? – NO f’n way to they come anywhere close to that amount!)


I just hope the Russsians don’t make a wacky comedy about Chiang Mai – know what I mean?


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Chiang Mai – Rainy Season brings Denque Fever

Via: Chiang Mai Mail

As the rainy season starts up in earnest the numbers of dengue fever cases reported in the city continue to rise Mayor Tussanai Buranupakorn reported to
the Chiang Mai Mail in a recent interview. Dengue fever is on the rise nationwide with the Department of Public Health reporting over 17,000 cases of
dengue fever this year with 18 deaths, a higher rate of infection than the same time last year and affecting more adults than children.

The Mayor pointed out that most people make the mistake of thinking dengue mosquitoes bite at night, “People use mosquito nets when they sleep at night but the mosquito bites in the day time.”


Knowledge gained from ‘hard experience’:

Not only are the ‘denque carriers’ daytime fyers; but are very tiny, and virtually impossible to see.

The only ‘practical’ way I konow to prevent denque, is to use an insect repellant. You can buy it VERY CHEAP at any drugstore.


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Pattaya – Three Bangladeshi Rotarians Drugged by Hooker One Dead & Two in Coma

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol.Lt.Col. Samran Kamwattana, Pattaya police reported that 3 foreigners suspected of being drugged were discovered in room # 427 on the 4th floor of Bella Express Hotel Pattaya 425/9 Middle Pattaya road, opposite of Maewilai Market, Banglamung.

Pol.Col. Thammanoon Mankong, and Pol.Lt.Col.Supachai Puykaewkam plus Pattaya police station officers arrived at the crime scene with a crowd of foreigners outside the room.

Inside the double room with an extra bed they found a dead body: Mr. Rahman Mizanur 54-years-old Bangladeshi, lying on the on his side on the bed, wearing white tank and a blue and white striped sarong. His clothes, the bed and the floor, were soiled with excrement and the room stank.

There were many pieces of luggage all forced open. Clothes and stuff (stuff?) were scattered all over the room.

The small safe had also been forced open. It was empty. In the bathroom, there were 10 empty beer cans. The police also found asthma medicine, and other unknown medicines plus many medicine vials in luggage of the deceased.

Upon information based on the evidence found in the room the police concluded: 3 victims, one of them was dead, and the others were in a coma, as if they had been drugged.

A hotel staff had called Pattaya Memorial Hospital before the police came, the two unconcious victims were identified as: Mr.Sanjid Saha, 54-years-old and Mr.Rashid Harunur, 52-years-old Bangladeshi. The police took pictures, collected the evidence and inspected the corpse but found no trace of violence. The body was sent for autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Upon questioning the Thai guide, he said that he had brought the 20 Bangladeshi tourists from the Rotary International Convention, at Impact, Muangthong Thani in Bangkok. After the convention, the 3 Bangladeshis, travelled to Pattaya, checked in at the hotel on May 10 at 16:00, and they would check out on May 12.

In the morning of May 11, the guide called all the Bangladeshi tourists to have breakfast and to go for sightseeing, but the 3 did not show up.

Later the tour guide found out from the hotel staff, that there was a foul smell (see photo) coming out from the room. (CLUE NO. 1)

They knocked on the door. No answer. (CLUE NO. 2)

The hotel staff opend the door. Inside they found them one dead. (BINGO!)

Two unconscious with saliva coming out of their mouths. The two comatose victims were taken to the hospital and the police was informed.

Pol.Lt.Col.Supachai Puykaewkam, said that the 3 Bangladeshis might had been drugged and robbed. The hotel staff said that, at 01:00 of May 11 they saw the victims came with Thai woman they thought was a prostitute. As a routine the hotel staff kept her ID card. The woman was identified as Miss Porntip Taweeting 20-years-old, address: house # 59, Moo 7, tambon Yangwai, Kornsawan, Chaiyapoom.

At 04:00 the woman called to ask if there was a laundry service. The hotel staff said no. The woman said that she needed to have her clothes washed in South Pattaya. She would come back. She left the hotel with a bag of clothes but forgot to bring her ID.

She did not return.

At first the police assumes that the victims brought the prostitute to have group sex in the room (a four-way, gross!).

But instead of group sex they were drugged by a powerful hypnotic/ tranqulizer mixed with their beer. After they passed out she searched through their belongings and dissapeared.

Mr.Rahman Mizanur might have had some underlying illnesses causing his sudden death. The two other became deeply unconscious.

The police checked the CCTV footage to find more evidence and clues.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Miss Porntip Taweetin, the 20-year-old prsotitut (prsotitut, say what?).



Plan you next ‘four-way’, here:


‘prsotitut’It is anticipated Thai newspapers will have ‘spel-check’ in 2014, possibly 2015.



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Nun’s bizarre rituals violate rights: NHRC

Via: the Nation

A so-called karmacorrection ritual supervised by a famous nun shows clear violations of human rights, National Human Rights Commissioner Visa Benjamano said yesterday.

In the ritual, Maechee Tossaporn Tewapitak told a woman to correct her karma by welcoming the sexual touches of a younger man.

“The victim doesn’t know her rights have been violated,” Visa commented yesterday.

She said the nun used verbal violence during the ritual and her advice was inappropriate.

Tossaporn has offered karmacorrection rituals at Wat Pichayatikaram in Bangkok for years.


Hmmm, ‘karmacorrection’; hmmm.



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