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Boa dead fry oil sales

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Stop! Fossil feather boa is to be added.  Many local dance. Invasion of the capital. Meatballs I put the dreaded snake meat. Fry was a shrewd trade sales rather than lard.

Of cases, there were more than 40 bags of fertilizer to meet the boa containing the remains were left in the Acacia forest road around the city. Line in the house – Ngua between km 4-5, Moo 6, Tambon Pa Lao, Muang Phetchabun, which noted that the snake may have been carving the meat sold to the operation or do without. really fresh. Both within the province and nearby areas. The film has been sold to a factory making bags.

The officers went to the ball mill, “Thai Rung Thip” is located in Muang District, to monitor the production process.Meat used to make meatballs. And product quality.But did not find anything unusual that could indicate that the facility was used in the production of meat boa.

Her commitment to the Wat Pong halo.  She said Thai Rung Thip kg plant meatballs, chicken, pork and beef to sell in the past. But the news is mixed into the meat, snake meat ball  The company has been greatly affected. The factory confirmed that the snake can not be mixed with meat. The daily production of approximately 3-4 tons of balls, if using snake meat mixture must be used in large quantities. Which they had just heard from the news that the snake was a ball of meat as well. However, the province should seek to prosecute offenders as well.

I was so consumed with my balls.

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