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Thailand – Brit mauled by 400-pound at popular tourist site


Via: Daily Mail

Enjoying the trip of a lifetime to Thailand, university student Isabelle Brennan strokes a young tiger at a popular tourist attraction – one of the few places in the world where you can pet the deadly animals while they sleep.

But just minutes after this photo was taken, another 400lb tiger leapt into the frame, knocking the 19-year-old to the ground with its paw and sinking its teeth into her thigh.

She was saved when keepers at the Tiger Temple sanctuary in West Thailand jumped between her and the animal, while her sister and travelling companion Georgie, 21, dragged her to safety.

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I few years ago I was chatting with a young Irish lady at Starbucks, and asked her where she has visited while in Chiang Mai?

She said her favorite was Tiger Kingdom, where she able to pet tigers. She asked me if I’d ever been.

I said, “I didn’t want to go because it’s my understanding the ony reason you could pet the tigers, was becaused they are drugged”.

She was VERY OFFENDED and said, “They are NOT drugged, but instead they have been taken care of by very loving trainers!”

I said, “RUBBISH”; and well, she left.

The cats are drugged – PERIOD.

btw: I wish Ms. Brennan a quick and full recovery.



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Thailand – Cat smuggler apprehended on border with Laos


Via: Coconuts Bangkok

Sure, this took place outside of Bangkok, but it exists precisely at that intersection of “gross” and “weird” wherein our attention perpetually resides.

The National News Bureau of Thailand reports that law enforcement officials have apprehended a “transnational” cat smuggler on the border between Thailand and Laos. This miscreant was caught transporting 90 cats into Laos, which he had stuffed into a scant six cages for the duration of the trip.

Though the cross-border trade in stray dogs has long formed a point of contention between Thailand and the world at large, this traffic in edible cats marks a somewhat fresher foray.

The driver, a Buriram native named Sodsai Amhawa, confessed to running regular shipments of cats across the border into Laos, from which location they were then smuggled in Vietnam, where they met their fate as “exotic dishes.”

Sodsai reported that he had received THB2,000 to THB3,000 ($67 to $1oo USD – and inexpensive, too!)   for each shipment of cats.:


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Bangkok – Inside the ‘Dog Condo’: abandoned animals face nightmare conditions


Via: CoconutsBangkok

Imagine a one-acre mud pit filled with feces and urine, walled-in by a haphazard two-story tenement stifled not only by a tropical sun, but by the stench and body heat of over 1,000 dogs, 300 cats, a handful of rabbits and a couple of pigs.

Imagine living there and spending your days covered in filth, sweating your way through the never-ending task of simply trying to keep footpaths clear of excrement, removing dead animals and fending off the inevitable dog attack. And imagine at least once a week, stepping outside the walls to see yet another expecting bitch abandoned at the gate.

This is not a horrible nightmare for two middle-aged women, Sunnee ‘Lek’ Sukkaew and Pataew ‘Taew’ Wanitsuto, who have spent the past years earning less than THB200 ($6.45 USD) a day struggling to keep the chaos at Dog Condo to a minimum—this is their reality.


Read the entire article, HERE:


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Thailand – Pet Rescue Fighting the Illegal Dog Meat Trade

Via: City News

CityNews today received information about how Thailand Pet Rescue are working in hard to stopping the trade of dog meat. Panaree Cotchacote and her team of volunteers from Thailand Pet Rescue (TPRC) rescue dogs everyday from certain death – but there’s evidence thousands of dogs are slipping into the illegal dog meat trade because authorities aren’t enforcing the law.


Panaree knows that the few ‘lucky ones’that survive the journey are often tortured before they are killed. Traders believe that meat is more tender if more pain is inflicted.

But border provinces can put a stop to the “disgusting” dog meat trading by enforcing the law. That’s why Panaree has started a petition asking Governors of Nakhon Phanom and Sakon Nakhon to stamp out the illegal trade.

In just over two weeks, more than 3,000 people have signed Panaree’s petition -click here to add your voice.

Last year, the former Nakhon Phanom Governor implemented a successful crackdown fining local officials who didn’t enforce the law. But the new Governor let trade run rampant again. Panaree has witnessed first-hand the notorious Ban Phaeng border pier packed with dogs crammed in chicken cages.

When she has gathered 5,000 signatures, Panaree will deliver her petition to the Governors directly. With so many voices behind her, she is confident her trip will get media coverage the Governors can’t ignore.

She asks you to sign now, and share the petition with your friends and family, before more dogs are killed.



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‘Thailand – Illegal transnational do trader caught – 700 dogs rescued’


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Thailand – Illegal transnational dog trader caught, 700 dogs rescued

Via: Pattaya Daily News

An illicit transnational trader was arrested by a Mekong Riverine Operation Unit in the northeastern province of Nakhon Phanom, rescuing 700 dogs which were bound for Vietnam.

LCDR Kritsana Choosai, chief of a Mekong River patrol unit in Nakhon Phanom, led officials to intercept a white six-wheel truck with Sakon Nakhon-registered license plates on Nakhon Phanom-Ban Phang Road.

There were 77 cages with a total of 700 dogs loaded on the truck.

The driver, identified as Mr Salut ‘I like poodle, with my noodle’ Kotetakok, 43, was arrested and taken in for questioning.

Nakhon Phanom provincial livestock chief Pairat Pathumsuwan has coordinated with related agencies to distribute the dogs to different locations to avoid overcrowding situations, otherwise the dogs may develop infection or die.

Mr Pairat said that the Nakhon Phanom Animal Quarantine Station was now overcrowded with dogs, as there were 773 dogs in custody after an earlier arrest on July 25, where 548 dogs were rescued from a trafficking ring and sent to the station, and the TOTAL stood at 1,321 dogs.

If 700 dogs were added to this station, that would be more than 2,000 dogs, where the capacity of the facility was only 800-1,000 dogs, he said.

He said that taking care of the rescued canines cost some Bt10,000 a day  ($320USD).

Mr Pairat said that dog smuggling was also a problem as dog meat was still popular in some countries and illegal traders were continually trying to smuggle dogs into these countries (Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia).


personal thought:

It might be my imagination, but it seems to me, I see fewer soi ‘street’ dogs around Chiang Mai of late.



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Dogs saved from dinner tables, but still in danger

Via: The Nation

But although they have been saved from dog-trader gangs, no one can guarantee they will be safe and survive in their crowded cages while a shortage of food threatens their lives.

Some of the animals were reported dead or injured. The rest are at Nakhon Phanom Animal Quarantine Station.

They looked exhausted after they were moved from the small cages to be put in the station’s only big cage. But that cage, which has a maximum capacity of 500 dogs, now has to house 1,800. They have inadequate food and water, as the station does not have the budget to feed such a huge crowd of dogs.

Nakhon Phanom Governor Rerngsak Mahawinijchaimontree said his team cooperated with animal-control staff and police to arrest the gangs on Thursday night.

He said they arrested Montree Thanklang, 45, a Nakhon Phanom resident, and Pan Hai, 30, a Vietnamese, while they were in a truck containing 600 dogs passing through the province’s Na Thom district. Four other trucks containing 1,200 dogs were seized while they travelled through Si Songkhram district, where police arrested Noppadon Chaiwangrot, 40, a Sakon Nakhon resident.

Rerngsak said police were told that Noppadon had earlier released 600 other dogs into a forest.

“Police believe all the dogs would have been transferred to a ship waiting in Ban Phaeng district of Nakhon Phanom before going across the Mekong River to be sold in VIETNAM, where lots of dogs are ordered to be cooked as famous exotic dishes.”

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Burning Bandits break duck skin in a department store in the Jewelry Gallery

Via: daily news. (Google translate)

The duck skin a cat’s paw keen to break free in-store Jewelry Gallery, the police keep a clean sweep of latent fingerprints, trace it.

At 3:00 AM on June 29 in Prime Swp.sp. Pol.Maj S. Pattaya, Chonburi, was notified. Security.’s Tesco Lotus. Penetrate into the criminal looting the mall. DIAMOND PRINCESS.



Therefore, to investigate the incident at the boot shop sells DIAMOND PRINCESS Jewelry, 1st floor, found that the glass will break out.  Jewelry, necklace, rings and earrings are also missing several items. There is also an iron crowbar.  And a yellow T-shirt. Are kept as evidence.

Initially expected to be the villain in that channel to escape as well. However, officials have collected the fingerprints and CCTV monitoring to guide the continued pursuit to arrest criminals.


UPDATE: The duck has ‘lawyered up’ and has ‘no comment’ at this time.


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