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Pattaya – Lady Boy Drugs Elderly New Zealander

Via: Pattaya Daily News


At 2.00 a.m. Mr. Bernard John Griffiths, aged 65,a New Zealander,, went to notify Pol. Capt. Phitak Nernsaeng (Investigation officer of Pattaya city police station, Chonburi province) that on the 15th of December 2013 at 9.00 p.m. he was drugged by the Pattaya ladayboy that he met in Walking Street and had property totalling more than 300,000 THB  ($9,375 USD) which consisted of 1 VISA card, 1 diamond ring with a value of 8,000 dollars, 1 gold necklace with a value of 3,000 dollars and about 10,200 THB.

Mr. Bernard John Griffiths (the victim) said that he was walking down Walking Street then he met a lady boy that persuaded him to drink liquor at a bar which he claimed that it was his own bar so he went to the bar with him but he could not remember the bar’s name.

He drank 1 bottle of beer and when he went to pay his bill he realised he didn’t have any cash so he went to the ATM machine and the lady boy went with him but due to there only being instructions in Thai language the lady boy assisted him in withdrawing money as he told the lady boy his password.

The lady boy then withdrew 10,000 THB to pay the bar bill. Later the lady boy took him to lucifer bar and they drank 1 bottle of beer and ordered 1 more bottle which at that time he noticed that the lady boy had picked up the beer bottle to shake so he asked him what he was doing then he replied that “Nothing at all, I’m cleaning it for you” and after he drank the beer he then passed out (got unconscious) for approximately 15 minutes in lucifer bar and when he woke up he found that the lady boy had disappeared.

He then checked his belongings and realised that he had been robbed by the lady boy. He told police that he thinks he was drugged with a hypnotic drug which the lady boy had placed in his drink. He then went to notify the police to arrest the lady boy.

After initial investigation then the police made record for evidence and coordinated with the detective police team to rush to arrest the lady boy and prosecute him further according to Thai law.




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Pattaya – Kiwi flees from fatal road crash

Via: Pattaya One


A New Zealand national is wanted by Police after he was involved in a fatal road crash which left a South Pattaya Motorbike Taxi Driver dead.

Just after 2.30am Pattaya Police were called to Soi Diana Inn in front of the Diana Inn Hotel where rescue workers were attending to the taxi driver, Khun Priyadar aged 53 who is based on Walking Street. He was not breathing and was being given CPR. He was rushed to Hospital but was pronounced dead-on-arrival.

Police spoke with Khun Sumaree aged 32 who claimed she was on the back of a bike belonging to a New Zealander and the pair were on their way to Soi Neun Plab Wan in East Pattaya. She claimed the pair had met earlier in the night and she was unaware of the exact location of the man’s house.

Both bikes collided head-on and despite the fact it was a fairly low-speed collision it is thought the taxi driver fell awkwardly and may have broken his neck. Police will wait for the results of a postmortem examination to confirm the exact cause of death.

As soon as the crash occurred the foreign man decided to leave his companion on the street (and a gentleman, too) and drove off at-speed from the crash scene on his Honda Click motorbike displaying a red number-plate.

Police are now analyzing Security Camera images from the surrounding area as they hunt for the New Zealander.


personal thought:

IF foreigners want to do ‘stupid-ass shit’, I wish they would do it at home, instead of coming here. I mean hell, the Thai people are very capable of doing ‘stupid-ass-shit’ themselves.



 ‘Pattaya – Unconscious Drunk Driver causes traffic chaos’

A busy intersection on the Central Pattaya Road close to Big C Extra was brought to a standstill on Saturday AFTERNOON by a suspected drunk driver who appeared to have fallen into an unconscious state due to severe intoxication, as he waited at traffic lights.

Traffic Police stationed nearby realized there was a problem when car horns were heard for more than 5 minutes inside Soi Yumet at the side of Big C Extra. A silver Toyota Vios failed to pull away at the green light which caused a traffic jam. For more than 20 minutes officers and members of the public were banging the car windows and tried to rouse the unconscious driver, later named as Khun Pronchai aged 22.

There was some concern that he had suffered some form of illness which rendered him unconscious and it was decided by Police to force entry to the car to investigate. As the passenger door opened a distinct odor suggested that alcohol had a part to play in the incident. Khun Pronchai could not be roused and a Traffic Police Officer took control of the vehicle and drove it along with its unconscious driver to Pattaya Police Station where he was later charged with being drunk in-charge of a motor vehicle.


Seriously, the Thai people, have IT, ‘under control’.

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Pattaya – ‘Afternoon Delight’; eh, not so delightful

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Pumpat  Namputha, Pattya Police   was notified by  Mr.Geoffrey Robert King age 55, New Zealand citizen that  he been drugged  by a Thai woman in a Naklua resort hotel. When he  woke up he found all his belongings were stolen.

Pol. Lt. Col. Pumpat  Namputha reported that Mr. Geoffrey Robert King a New Zealand executive with an international import-export business who frequently visits Pattaya. On September 29 Mr King was staying at  Pullman Pattaya Aisewan Resort, room  2503.

Mr. King said that at 15:30 hrs on September 29, 2011 he meet a lovely (oh yeah, lovely) Thai woman in a department store. They went to his hotel and had sexual intercourse. Thereafter he drank beer and fell unconscious. He woke up at 01:30 hrs and contacted the reception and asked to be sent to a hospital. The Banglamung hospital doctor examined Mr. Robert King and discovered that he had been poisoned, with remains of a strong sleeping agent  in his stomach.

When he returned to his  hotel he found that his belongings were gone: passport, hotel key card , New Zealand money: 2,500 NZD, Thai cash: 1,300 THB, a VISA credit card, a long sleeve black jacket worth 960 USD and one airline ticket.

Upon investigating the hotel room the police discivered a beer bottle and half a glass of beer.

They also found a photocopy sheet of a Thai woman named Ms.Raksanit  Sarapak aged 47.

Plus aditional hotel CCTV footage.

The police will contact  Ms.Raksanit Sarapak for questioning and proceed with the case according to the Thai law.


Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
gonna grab** some afternoon delight.
My motto’s always been; when it’s right, it’s right.
Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night.
When everything’s a little clearer in the light of day.
And you know the night is always gonna be there any way.

Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.


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Syrian Caught In Pattaya For Croquet Federation Boss Murder

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pattaya police reported  that Mr Mohamad Shanar Ryad age 22, Syrian citizen has been arrested  in possession of a  computer notebook, a mobile phone, a wrist watch and the murder weapon, a folding knife.

Mr Mohamad confessed that he met  Mr Jones in  South Pattaya  and then  went to Mr Jones  room to consume ganja.

After that Mr Jones paid  him 400 THB ($13.33) to perform oral sex.

Few days later  Mr Jones  brought him to his condominium again. This time  Mr Jones wanted to sodomise him but Mr Mohamad refused and a severe  argument broke out whereby Mr Jones  grabbed a knife and tried to rape Mr Mohamed, who took out his folding knife and stabbed Mr Jones neck and body more than 20 times until Mr Jones died then stole his belongings, left the building  and went to his  girl friend  in Soi Chalermprakiet 19, Central Pattaya and stayed there until he was arrested.

The  investigation reveals that   Mr Mohamad a former SYRIAN COMMANDO SOLDIER  had traveled in and out of Thailand for more than FOUR YEARS under the REFUGEE STATUS of  the United Nations.

He had also worked as a cook in a Pattaya restaurant but had been fired. And was unemployed at the time of the murder, staying  with his  girl friend.


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