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Pattaya – Elderly, and grossly overweight, Indian Tourist Asks Tourist Police To Chase Down Watch Thief


Via: Pattaya Daily News

At around 02.00 AM as Tourist Police and Voluteers were servicing tourists at their mobile van at Walking Street, an Inidian tourist who has been identified as Mr. Srigiri Bhaskar Rao, age 52 along with his son, informed the Tourist Police that he needed help.

After questioning Mr. Srigiri Bhaskar Rao, it was known that he was tricked by a transexual or Ladyboy, who has working as a prostitute at Walking Street. He said that he was together with the transexual for two nights already, after he agreed to pay him for sex. He told the police that as he was taking a shower, his transexual partner stole his Tommy hand-watch, which was estimated to be 25,000 THB worth, as soon as he took him hand-watch, the Ladyboy fled.

As soon as the incident was reported, the Tourist Police comprehended the evidence and facts. The Tourist Police then sent out a patrol to find the alleged suspect. It didn’t take long until the Tourist Police found the suspect, the transexual was arrested at Walking Street, he was identified as 23 year-old Mr. Tusnai Hanthong. He was frisked by the Tourist Police and the victim’s Tommy hand-watch was indeed found.

After questioning Mr. Tusnai, the 23 year-old Ladyboy suspect, he confessed his crime. He claimed that as he was going back to get something in Mr. Srigiri’s hotel room, he saw that he was showering therefore, he committed the crime by stealing his expensive hand-watch, which proved costly for the thief. The suspect is now in Pattaya police custody and will be charged for his crimes.



Don’t know of course, but I’d be willing to bet a ‘stack of chapatis’; that before the shower,  the bozo was braging up how expensive the watch was.



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