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Thailand – Dual Citizenship Male Arrested With 305kg Of Cocaine


Nonki altogether announced the arrest of a  Mr. Avelino De Jusus, 33 years old, dual citizenship of  FRENCH and PORTUGESE. He was caught  smuggling 305kg of cocaine woth more than a billion THB (+$3,ooo,000 USD). He was arrested at the first check point on the  Thai-Lao friendship bridge at 8 pm. On the 2nd  March.

Pol.Lt.Col.Phanu said that he  asked for cooperation from the France embassy to arrested the man because he was smuggling  drugs, Cocaine into Thailand , and the gang contained 14 men, from Surinam, Ivory coast.In 2013 He was caught smuggling 159 kg ofcocaine in France ,  but was able to give the police the slip so the Court of Paris issued an arrest warrant  on Jan 28th.

From checking his record the police found that he had  dual citizenship for  France and Portugal. He had used his French passport to go to Guangzhou , China, and then Portugal to Thailand on November 2013. He went to the first checkpoint of the friendship bridge whilst trying to escape to Laos. The officers at the checkpoint  checked his record and found that he was wanted French police.

He will now be held by police before being sent back to France (GOOD RIDDANCE!).



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Thailand – French Tourist Mugged


Via: Pattaya Daily News

At 10.55 a.m police officers received reports about a criminal named Thitisorn Sukhsombat , 23 years old residing at 38/5 Moo.3 Amphur Muang, Kanchnaburi province. Police investigated and arrested the suspect.

Ms. Wiwongsiri Vigini Robert age 27 and Ms. Bridget Bardot (See Photo), age23 , French tourists were riding a bicycle at the River Kwai area, almost reaching the India road , suddenly a man on a motorbike snatched the victims purse, in it was a passport, plane tickets, some euro cash and from there he ran away.

The criminal exchanged the stolen money at the UOB bank in front of River Kwai Hotel, the bank staff made a copy of the ID card and the CCTV footage provided information about the criminal. Shortly after the incident the police and the victims went to identify the criminal. The police were able to catch the criminal and however detained him at the Kanchanburi police station. They were also able to retrieve the stolen stuff which consisted of a passport, plane tickets and 19,000 baht cash.

Pol.Col.Komsanti claims the number of tourists travelling to Thailand has increased continuously in the past years. Kanchanaburi,one of that provinces that has attracted large amount of tourists are trying to provide protection in case of an emergency by making stickers with phone numbers on it so that tourists could easily report their cases.

The French victims thanked the police for catching the criminal responsible for snatching her belongings. She also confessed that if given a chance she will visit Kanchnaburi again.

NOTE: Use whatever photo you want on your blog, and I will do the same.



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Pattaya – Frenchman Busted With 97 Fake Credit Cards At ATM

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Maj.Gen. Jamnong Rattanakul, Commissioner, Chonburi province; Pol. Col. Panthana Nuchanart; Pol. Lt. Col. Kierttisak Sathongoy, Deputy Superintendent; Pol. Lt. Col. Chitdecha Songhong, Inspector, along with the police team, reported arresting Mr. Nicholas Sarkozy (see photo), 57, a Frenchman.

The seized evidence included 97 fake electronic cards and a Google Earth map to locate ATM machines in Pattaya. Pol. Maj. Gen. Jamnong said on the afternoon of July 6, Pattaya police were notified from an officer of SCB bank that a foreigner had tried to use a fake electronic card to withdraw money from the bank’s ATM machine at North Pattaya, Moo 5 Tambon Na Kleu, Amphur Banglamung, Chonburi province.

Police rushed to the scene and found Mr. Anthony standing at the ATM machine. The police restrained him and searched his handbag, finding a printout of the Google Earth map showing the locations of ATMs in Pattaya, as well as the 97 fake electronic cards.

From inspecting the information in the cards, police determined that they belonged to victims in France. (France? hey no problem) 

The defendant was initially unable to withdraw money with the fake cards. If he could have withdrawn money, the potential losses to credit card companies would have totaled millions of THB. During the investigation, the defendant confessed that he had been in Thailand since July 5, and stayed in a hotel in North Pattaya. He then tried to use the fake credit cards that his friend in France gave to him to withdraw money from nearby ATM machines. However, he could not withdraw any money despite trying many ATMs. He then went to the ATM machine of SCB bank on North Pattaya Road to withdraw money again, but was arrested by the police. He told police that he was supposed to send all the money back to his friend in France, but did not know what his share of the money would have been.

After the initial investigation, police charged him with making fake electronic cards, either the whole card or some part of the card, modifying the wording on the real electronic card, and having used the cards, or having in his belonging the cards while knowing they were fake. They sent him with the evidence to the investigating officer to prosecute further according to the law.


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Pattaya – Snatch & Grab Thief On A Bike Steals A French Tourist’s Necklace

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Mr.Marc  Didier Dormet,  a 25-years-old (25, yeah right!) Frenchman with his Thai wife notified the police that while he was riding  his motorbike and his wife sitting behind, into Soi Buakhao in Middle Pattaya on they way home from a pub in Walking street.  When they reached Pattaya Public Health building suddendly a man wearing a green motorbike taxi west #  8 rode his bike  beside the couple and snatched the golden necklace off his wife’s neck.

The necklace a his wedding gift, weight about one THB. The thief escaped quickly. The Frenchman and his wife were shocked and cried for help. The bystanders tried to assist and rode after the thief but could not catch him.

Mr. Marc DIdier Dormet’s wife said that she could remember the suspects’ face if she saw him again. She said she had never thought a motorbike rider could do this and the necklace was a wedding gift. She had been wearing it for more than 20 years.They begged the police to investigate and follow up this case to catch the thief.

At first the police said the thief was pretending to work as a motor bike taxi rider and when he saw the victim wearing a necklace he decided to snatch it. The police will check the CCTVs footage at the crime scene and and also check all the motor bike taxi riders’ criminal records with Pattaya police.


Help me out here:

A: He’s 25


B. The necklace was a wedding gift, and she’s been wearing it for more than 20 years.


So he was 5-years old when they were married; and she was what, a fetus?


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Pattaya – A 50+ ‘French Dude’ Mad With Thai His Madame Attempts Suicide

Via: Pattaya

The police officers at Banglamung police station were informed of about a suicide attempt at house # 80/42 in Kiangtawan village, Soi Siam Country club, Pattaya.

Inside the house the police found Mr. Mr Pierre Andre, French national, age 56 lying on the sofa in the living room in a semi-conscious state. Beside him a container of insecticide.

Inside the house his wife, his family and neighbours both Thais and foreigners. They were all concerned.The rescue team provided first aid and rushed the Frenchman to the hospital.

Upon questioning his wife who said, they have been together for 20 years. They had quarrelled often because he is a heavy drinker. His wife had been upset for a long time. This time she told him to quit drinking for good and told him off.

Mr. Andre who was drunk as usual left his house went to his daughter who lives nearby to calm down. But he got more upset.

Then he bought insecticide and drank it in full view of his neighbours. Went into his house and locked the door.

His wife and the relatives we’re called. They opened the door with a spare key and found him lying on the sofa poisoned by weed killer.


‘French Dude’; I tell ya, you can’t make this shit up.


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(2 of 2) Thailand – Jealous German Skinhead Knife Killer Caught in Khon Kaen

Via: Pattaya Daily News

May 9, 2012 [PDN]; Pol. Col. Taweesak Sukkasem, Udon Thani police reported that Mr. Michael Kristien Ditrish age 29, German national had been arrested charged with murder.

Mr. Michael a skinhead wearing an earring with the swastika, nazi symbol. The police had to talk to him all the time because they were afraid that he would commit suicide.


Pol. Col. Taweesak said that at 00:30 May 8, 2012 Pol. Capt. Ratchaphol Morarat, Udon Thani police station was notified about a fatal stabbing at Together Bar & Café and Internet shop on Wattananuwong road, Udon Thani province.

At the scene the police found the corpse of Mrs. Janthavee Miller age 34 lying on the floor in a pool of blood with 17 stab wounds on her body.

The suspect was Mr. Michael, her boy friend.Who after the stabbing escaped in a Toyota Vios bronze color, license number KOR TOR 962 Udon Thani.

Later at 10:00 the police was notified by the local people that they had found the car of the suspect parked at Phoechai 1 community, Nonsoong, district Udon Thani.

The police arrived and found the front of the car was damaged and the front left wheel, the rubber was torn and there was the blood on the driver’s door.

The witness said that approximately at 01:00 he heard a loud screeching sound of a car’s wheel hitting the pavement.

As he came out he saw 2 or 3 men got off the car and one of them spoke Thai language he said, “park here” and then disappeared into the nearby Soi.

The police assumed that Mr. Michael escaped with a Thai friend and had a car accident so they abandoned the car and ran off.

At 03:00 on May 9 the detectives traced Mr. Michael through his mobile phone number.

They suspect he was hiding in Silachol resort in Khon Kaen.

At the resort in the room the police found, beer, bread, cans of food and a lots of drinking water.

Upon investigation Pol. Col. Taweesak said that, Mrs. Janthavee used to have a British husband whom she divorced.

Later she met Mr. Michael and they lived together until Mrs. Janthavee met a Frenchman named Mr. Peter who worked in an entertainment center near the bar & internet shop.

Mr. Michael knew she talked to Mr. Peter but after Mr. Peter went back to France everything was OK.

Until the Frenchman returned then Mrs. Janthavee contacted him again. Chatting on the Facebook and finally Mr. Michael became furious and killed Mrs. Janthavee.

The suspect confessed that he arrived in Thailand last year for the first time and liked Thailand very much.

He was once drinking beer at Mister Thong shop when he met Mrs. Janthavee Miller.

He fell in love with her and wanted to live her. They moved in together. But things changed, she started talking with other foreign men and gambling .

Mr. Michael paid her gambling debts totally 100,000 THB ($3,225USD).

Before the stabbing. he was drinking beer heavily at Mister Thong shop.Then he walked over to the internet to see her.

There was Mrs. Janthavee but she didn’t want to talk to him, she was chatting again with the Frenchman on Facebook.

Then Mr. Michael lost his temper. Shouted in anger and suddenly stabbed her with a folding 17 times until she fell on the floor and died.

The suspect confessed that he didn’t think before that he would kill his girl friend but because of the overpowering feeling of jealousy and the drunkenness he did it.

The Thai man who helped the suspect to escape was investigated. he said he was only hired to drive the car.

The suspect said that during the time he stayed at resort if the police had not arrived within 7 days to arrest him he would committed suicide (promises, promises).


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(1 of 2) Thailand – German Stabs Thai Girlfriend 17 Times

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Capt. Ratchaphol Morarat, Udon Thani police was notified about a fatal stabbing at “Together Beer-Bar” (a very romantic name – oui? ja?) address 62, Soi Samphan, Udon Thani.

At the scene of the crime the police found the corpse of Mrs. Jantree Miller (Miller?) age 34, lying on the floor in a pool of blood near the computer table. Mrs Jantree had 7 stab wounds on the left arm, 4 wounds on the right arm, 4 wounds on the forehead and 2 on the cheek. Totally 17 wounds.

The investigation showed that before the stabbing Mrs. Jantree was chatting on the Facebook with a French man, Mr. Mike Kristien Bitek, age 29.

The German, the boyfriend of Mrs. Jantree came into the shop and sat beside her and when he saw she was on the Facebook with Mr. Peter a Frenchman Mr. Mike screamed at her that she was a bad woman who cheated on him. Then he pulled out a folding knife from his pocket and stabbbed her violently until she fell from the chair and died on the the floor.

Moments later Mr. Mike ran out from the bar and jumped into his Toyota Vios parked in front of the beer-bar and dissapeared.

The police alarm was sent out but they could not find the German. The search is on.

Mr. Mike, the German and Mrs. Jantree had been dating for 3 months. They saw each other every day. Mr. Mike gave her 60,000 THB ($1,935 USD) to clear her debts. They lived together for 1 month. Later Mr. Mike found out that she had met Mr. Peter, the Frenchman. Mrs. Jantree said he was more handsome (and perhaps, a longer peter?). When Mr. Peter went back to France Mr. Mike thought everything was OK and they moved back together again.

Then one day Mr. Mike saw that Mrs. Jantree, the girlfriend was chatting on the Facebook with Mr. Peter, the Frenchman. Mr. Mike, the German lost his temper and suddenly stabbed his girlfriend 17 times.

She died in a pool of blood at the “Together Beer-Bar ” in Udon Thani.

Pol. Col. Kovit Charoenwattanasak, Superintendent, Udon Thani police station said that this case is love triangle drama between a Thai woman and two foreign men.

Pol. Col Kovit commanded his dectives to find Mr. Mike. Search for him in places where he used to stay. Including the immigration area in Nongkai. In case he planning to leave Thailand.

Later the police found a suspicious passenger parked in Tambon Nonsoong. Upon inspection they discovered blood on the front door. The police will check the fingerprints.



I suspected the Merkel/Hollande marriage might be rocky; but this, never!


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Pattaya: 2 French members of suspected credit-card fraud ring arrested

Via: Pattaya Mail

Regional and immigration police captured two French nationals who allegedly used counterfeit credit cards to steal more than 10 million baht ($322,000 USD) from Thai ATMs.

 Nagim Hassainia, 33, and Samir Raihane, 41, were captured in their north Pattaya hotel rooms Jan. 14. A team of Pattaya, Chonburi Provincial and Immigration Department Transnational Crime investigators seized 31 fake cards and 125,000 baht from the two men and their belongings.

Police claim the two men confessed to being part of a larger credit-card crime ring and worked for 30 percent of whatever cash they withdrew. To date, they’d taken more than 10 million baht out of machines from Chiang Mai to Phuket, police said.

Other gang members are believed to still be operating in Thailand.


J’espère que les salauds pourrir en prison!


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