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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – Dual Citizenship Male Arrested With 305kg Of Cocaine


Nonki altogether announced the arrest of a  Mr. Avelino De Jusus, 33 years old, dual citizenship of  FRENCH and PORTUGESE. He was caught  smuggling 305kg of cocaine woth more than a billion THB (+$3,ooo,000 USD). He was arrested at the first check point on the  Thai-Lao friendship bridge at 8 pm. On the 2nd  March.

Pol.Lt.Col.Phanu said that he  asked for cooperation from the France embassy to arrested the man because he was smuggling  drugs, Cocaine into Thailand , and the gang contained 14 men, from Surinam, Ivory coast.In 2013 He was caught smuggling 159 kg ofcocaine in France ,  but was able to give the police the slip so the Court of Paris issued an arrest warrant  on Jan 28th.

From checking his record the police found that he had  dual citizenship for  France and Portugal. He had used his French passport to go to Guangzhou , China, and then Portugal to Thailand on November 2013. He went to the first checkpoint of the friendship bridge whilst trying to escape to Laos. The officers at the checkpoint  checked his record and found that he was wanted French police.

He will now be held by police before being sent back to France (GOOD RIDDANCE!).



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Phuket – Italian expat caught with ya ice, ya ba, and weed in hotel room


Italian expat Fabio (See Photo) Milan, 35, was caught with crystal methamphetamine, one methamphetamine pill and marijuana in a hotel room in Patong on Monday (February 17) around 5.30pm.

Milan was staying at a hotel on Pisitkoranee Road, Patong, when around SEVEN Kathu police officers raided the place after a tip off.

Inside the hotel room they found a stunned (Stunned, I’d say!) Milan, who was shocked (Shocked, I’d say!) to see the police but didn’t put up a fight. Police found eight bags of ya ice (crystal methamphetamine) weighing a total of 8.52 grams, 6.97 grams of marijuana and one ya ba (methamphetamine) pill.

Kathu Police Captain Sinchai Thawanpiyayo told The Phuket News, “Ya ice is the type of drug that we find is most common in the Patong area. It’s a big problem here. Other types of drugs are not as popular as ya ice.”

Police charged Milan with possession of crystal methamphetamine and marijuana with intent to sell, and possession of ya ba.


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Indian Woman (See Photo) Caught with Meth at Phuket Airport

Via: City News – Chiang Mai


On 22nd November, an Indian woman was apprehended at Phuket International Airport, with about 15 million baht’s ($476,000 USD) worth of methamphetamine.

The woman, known as Mrs Lalchhuanthangi (37) aroused the suspicion of custom officials when her unusually light luggage went through the x-ray machine. She was then searched by authorities who discovered 4.5 kilograms of methamphetamine hidden inside the luggage.

Mrs Lalchhuanthangi told police she was paid 50,000 baht to transport the drugs from New Delhi to Phuket, where another unknown person was supposed to pick up the delivery.

She has been charged with smuggling drugs and if convicted could face the maximum punishment for this crime, which in Thailand is a LIFE SENTENCE in prison.


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Thailand – Flavoured ‘yaba’ (methamphetamine) aimed at kids


Parents should keep an eye on their children as a new form of flavoured meth-amphetamine pill is being distributed via Facebook, authorities said yesterday.

“We found that yaba makers are trying to change their product to meet the demands targeted groups,” said Dr Viroj Verachai, director of the Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment.

The new yaba tablets look like candy and are being offered to children, he said.

Yaba labs have increased the potency from 20 per cent up to 90-95 per cent especially for “ice”, or crystal meth, which directly stimulates the nervous system. Generally, yaba tastes bitter but to lure new customers, sweet flavours have been added such as chocolate, strawberry and milk.

“These flavours help the users take the drug more easily, but it could severely affect their nervous systems,” he said.

About 75 per cent of those enrolled in drug rehabilitation programmes were yaba users and 25 per cent were addicted to ice.

Though some users were able to kick the habit within six months, some could develop mental problems, he added.

In Chiang Rai, police arrested several yaba dealers and seized a million tablets.

This lot was smuggled in by a group of |ethnic Akha tribesmen, and was aimed for the South via Bangkok, Pol General Priewphan Damaphong said at a press conference yesterday.

personal thought:

If you think it can’t get much worse; think again.


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Thailand – Mule (SEE PHOTO) Busted with 200,000 YaBa (methamphetamine) Pills


Via: City News – Chiang Mai

On 5 August 2013 provincial police of Payao arrested Manit Tanawilaikit (SEE PHOTO) with 111 packages (2,000 pills/pack) containing amphetamines.

The packages were hidden in a gas tank that belonged to a Chevrolet car.

Manit said he had been hired for 5,000 baht ($167 USD) to drive the the car from the Star Resort in Mae Sai to Chonburi Province.

I don’t get it – I mean, I JUST DON’T GET IT!


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Bangkok – Customs Dept arrests 2 Iranians (see PHOTOS) smuggling 1 kg of crystal meth

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Via: Thai  Visa

The customs department’s deputy director general Rakop Srisupa-at told a news conference that Mr Ali Dastbarsar, 23, and Mr Ehsan Babak, 24, acted suspiciously and matched descriptions provided by a secret agent.

An x-ray scan revealed suspicious objects in their stomachs, which were later found to be the illegal drug crystal methamphetamine totalling one kilogramme, with a street value of around Bt3.5 million ($1,166,666.67 USD).

According to an investigation, Mr Babak said that he was convinced by a drug gang to smuggle the drug into Thailand by swallowing the narcotics to avoid arrest. He was to be paid Bt60,000 to 90,000 if the delivery was completed.

The pair were initially charged with possession of illegal drugs and smuggling it into the Kingdom.


It appears the santions are starting to hurt a little, huh?


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Chiang Mai, Thailand – Opium farming on the rise


Via: Chiang Mai Mail

The Royal Thai Army Region 3 has decided to modify plans to destroy opium farms after having discovered a large rise illegal farming on the ridge borders recently with plantations AS LARGE as 20 ACRES being found, the largest found in OVER 20 YEARS.

Maj. Gen. Phansak Jandong, deputy commander of Special Task Force, National Command Center for Drugs (NCCD), Region 3, they had organized a meeting regarding the Destruction of Addictive Plants project by Region 3 with 4 agencies and 2 agencies to make plans to exterminate opium plantations for 2013 to integrate cooperative work leading to the highest potential operation.

The Deputy commander of the Special Task Force added that the Special Task Force of NCCD Region 3 with Chiang Mai, Survey and Monitoring of Drug Crops, and Pha Muang Task Force had inspected the borders of Doi Angkhang, in Nongbua sub district at the connecting route to Chaiprakan district and Fang district, where officers found many illegal opium plantations on hills, some plantations were as large as 20 acres, a sight not seen for over 2 decades. Since the area is at quite a high altitude and has the right weather conditions it is ideal for growing opium and high opium prices have jumped making it an attractive prospect for local farmers.

In the past three months the Special Task Force found 1,839 plots over 1,102.01 acres, of which they had 100% success in eradicating 1,829 plots and 1,159.01 acres.


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Thailand stares down the barrel of rising gun crime

Via: Reuters

Similar altercations have become a focus of public attention, with shootings affecting seemingly ordinary folk.

In one incident at a busy intersection, a computer repairman shot dead two people and took a third hostage. Witnesses said it resembled a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster.

A tourist haven and regional base for multinational companies, Thailand has the highest number of guns in civilian hands in Southeast Asia — almost FOUR TIMES more than the Philippines, a country notorious for violent gun crime.

Some blame the rise in gun crime on political instability that has gripped Thailand since a 2006 coup that removed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Unrest culminated in a two-month stand-off in 2010 between government troops and “red shirt” protesters backing Thaksin and clashes that killed 91 people.

Others say that the seeming impunity enjoyed by the wealthy has prompted some to take the law into their own hands.

“Thailand has become a Wild West movie,” says politician Chuwit Kamolvisit, a former massage-parlor tycoon who says he used to pay off local police to run his seedy businesses. “People pull out their guns at a moment’s notice.”


FACT: Thailand has the highest gun murder rate in Asia, according to, a site hosted by the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health in Australia.

There were 5.3 murders by firearms per 100,000 people in Thailand in 2011, compared to 0.2 in the Philippines, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reported.

Read more, HERE:


Personal thought:

I think one of the major drivers of the gun violence in the availibity/use of metamphetamine – Thai: Ya Ba (crazy medicine).


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‘Chiang Mai – Huge drug haul up North; several held’


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Chiang Mai – Huge drug haul up North; several held

Via: The Nation

Police have seized a total of 2.8 million amphetamine tablets and 31 kilograms of “ice” flakes, valued at more than Bt1 billion, and arrested several people for possessing or trafficking drugs.

The largest haul of 1.3 million amphetamine tablets took place at a checkpoint in Chiang Mai when three pickup trucks were pulled over. Though two vehicles tried to speed away, they were pursued and stopped, police said.

Another 794,000 tablets were seized in Bangkok’s Bueng Kum district from a man who was trying to take them to the South. The suspect’s initial confessions led to the arrest of another man, who admitted to dealing in drugs with inmates at the Nakhon Si Thammarat prison.

In a sting operation in Chiang Rai, police seized 30kg of ice flakes – a form of methamphetamine – along with 730,000 amphetamine tablets. The shipment, as part of a rendezvous, had been placed along a road and after several hours, a number of couriers showed up to claim the goods. A gunfight with police and soldiers ensued, resulting in the suspects jumping into the Ping River and swimming away.

Police are on the hunt for a Chiang Rai native nameed Sa sae-Thor, who is believed to be behind this exchange.

Police arrested another five suspects in Nakhon Pathom who admitted to selling drugs to inmates at the Samut Sakhon provincial prison. They also nabbed 10,000 tablets, six mobile phones, a pickup truck and two motorcycles that were allegedly used in illegal activities.

Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yoobamrung said up to 500 million amphetamine tablets were waiting to be smuggled into Thailand, but a team of police officers and soldiers were preparing to intercept the shipment.

Read more, HERE:;-several-held-30192707.html


NOTE: 1 billion Thai baht = $32 million USD


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Pattaya – British Furniture Shop owner caught with LARGE quantity of drugs

Via: Pattaya One

A British Furniture Shop owner from Jomtien, who is currently on-bail relating to two drugs offences has been arrested for a THIRD TIME on suspicion of selling drugs.

He was also caught with a large quantity of the class 1 drug Crystal Methamphetamine, commonly known as “Ice”. Police Colonel Tamanoon, the Pattaya Police Chief announced the arrest of Mr. Simon (dumb-ass) Hall aged 39, who was caught with 25.85g of “Ice” following a search of his apartment on Wongamart Beach in Naklua.

Mr. Hall is listed on the East Furniture and Interiors Shop website as the Managing Director of the Pattaya Branch which is reportedly now closed and has been living in Pattaya for six years. The Colonel claims that Mr. Hall is a well-known suspected drug dealer who would sell primarily to foreign customers. This case will now be added to the two further cases which are outstanding and for now Mr. Hall will be held on remand pending a Court appearance.


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