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Bangkok – Customs Dept arrests 2 Iranians (see PHOTOS) smuggling 1 kg of crystal meth

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Via: Thai  Visa

The customs department’s deputy director general Rakop Srisupa-at told a news conference that Mr Ali Dastbarsar, 23, and Mr Ehsan Babak, 24, acted suspiciously and matched descriptions provided by a secret agent.

An x-ray scan revealed suspicious objects in their stomachs, which were later found to be the illegal drug crystal methamphetamine totalling one kilogramme, with a street value of around Bt3.5 million ($1,166,666.67 USD).

According to an investigation, Mr Babak said that he was convinced by a drug gang to smuggle the drug into Thailand by swallowing the narcotics to avoid arrest. He was to be paid Bt60,000 to 90,000 if the delivery was completed.

The pair were initially charged with possession of illegal drugs and smuggling it into the Kingdom.


It appears the santions are starting to hurt a little, huh?



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Bangkok – Iranian held in airport meth bust

Via: The Nation

An Iranian man was arrested in possession of 3,980 grams of crystal methamphetamine worth Bt14 million ($437,500 USD) at Suvarnabhumi Airport the chief of the Royal Thai Customs Department s Investigation and Suppression Bureau Rakop Srisupaart said yesterday.

Customs officials searched suspicious passenger Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, 55, after he arrived from Tehran via Dubai on Wednesday evening and found the drugs hidden in his luggage.

The man reportedly confessed to having transported the drug for Thai dealers on eight previous occasions receiving payment of Bt300,000 each time. (8 x Bt300,000 = $75,000USD).

He said the drugs were distributed in Bangkok’s Nana area and in Pattaya.

He said he had lived in the Pratunam area for three years selling coffee Rakop also reported that the airport s post office detected 2,777 yaba tablets hidden in a package bound for Israel bearing a fake Thai sender’s address.


personal thought:

The embargo must be working; as Ahmadinejad has switched from exporting oil, to exporting crystal meth.



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Thailand – Decoy brings men to rob foreign Nationals at a Condominium

Via: Pattaya Daily News

At 1.00 am Pol. Lt. Col. Anuchet. Kassomboon, investigating officer Pattaya (Kong Dongtarn sub branch) Chonburi province, was notified that a thief, using a gun, had robbed foreign tourists, the incident occurred in room 260 on the 11th floor floor of Jomtien Beach Paradise Condominium, Jomtien Beach Road, Amphur Banglamung, Chonburi province.

The room was at the back of the building where police found the two victims, Mr. Ali Muza Zeinzadeh age 25 and Mr. Mahmoud Amadinejad Jr. age 28.  Both of them were of Iranian nationality, Mr. Ali Muza said that before the incident occurred, at 12.30 am, when he was sleeping in the room with Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinjad Jr., he received a phone call from a Thai woman that he had seen her several times over the last 3 days, she was a prostitute at Jomtien beach whom he had paid for sexual services. During this phone call she said that she would like to bring her elder brother to be introduced, Mr. Ali Muza thought that there would not be any danger so he agreed to allow her to bring him. (danger? at 1:00 am; oh, no way!)

The Thai woman brought 2 men to see the 2 Iranians, they appeared to be Thais with a southern look, the first one was tall and dark, the other was fat and dark and wore the blue jacket of a motorcycle taxi. The first man then used the gun to rob them and told them that he was a policeman.

Mr. Ali Muza was so afraid that they would kill him and his friend he gave the thief 2,000 US dollars or 60,000 THB (another 2,000 US Dollars) together with his Samsung mobile phone. The thief warned him not to notify the police otherwise he would kill them both, before the 3 thieves escaped, the woman returned Mr. Ali Muza 100 US dollars for his personal needs then also hurried to escape. Mr. Ali Muza and his friend waited until they had made sure that the 3 thieves were gone and notified the police.

The police questioned the security man, and he told them that he saw the woman with 2 men enter the room of the victims, the woman told him that they had come to pick up money for hiring a motorbike, later on he saw the woman and the same 2 men hurry to ride off on a motorbike and that there were another 2 men on motorbikes waiting in the car park of the condominium, in total there were 5 suspects; 1 woman and 4 men with 3 motorbikes, the police then inspected the CCTV footage and found clear pictures of their faces.

Initially, the police had decentralized forces to look out for the traces of the woman in Jomtien beach. They have made a sketch of the 3 thieves from the CCTV footage.

The police are sure that they will be able to arrest them soon.


personal thought:

I think BOTH of these dummies should feel VERY LUCKY they didn’t ‘fall’ off a 11th floor balcony.


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Pattaya – Iranian version of ‘Crying Game’ ends badly for transvestite

Via: Pattaya Mail

Four Iranians embarrassed to find the woman they hired for sex was really a man were arrested after beating the transvestite.

Mehdi Aghaei, 27; Mohammad Mousarezaei Dehaghi, 25; Alireza Molaahmadi Dehaghi, 24; and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Jr., 28, were being held for investigation after allegedly assaulting and ripping an earring from the head of woman of the second category, Aekkawat Ketthongma, aka “Pu.”

Pu told police he’d been hired by Mousarezaei for a short-time tryst for 500 baht ($16 USD), but when they arrived at the Iranian’s hotel, the transvestite found Mousarezaei’s three cousins also waiting there to be serviced. The accommodating ladyboy agreed, providing each of the cousins also pay 500 baht each.

However, once the prostitute went into the shower, the Iranians discovered the tall, sexy deep-voiced “woman” they thought they’d hired was really a man. A crying game commenced, with the “katoey” demanding at least a token payment for his time and the emasculated men trying to put the shower scene out of their mind as quickly as possible.

Unable to clear the kateoy, the four Iranians then allegedly beat him until he fled and contacted police.

Police held the men pending Pu’s medical examination.


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Iranian arrested with ‘ice’ worth Bt12.2 mln ($420,000 USD)


An Iranian man on Wednesday was detained at Thailand’s main international airport for smuggling 3.5 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine, also known as ‘ice,’ worth Bt12.2 million (about US$420,000), Customs Department Director-General Prasong Poontaneat told a news briefing. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Jr., 26, was detained Wednesday morning at Suvarnabhumi Airport with the drug ‘ice’, crystal meth, hidden in a specially-made compartment in his baggage (3.5 kilos; yeah, I guess it was special).

The arrest followed a tip-off that a suspect would smuggle the illegal drug into the kingdom.

The detainee told Thai officials that he flew from Iraq’s Erbil via the United Arab Emirates’s Abu Dhabi to Thailand by Etihad Airways. He was hired for $5,000 to smuggle the drug, intending to deliver it to drug dealers in Thailand.

Initially, the alleged drug trafficker was charged with possessing and smuggling the illicit drug into the kingdom and was transferred to the Narcotics Suppression Bureau for further investigation.


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Thailand – the Iranian version of ‘Snakes on the Plane’

Via: Bangkok Post

An Iranian man has been detained at Suvarnabhumi airport after 50 snakes were allegedly found hidden in socks in his suitcase.

Ghahremani Arash, 23, is suspected of attempting to smuggle the reptiles out of the country. He was detained around 1.30am yesterday, following a tip-off that his bag probably contained illegal products.

Customs officers at the airport searched his luggage and found various live snakes stuffed in 26 different socks.

He was detained shortly before he was scheduled to board a Mahan Air flight to Iran.

Airport customs office director Eklarp Ratanaruj said his office had received information that the man would attempt to smuggle some illegal products out of Thailand.

Mr Arash admitted buying the reptiles from Chatuchak Market but he did not have documents stating that he had permission to take them out of the country, said Mr Eklarp.

Mr Arash told officers that he bought the snakes to add to his collection.

However, customs authorities said a preliminary check on his passport showed that he is suspected of being part of an animal smuggling gang.

Customs handed the suspect over to the airport police station for further legal proceedings, while the snakes will be sent to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation for further inspection.


I’m only guessing here, but in six-months or so, the ‘D. of N.P., W. and P.C.’ will issue their preliminary report; “Yup, snakes”.


Leading Iranian IMPORTS: snakes, baby bear, panthers, leopards, and monkeys.


Leading Iranian EXPORTS: crystal methamphetamine, crystal methamphetamine, and crystal methamphetamine.


Q: Seroiusly, have they no shame?


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Three Iranians detained for smuggling crystal meth

Via: MCOT ( note: it is down for the moment, so no link)


BANGKOK, May 22 – Three Iranians were detained at Suvarnabhumi Airport for allegedly smuggling crystal methamphetamine or ‘ice’ weighing 5.2 kilogrammes altogether and worth more than 15 million baht (US $ 500,000).

Mr Farshad ‘Curly’ Lashgari, Mr Mehrad ‘Moe’ Ghorbani and Mr Abbas ‘Larry’ Mahtab were arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport with 2.66 kilogrammes, 1.39 kilogrammes and 1.21 kilogrammes of ice respectively.

They allegedly smuggled the drug from Syria to deliver to some customers in Thailand and neighbouring countries.

The packages of the illegal drug were hidden in a specially-made compartment of each rucksack belonging to the suspects.

The trio confessed that they were hired $ 2,300 each to smuggle the “ice” and they did not know each other before.

An initial investigation found the three Iranians were hired by the same drug syndicate and they were also found travelling in and out neighbouring countries of Thailand
several times.

The three men were initially charged with possessing illicit drugs for sale and illegally smuggling it into the kingdom. (MCOT online news).


May 16‘Iranian national arrested with ‘ice’ worth more $267,000 at Bangkok Airport’

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Iranian national arrested with ‘ice’ worth $267,000 at Bangkok airport

Via: Pattaya Mail

An Iranian national was detained at  Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport with 2.7 kilogrammes of crystal  methamphetamine, also known as ‘ice,’ worth Bt8 mln (about US$267,000),  senior customs said on Saturday.

Resa Gholami, 36, was arrested at the arrival terminal of the country’s  main international airport, Ekkarat Rattaruj, director of Suvarnabhumi  Airport Processing Customs Bureau, told a press briefing.

Flying from Doha, Qatar to Thailand, the suspect behaved suspiciously while passing through the terminal.

Customs officers asked him to stop for a baggage check and found crystal  meth in plastic bags covered with white cardboard. The package of the  illegal drug was hidden in a specially-made compartment of his rucksack.

According to an initial investigation, the alleged drug smuggler DENIED  that the drugs belonged to him, saying that he was hired for Bt100,000  (over $3,300) to smuggle and deliver the crystal meth in Thailand.


personal thought:

Barely a week goes by without some Iranian ‘chucklehead’ (see photo) being busted at Suvarnabhumi Airport, for bringing in ‘ice’; often more, not less than, $100,000.

I’m begining to believe that crystal methamphetamine might be now be one of Iran’s LEADING EXPORT.


I think the Thai custom officials could end this overnight, if they wanted to; by checking, double-checking, the bags of ALL Iranian passport holders.



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Thailand – Noah busted attempted to fly fur’st class

Via: NY Post

A 36-year-old man attempted to board a flight in Thailand with a virtual zoo  in his luggage, including a:

-baby bear


– leopards

– monkeys


Thai police busted Noor Mahmoodr at a Bangkok airport after he attempted to  smuggle out the wildlife.

Mahmoodr, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, was charged with smuggling  endangered species out of Thailand, said Col. Kiattipong Khawsamang of  Thailand’s Nature Crime Police.

“This is a very unusual case and a very large one, so we really applaud the Thai  police for going after them as strongly as they did,” said Roy Schlieben, of the  wildlife protection group Freeland.

“Several people were thought to be involved, and police investigations are under  way into a wider network of traffickers”, Schlieben said. The animals — all less  than 2 months old–were put in the care of local veterinarians.

Thai authorities suspect Mahmoodr purchased the infants on the black market as  part of a much larger organization.



‘Closing the barn door, AFTER the horse has bolted’, doesn’t seem applause worthy to me.


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