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Thailand – Sea Captain’s Thai Wife Caught In a 10 MIllion THB House Cum Meth Den

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Nitate Soodcharee, Huay Yai police station, Pol. Lt. Col. Paksuwat Chomthanom, and his police team were informed about a suspected ya ice den located in 129/2 Moo 8 Tambon Huay Yai, Amphur Banglamung.

The undercover police agent reported that in the house there was a group of people consuming crystal methamphetamine.

When the police entered the large two story duplex house they found a group of 5 teenagers; 3 male and 2 female, and one dog (see photo) consuming crystal methamphetamine.

All of the suspects were detained including the drug paraphernalia.

Upon investigation the police found that Mrs. Yupin aka Pin Chinvichai age 44 is the OWNER of the house. The police searched the house and found 1 sachet of crystal methamphetamine aka ya-ice weight: 1.14 g and 5 amphetamine tablets.

As the police body searched Mr. Prasit aka “Lek” Jittaphol, age 29, address: 34 Moo 7, Borthong, Kabinburi, province they found 8 amphetamine “WY” 8 tablets in sachets and two more sachets of ya-ice weight: 1.07 g and 1.04 g hidden in the pocket of the shorts that Mr. Prasit was wearing.

Also detained were three teenage girls; “Ms. B” age 17, Ms. “A” age 16 and Ms. “Khao” age 17 whose urine was found positive on a drug screen test.

As Mrs. Yupin was interrogated she confessed that he was using both ya-ice and amphetamine tablets.

She usually bought 4-5 g per time. Always in Pattaya and consumed the drugs together with her relatives. Her husband is was American (is, was; say what?), who is the captain of an merchant vessel. He is on the sea for long periods of time.

After she had a son with her husband, they bought a house for 10 million THB ($322,580 USD). Her son is 6 years old. Her husband gives her an allowance of 100,000 THB per month ($3,226 USD).

If not enough she can ask for more. (well yeah, wouldn’t you?)


Mrs. Yupin said that her husband didn’t know that was she is a drug addict. (SURPRISE!)

Now she does not know what will happen to her family when she is convicted.

She says, she is ready to quit the drug habit and she knows that she has to go to jail but she worried about her son.

Mr. Prasit aka “Lek” Jittaphol claims that he had bought the drugs from Ms. Yupin the ya-ice: price 3,000 THB per sachet and the amphetamine: price 120 THB per tablet.

Pol. Lt. Col. Nitate said that the police will carefully investigate the ownership the 10 million THB house. There could be something fishy about this case. Is Mrs. Yupin only an addict or is she also a meth dealer?



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Pattaya: James Murdoch ‘knew about’ News of World phone hacking

Via: Pattaya Daily News

James Murdoch was told in 2008 about an email that showed phone hacking at the now-defunct News of the World tabloid was more widespread than his company claimed, the paper’s former lawyer said.

The claim heaped fresh pressure on the 38-year-old, the son of Rupert Murdoch and chairman of the British newspaper subsidiary that published the tabloid, after he denied at a parliamentary hearing in July any knowledge of the email.

James Murdoch is increasingly becoming the focus of the phone-hacking scandal which prompted the closure in July of the 168-year-old tabloid and has rocked his family’s News Corp. empire.

Tom Crone, former legal manager of the News of the World, said Tuesday that he informed Murdoch about the email in a 15-minute meeting in 2008, when they discussed a lawsuit brought against the paper alleging phone hacking.

blah, blah, blah


The Pattaya connection?

Well apparently Jimmy is having a little ‘cash flow problem’ at the moment’; so it tuns out he’s going to be sharing a Pattaya flat, with his boyhood chum (see photo).

Oh my, how the mighty have fallen.


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Land Dept claims 90% of prime Phuket land controlled by foreigners

Via: Phuket Gazette

Phuket leads all of Thailand in the amount of land held by foreigners, with up to 90 per cent of prime beachfront land being illegally held through Thai nominees, claims one of the country’s top land officials.

Speaking at a recent seminar on legal issues relating to land ownership, Land Inspector Sriracha Charoenpanit said Thailand’s positive characteristics, friendly people and hospitality made it an attractive place for foreigners to want to live, work and acquire land.

The cumulative effect of this had been a growing problem of land ownership though Thai “nominees”, he was quoted as saying in a Thai-language report on the state-run MCOT website.

In response to the problem, new legislation is currently being drafted and expected to be made law in August. The new legislation will make it easier to prosecute violators, the head of the Land Department said.

Mr Sriracha explained that the law being drafted will be similar in principle to the anti-money laundering laws.

The law would also expand legal measures, better define what constitutes a violation, specify penalties and make it easier to prosecute violators, he said.

Penalties for Thai nominees could as much as double existing punishments, while foreigners found guilty will have their land seized before being deported, he said.


Similar situations existed in Pattaya, Cha-am, Hua Hin and parts of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, he said.


personal thought:

1. I’ve heard for years, just this week in fact, how easy it is to set up a ‘dummy’ corporation in order to purchase land.

2. I’ve also read newspaper stories for years, stating: ‘This time we are serious, we are going to stop this practice!’, but nothing seems to happen.

IF in fact the law does go into effect next month, and they start confisicating property and deporting people, . . .

btw: I’m very happy to say, I rent, from a Thai.


photo: Patong Beach, Phuket

I first visited Phuket in the early ’80s and Patong had a beach road, a paralle road, and some narrow sois conneting the two; ABOLUTE PARADISE!

But now, LOST!


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Expat blog (dot) com

‘the living abroad websites, by expats, for expats’


And for Thailand:

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If YES, to any of the above, check it out!


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Thailand – Need immigration be such an ordeal?

Via: The Nation

While I generally agree with the comments of improved service levels at the Immigration Bureau, the same cannot be said about Thai immigration bureaucratic procedures. I know this is a topic raised on a regular basis. However, I would like to relate a recent experience, which I am sure many readers are familiar with.


“I drew a queue ticket for a re-entry permit Three hours – including one-hour lunch break – and Bt3 800 later I received my re-entry permit.

On my way out I asked an immigration officer when my next 90-day report date was Despite having spent some 5-1/2 hours at the immigration office and having signed five documents certifying my bone fides and good intentions while in Thailand the officer advised me that it was 90 days from my last report re-entry In other words in my case I was to report again in 70 days time.”



Whoa, 5-1/2 hours, not too good!


personal experience:

I went today to the Chiang Mai Thai Immigration office for my routine, 90-day visit with my ‘parole officer’; no, no, no, I mean . . .

Up until, say January 2011, this would normally take 10 to 15 minutes; and on a busy day, possibly 20-minutes.

Well today, it took me over 20-minutes to get to the point where I could recieve my queue ticket; and another 90-minutes in order to get my, ‘stamp-stamp, stamp’.


Q: What has changed?

A: I honestly don’t know, because the Immigration people are working just as hard as they were before; if in fact, harder.

I think the basic problem is: 1) there isn’t enough staff, and 2) too small of a building.


Q: Maybe too many people to process?

A: Actually, this IS the OFF-SEASON!



Seriously, I’m not going to get ‘my panties in a ringer’ over something, I have no control over.

mai pen lai

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more precisely:

70% – happy

14% – blissful



I didn’t take part in the survey; but I can’t help but wonder if my vote would have bumped it to, 15%.


And, the diffence for ME between ‘happy’ and ‘blissful‘; has always been, and will always be, the ‘Thai Smile’.


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U.S. – healthcare has doubled in the last decade

Via: Huffington Post

U.S. healthcare is so expensive that records are broken even when cost increases slow.

According to a new report by Milliman, a global consulting and actuarial firm, the total cost of healthcare for the average family of four, if covered by a preferred provider organization, is now a now a record $19,393.

Trends over the last decade more completely illustrate the toll taken on the average American by rising healthcare costs.

“In 2002, American families had healthcare costs of $9,235, and those costs have now doubled in fewer than nine years,” said Lorraine Mayne, Milliman principal and consulting actuary, in a press release. “As costs continue to gr ow
— and even as the cost trend decelerates — the total cost of care for American families constitutes a larger and larger portion of the household budget.”

Of that $1,319 increase, employers were paid for 48.6 percent of the increase, while the additional 51.6 percent was the responsibility of employees.


In Thailand:

– I have full coverage, and I STILL pay less than my employee contribution was in 2000.

– In the U. S., without the ’employer contribution’, private insurance is prohibitively expensive.

– Yes, the premiums have gone up in Thailand, but when you start so low, . . .

– And when I say full, I mean FULL: hospital, physician, and meds.

– NO deductibles, NO denile of services, and NO paperwork hassle.

– It’s good for emergency care, outside of Thailand.

– Because I joined before turning 60, I am covered for life; that’s right, I know, my life.


“Every day in every way, it’s getting better, and better, and better”

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Thailand – a message to my geezer buds

Via: MK Chiang Mai Property

45SM = +/- 484.39 SF, rent with one-year lease, furnished, balcony, TV, internet, parking

price 8,000 baht @ 30.32 = $264 USD per month

note: I only used this as an example; because there are many realty companies in Chiang Mai, with a gazillion rentals; some more expensive, and some less expensive.


I’m getting so damned old, I almost forget the message.

Message to my Geezer Buds:

IF you are struggling to get by on your social security/pension; you might, and I emphasize might, want to consider residing in Thailand.

Not only can you save money on rent, but you can also save on food, medical care, transportation, plus, plus, and PLUS.

IF you are over 50, you ‘might be/probably are’ eligable for a retirement visa (geezer veezer).


IMPORTANT NOTE: I have nothing to do whatsoever with real estate, nothing whatsoever to do with visas, and I definately do not work for the Chiang Mai ‘Chamber of Commmerce’. 🙂

My friend asked me about Thailand, so after sending him the preceeding info in and e-mail, I decided to ‘blog it’. PERIOD

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