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Thailand – Two Deadly Double-Decker Bus Crashes

Via: City News – Chiang Mai


A bus crash stock photo. (same-same, but slightly different)


Suriyan Kanchanasinrong (Provincial Governor of Kanchanaburi), Chatnarong Sirima Naratchasima, (Head of RelieveProtectPublic Hazard Office of Kanchanaburi), and rescue personnel went to the scene of the accident to investigate. They found that a Hino double-decker bus had overturned on the road and TWO dead bodies, identified as Jindakong U-tan (59), and Kanna Chongnarangsin (58). Twenty seriously injured people were later taken to Makarak Hospital.

Preliminary investigations showed that this bus was carrying forty passengers from Bangkok to Wat Wang Khanai Thayikaram for people to make merit during Songkran festival. When the bus, which was moving at very high speeds, passed a dangerous curve it overturned, lost control, and landed up on its side. The police presume the cause of accident is most likely that the driver did not know the route very well and drove at unsafe speeds. The driver was arrested and is awaiting charges.


Another bus crash took place in Chiang Mai on the same day. Vice Governor of Chiang Mai Chana Pangpiboon received a report that a double-decker bus from Amphur Mae Sariang, Chiang Mai had been travelling to Amphur Hod, Mae Hong Son, when it turned over at the 23 – 24 kilometre marker in Tambon Borluang, Amphur Hod. There were FOUR confirmed deaths at the scene, three of which were females and one which was male, as well as more than ten injured and two seriously injured. These wounded were taken to a nearby hospital. Officials are going to investigate the cause of the accident.



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Thailand – Flight Cancellations & Changes due to Yee Peng (Loy Krathong)

Via: Chiang Mai – City News


Due to the Yee Peng Festival from 16th to 18th November 2013, some flight schedules have been cancelled or changed for safety reasons. Please check with your respective airlines before travelling.


FD3429 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 1835-1940
FD3430 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 2015-2130
FD3425 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 1920-2045
FD3426 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 2130-2245
FD3427 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 1835-1940
FD3428 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 2220-2335
FD3167 Phuket – Chiang Mai 1920-2115
FD3168 Phuket – Chiang Mai 2145-2350



1. Changed
TG116 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai 1650-1800

2. Cancellation
TG117 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai
TG 122 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai
TG 120/121 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai
TG 2124/2125 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai

3. Added on 18th Nov 2013
TG8711 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai 1545-1655
TG8711 Chiang Mai – Suvarnnabhumi 1745-1855




UO753 HKG-CNX 1225-1425

UO0754 CNX-HKG 1535-1915



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Thailand – 26 Russian Tourists Involved in Tour Bus Crash, and Putin is Pissed! (SEE PHOTO)

Via: Pattaya Daily News


Sai Yok Police were informed that a tour bus was involved in an accident. It was reported that the tour bus consisted of 26 Russian tourists, the injured tourists were sent to a local hospital, no deaths reported.

The tour bus had significant damages throughout the bus, its front, sides and windows were all smashed.

The 43 year-old driver (dead man, walking) who wasn’t injured was taken to Sai Yok police station for a questioning session.




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Thailand – The Royal Agricultural Station Ithanon

Launched in February 1979, the Royal Agricultural  Station Inthanon was established by His Majesty the King to help hill-tribes  grow alternative crops as a substitute for opium, and develop sustainable  cultivation methods instead of the destructive slash-and-burn farming, to  promote reforestation, and to enable them to increase their earnings. His  Majesty’s wisdom has allowed the land to retain its vitality, and human  communities and forests co-exist harmoniously.

Located at 1,380 meters above sea level, with  cool weather year-round, the Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon abounds with  layered paddy fields, highland farming systems, coffee plantations, and  strawberry plots. On the hillsides, the project has initiated a rainbow trout  farm, utilising fresh water cascading from the heights. Visitors can experience  the way of life and local culture of the villages, watch the weaving of local  cloth and stay overnight at a Hmong hill-tribe lodge. They can also enjoy  environmental education trekking to the numerous waterfalls. Bird-watching  enthusiasts will find many interesting and unique species.



•Ban Mae Klang Luang – observe the cultivation of  layered paddy fields, highland farming systems, coffee plantations, and  strawberry plots

•Ban Khun Klang – the biggest village, whose  agriculture method was often destructive to the forest ecosystem. Currently the  several Royal Projects, assists the villagers in growing cold-climate fruit such  as strawberries, grapes and apples as well as flowers

•Research in highland fisheries – on the slopes  of the mountain, the project has initiated a rainbow trout and Redclaw crayfish  farms, utilizing fresh water cascading from the heights.


Tradition and Culture

•Ban Mae Klang and Ban Pha Mon – experience the  way of life and local culture of the villages

•Ban Sop Hat – experience the way of life and the  local hand-woven cloth

•Overnight stay at a Hmong hill-tribe lodge – experience exotic hill-tribe life


Local handicraft and tourism promotion

To provide farmers with extra income from  tourism, restoration and conservation of local handicraft.

1. Handicraft: Supporting for weaving and dyeing  fabrics from natural materials, processing of Karen textile to be souvenirs and  sell them to tourists.

2. Tourism: Organising activities to promote  tourism and support farmers in Ban Mae Klang Luang to manage ecotourism group by  providing accommodation, homestay, tents and arranging tourism conference.


Trekking Sites

•Doi Hua Sua-above sea level 1,880 meters, you  will enjoy environmental education trekking, bird-watching, and insight the  important role of natural resources and management according to local wisdom

•Ban Mae Klang Luang-Pha Dok Siao Waterfall – The  tourism activities include accommodation, environmental education treks to the  forest and waterfalls, and agro-tourism in the local farmland

•Siriphum Waterfall – a 680 meter walk to  Siriphum Waterfall and Siriphum Royal Garden

•Wachirathan Waterfall – an 80 meter waterfall,  beautiful especially in the evening



– The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon  provides 14 lodges with 28 rooms which accommodate 100 visitors. Rental tents  and sleeping bags also are provided.

– 8 lodges which accommodate 60 visitors with  rental tents and sleeping bags are provided at Ban Mae Klang Luang.


Read more:

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Chiang Mai Airport, the 4th best in the world

Via: Pattaya Mail

Chiang Mai International Airport has been named one of the top-5 airports in the world.

Airports of Thailand PCL (AOT) President Anirut Thanomkulbutra said on Thursday that the latest survey by the Airports Council International (ACI) has shown that Chiang Mai International Airport is ranked no. 4 on its list of the world’s best airports in the category of airports with annual traffic of UNDER 5 million passengers.

Mr. Anirut said that the report on the ranking was officially announced on February 14th.

According to the AOT President, thirty-four airports from around the world took part in the latest ranking.

He stated that the survey result came from the answers provided by international passengers to 33 questions that the ACI had raised on their satisfaction toward such issues as the cleanliness, the overall ambience, the politeness of staff and the safety measures.

Mr. Anirut went on to say that being the 4th best airport in the world showed that Chiang Mai International Airport has somewhat succeeded in managing its facilities and providing impressive service to travelers after all these years.


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The undocumented dangers of Thailand’s Roads

Via: Channel 4 News

It is a top tourist destination – but what the guidebooks don’t tell you is that Thailand’s roads are lethal. Now a group of mothers whose sons died in a bus crash are campaigning to change that.

With the Christmas holidays winding down and the weather closing in, a winter break in the tropical sun starts to sound pretty good. No wonder January and February mark the high point in our unofficial “escape season”.

Among a multitude of tempting destinations, more than 800,000 Britons strap themselves in for the 12 hour flight to Thailand – the majority no doubt, heading for the beach – or the historic, temple-laden cities in the north.

The guidebooks will congratulate you on your choice – the country boasts “international standards” at an “affordable price”. In the “general information” section, you will also read about the dangers of sunstroke and malaria and sexual diseases. What you are unlikely to find however, is one critical bit of information: in Thailand, the roads are lethal.

This is something four British women have recently come to realise. Before starting university, their sons grabbed their backpacks and left for a few weeks of fun and adventure – but their holidays in Thailand would cost them their lives.

Tragic deaths

Bruno Melling Firth, Max Boomgaarden-Cook, and Conrad Quashie – all 19 years old – arrived in Thailand for a 9-week holiday in June. They had saved up all year for a final holiday together before starting university. Four days into their trip, they boarded a night bus in Bangkok. There were heading for the ancient city of Chang Mai, which lies 11 hours by road to the north.

After a break at a road-side rest stop, the bus driver exited using the entrance road. He stopped the bus in the middle of a six lane highway as he tried to gain access to the other lane. The three boys, who were sitting at the back of the bus, saw another vehicle – an intercity bus – hurtling towards them. They even made a joke about it before they were hit.


personal thought:

First of all, I’m very saddened for the parent’s loss.

However, it seems to me, the ride into the city from the airport should be sufficient ‘documentation’ the roads are not ‘always’ safe.

Be careful in Thailand; very, very careful.


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