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O-Man! – Thailand – Prostitute Drugs Omani Men And Steals ALL Their Possessions

Via: Pattaya Daily News


Just after 2.00 a.m. Pol. Captain Chaleaw Boonkhoom of the Pattaya City Police Station Investigation Unit, was notified that two foreign tourists were drugged then had all their possessions stolen. This crime occurred at a motel named “Seat House” in Soi Kor-Phai, South Pattaya, in Thailand’s Chonburi Province, so he rushed to inspect the crime scene with a police team.

When they arrived at the premises, the police found the two foreign male victims waiting for assistance in front of the hotel, and they appeared to be drunk or drugged (drunk or drugged? – really, I never would have guessed) t difficulty communicating with them.

The police tried to communicate with them with the use of some basic sign language and verbally, until they understood that the two victims were Omani tourists and one is Mr. Abdulamid Binhamed Bin Mohammed, aged 35-years of Oman nationality. They informed the police that at about 8.00 pm. before the incident occurred, they went walking around the entertainment centre in South Pattaya where they met a Thai woman, aged approximately 30-35 years old. She was standing in front of Marina Mansion hotel near the Soi-VC hotel, which is the hotel where the victims were staying. This prostitute tricked the two victims, by telling them that she liked them, then persuaded them to have ‘swinging sex’ for free, so they took her to the motel named the ”Seat House.” However, during the time they were talking, this prostitute let the two victims drink Heineken beer and secretly mixed an anaesthetic with the drinks. Then she took the two victims to the motel’s room number six, but after they arrived at the room, the two victims took a shower and sat on the bed to wait for their ‘swinging sex.’

But “shock-horror,” before this happened they fell unconscious as the anaesthetic took effect at somewhere around 8.00 pm. and woke up feeling very dizzy at approximately 2.00 am. They found that the criminal prostitute had stolen all of their possessions and rapidly fled from the motel. The stolen possessions consisted of possessions US.$400 dollars cash, Thai money of 5,000 THB (Thai baht), 1-mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy “Note-1”), all totalling approximately 30,000 THB ($968USD). After the crime occurred, the two victims went downstairs to ask for assistance from the motel staff.

The Pattaya police quickly came to the aid of the two victims to inspect for evidence or traces of this criminal prostitute, but they could not find any trace of her. The police assume that this prostitute might be part of a criminal gang involved in the drugging and stealing of property from unlucky victims. They appear to be experts in these crimes, by finding the victims, then takes them to motels where they drug them and steal their property then make a quick escape.

Police then inspected the CCTV footage of the motel, which had recorded the face of the guilty prostitute and it seems that she is a Thai woman, aged approximately 30-35 years old and rather fat with light coloured skin.

The police have kept this for evidence to investigate their criminal records, in order to follow up and arrest her for prosecution under various Thai laws. As for the two victims; – The police took them for a ’check up’ at a nearby hospital, before questioning them again, in order to find more details about this very guilty criminal, and rather fat, prostitute.


‘live and learn’?

Yeah well, unlikely with these two MORONS!



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Pattaya – ‘O Man’ Tourist Tricked!


At 7 AM Ms. Bunchan Hongphukeaw, 25 years old waitress of a restaurant in Pattaya along with Mr.Ahed Hamdaen aged 33, a tourist from Oman visited the police station and filed a complaint against a transexual or Ladyboy for drugging him and stealing his belongings.

Ms. Bunchan claims that while driving to work on her motorcycle she saw Mr. Ahed Hamdaen in front of Soi Kor Phai, waving his hands asking for help. He tried to explain the situation to her in English which she was able to understand quite a bit. He told her that he met a ladyboy in Walking Street who tricked him into coming to a room, where was drugged and his cash and important documents were stolen. She felt sorry for him and therefore took him for a meal and bought him to the police station. (Good for her!)

The translator at the police station tried to inquire the details from the victim but he did not give any straight answers.

It is unknown as to which hotel he previously stayed in and whether he has any relatives with him or not. Police officials have registered his complaint and reported it to the tourist Department so that further help can be given to this Oman tourist.

my theory:

I believe ladyboys are now ‘stacked up’ outside of customs, just waiting for the Omanis; and the Russians, of course.



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Pattaya – O Man! tourist stabbed on Walking Street


On the night of 11th September a 32 year old tourist from Oman was stabbed in the stomach after an angry encounter with a bar worker in Soi 15 off Walking Street.

The crime initially went unreported but Police have now announced they are aware of the identity of the suspect and an arrest warrant has been issued for him.

The wanted man is Khun Tewalit aged 23 who was seen on CCTV talking with the foreign tourist. It seemed the tourist was apologizing for something when a fight broke out between the pair. The Thai suspect was much smaller than his foreign opponent and retreated for a time and returned with a knife.A short chase down Walking Street occurred and when the suspect caught up with the victim he stabbed him in his stomach before fleeing the scene.

The victim is now recovering from his injuries in a Hospital in Bangkok as Police search for the suspect so he can be brought to justice.

O man, the ‘return with a knife trick’.

Tip of the Day:

Be careful; very, very, very careful.


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O-Man! Transvestites, women warned against sex trade in Mideast

Via: The Nation

Panida Somao said the laws in Oman were very strict and only men were allowed to work at massage parlours for male customers.

“But some Thai transvestites have exploited these laws and also offer sexual services,” she said, adding that many of these men came to Oman before undergoing the sex-change operation.

“Many of them work in Oman to earn enough money to finance this operation,” Panida said. “Those who have already undergone the sex-change operation want to save money for cosmetic surgery so they can enter beauty pageants.”

She said a Thai transvestite usually charged Bt2,000 to Bt5,000  ($65 – $156 USD) per HOUR for services in Oman, but this comes with huge risks.

“When they get sexually transmitted diseases, they can’t go see a doctor because the society here is not open about this,” (yeah, you think?)  Panida explained.

She added that last year, two Thai transvestites had to seek help from the embassy because they needed urgent medical attention.

Read more, HERE:
photo: Muscat, Oman

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Pattaya – Oh man!, Omani Man Tries To Get Free Sex Service

Via: Oattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Chuangchot Mongkolthanayuth,Pattaya police with Pol. Lt. Col. Kierttisak Sathongoy, Deputy Subdue Superintendent and Pol. Lt. Pallop Ringrod were notified by Mr. Majod Mohammed Saidal ‘dumb-shit’ Gheilani, age 50, Omani national.

He wanted his cash and mobile phone back from Ms. “A”, age 17 (SEVENTEEN!).

On May 6, 2012 Mr. Majod had met Ms.” A” in front of Royal Garden (major shopping center) department store in South Pattaya and she agreed to stay with him for 1 month at a rate of 1,000 THB ($32.25 USD) per day.

After staying together for five days, Mr. Majod asked Ms. “A” to return 2,000 THB and a mobile phone that he had bought for her.

Ms. “A” refused. They could not compromise so they he (they or he?; well hell if I know!) notified the police.

Later, Mrs. Lamul Seedachompu, who is the aunt of Ms. “A” came to the police station.

Mrs. Lamul told the police to arrest Mr. Majod and charge him with having sex with an underage girl.

Mr.Majod will be investigated accordingly and if found guilty he will be prosecuted according to the Thai law.



I can’t help but wonder if he’ll have the ‘smug’ look on his face when they throw his ass in the ‘Bangkok Hilton’ (prison).

I think, not.


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Pattaya – Drunk Omani Tourist Drowns In Hotel Pool

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Krittha Prathumkaew, Pattaya police was notified about a foreign tourist who had drowned in the swimming pool of Mid Town hotel address: 373, Phratamnak road, South Pattaya, Chonburi.

At the scene of the accident, a medium size swimming pool, the police found the corpse of Mr. Hussain Haiderbahram Juma Al Zadjaly age 43, Omani citizen, wearing only brown underwear. His head was bleeding. Beside him, a pool of vomit consisting of alcohol and food.

Upon investigation Mr. Nawadol Ratphong age 61, the staff of the hotel said that the cashier came and told him that a hotel guest had drowned in the pool.

The staff rushed to the pool and pulled Mr. Hussain out of the pool and tried to resuscitate him and notified the police. It was too late, Mr. Hussain was dead.

Mrs. Daeng Syril Ellis (I can’t help but wonder what Mr. Ellis thinks about his little honey was out. . .?), age 47, said that yesterday the Omani man had hired her for sexual service in the Walking Street, South Pattaya. He bought three bottles of beer, drank one swiftly and ate a chicken sandwich and a lot of snacks.

Then he said that the weather was hot and went to the swimming pool. While Mrs. Daeng was waiting in the hotel room, watching television.

The police took photographs, collected evidence and concluded that the cause of death was alcohol intoxication, hot temperature, followed by a concussion when he dived into the pool.

Pattaya police will inform to the embassy accordingly before sending the corpse for post mortem examination.


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Pattaya – Omani Man Found Sitting Dead In Hotel Lobby

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Lt. Assadakorn Theppanao Pattaya Police, Chonburi province was notified about a dead foreigner in the lobby of Marinecaza Hotel on the Walking Street, South Pattaya.

At the scene the police found Mr. Badar Salim Rashid Al Darmaki age 36, Omani citizen dead. The corpse was on the sofa in the lobby of the hotel dressed in a black and red T-shirt, grey pants and there was a small white towel placed on his forehead. No visible injuries was found on the body. The police assumes that the death had occured approximately an hour earlier.

Upon investigation the police was informed by Mr. Amnart Panchana age 45, the first to discovered the corpse who said that in the morning as he was cleaning the beer bar in the lobby area of the hotel, he saw Mr. Bader sitting on the sofa with his mouth open. Since the man did not move he checked his breathing and found that Mr. Bader he was dead. Mr. Amart, the staff immediately called the hotel owner and notified the police.

Mrs. Thanyalak Thongsuwan age 45, the employee of Marinecaza Hotel said that Mr. Bader stayed in room number 311. He checked in on October 8, 2011. She noticed that Mr.Bader was heavily drunk every evening. The night of his deaht Mr. Bader he returned to the hotel at circa 01:00 hrs. so drunk that he could not walk up to his room on the second floor. He stumbled on to the sofa and slept in the lobby. A Thai woman came and wiped his face with a cold towel before leaving Mr.Bader in the lobby. In the morning Mr.Bader was found dead.

The police assumes the cause of the death of Mr. Bader is massive heart failure or acute alcohol poisoning.

His body will be sent to the Police Hospital for an autopsy to be conducted at the Institute of Forensic Medicine to determine the cause of death. Pattaya Police will inform the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman accordingly.


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