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Pattaya – ‘BIG LEGGED German’ deported and deposited back home

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Recently-regarding to the case that Mr.Benjamin A-Hole aged 29 from Germany who has a big right leg and had begged around Khao Sarn road because he lost his wallet which contained money and important documents was helped by police and the German Help association who gave him 40,000 baht and accommodation. He then fled from the accommodation which had been provided and travelled to Pattaya.

While he was in Pattaya the tourism police found him drunk on the 25th of September and took him back to the Green hotel. In the morning he had fled away from the hotel again.

On 25 September at 13.00 pm Pol.Lt.Arun Prompun was notified that Mr.Benjamin was begging on Pattaya beach in front of Mike Shopping Mall, South Pattaya therefore he ordered the officers to take him to be questioned at the police station. Also the police officers prosecuted him for annoying others before sending him to immigration police to be deported.

Personal Note: bar-girls often tell me, “Oh, you have very big leg!”



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Jomtien – 1 dead, 14 injured, GERMAN arrested (that’s right, just another typical night)

Via: Pattaya One


A 72 Year Old German man was arrested following a serious road crash which occurred on Jomtien Beach Road on Friday Night which left 1 dead, 14 injured and 13 vehicles damaged. (1 dead, 14 injured, 13 VEHICLES DAMAGED – I mean, DAMN!)

The crash occurred in front of the Somprasong Plaza on Jomtien Beach Road just after 8pm and led to the arrest of Mr. Juergen Heinze aged 72.

He had been assaulted by others involved in the crash and was in a dazed state.

The suspect was subjected to a breathalyzer test but it came back negative for alcohol in his system. Inside his damaged Mitsubishi Pajero prescription medication was found which led Police to believe he may have become impaired due to the drugs.

Witnesses saw the car being driven at speed and erratically and after hitting 10 parked motorbikes it then hit two other cars and a Baht Bus full of Thai and foreign customers.

The deceased victim was described as female, aged around 35 and of Russian decent. 7 Thai’s and 7 Russians were injured and taken to various Hospitals around Pattaya for emergency treatment.

At the Police Station communication with the suspect was difficult so it was decided to continue the interview on Saturday after the effects of any medication he may have taken have a chance to wear-off.



DAMAGED, yeah you think?


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Pattaya – German Tourist Stabbed


Via: Pattaya Mail

Mr Freddric William (dumb-ass) Beechdale aged 70 from Germany was walking with his girlfriend when a Mr Maalsak a copy watch seller was running and bumped into him, Mr Freddric was not happy about this so he shoved the watch seller (BRILLIANT!) who then produced a sharp scaper which he then stabbed Mr Freddric in the hand and was quick to flee the scene, but some sharp eyed locals who were unhappy with what they saw gave chase and apprehended the assailant out side the the Royal Garden Shopping Centre .

Police were quick to arrive and arrest him. Mr Maalsak was then taken to the police satation for further investigation. Mr Freddric asked police to hurry the investigation as he wanted to go to hospital.

Mr Maalsak was given a 500 THB ($16.13 USD) fine and was RELEASED.


personal thought:

As I’ve said before, and I no doubt will say again, don’t f*ck with the Thai people.


Because like Mr. Maalsak, they could well be armed; or, he’ll get six of his buddies, and . . .

Just walk away, and you might (?) live until age 71.




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Thailand – Cheating German Scammed By Thieving Thai Mistress


Via: Pattaya Daily News

A man reported to police that someone had used his missing credit card to purchase 10,000 THB (US $333) worth of goods. The victim was identified as Mr. Hyde Fleabrain, 70 years old, German. He was accompanied by his Thai wife when he went to the police in Udon Thani. He reported that his credit card has been missing since March 19.

The police then investigated and discovered that the person who took it was Ms. Piyamas Phajanda, 23 years old, who was his mistress. Police tracked down and detained Ms. Piyamas, who confessed that she had stolen it.

She told officers that she had met Mr. Hyde a year ago through an online matching-making site called “Thailovelink.” They eventually had a first meeting four months ago, and have seen each other for a total of three times.

Then on March 19, she found Mr. Hyde’s credit card on a desk in the bedroom, so she took it. Then she rode her motorcycle to a department store and tried to withdraw some money, but she did not have the card’s password.

So she instead used it to buy merchandise.  At first she tried to buy 10 baht gold, but the financial amount was not enough for the minimum purchase amount.  So she used the card to buy a half-baht gold ornament necklace, and sold it for 11,000 baht. She then used the money to repay a loan shark, whom she had borrowed from to open her clothes shop before she got arrested.

Ms. Piyamas tried to beg Mr. Hyde not to press theft charges against her, and she promised to repay all his money. But Mr. Hyde went ahead and pressed charges, because he was afraid that she would do the same thing to other people.

A police check of her background revealed she had been arrested before. She had used a credit card to buy 90,000 baht of property, but only paid back 45,000 baht.


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Pattaya – “Foreign ‘HOMOS’ And Ladyboy Pimp Targeted Thai Boys”

Via: Pattaya Daily News


at 5 p.m., arrests warrants were issued for two foreigners and a Thai ladyboy, after police investigations revealed ongoing molestations of Thai boys.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Kosol Phuavate, Deputy Commissioner, section 2, discovered that many homosexual foreigners were using a pimp in Pattaya to buy the sexual services of Thai boys. So he issued a directive to mobilize the detective police teams to collect evidence to obtain arrest warrants.

The operation was jointly led by Pol. Lt. Col. Passakorn Paijit, Deputy Superintendent; and Pol. Lt. Col. Ormsin Sukkarnkha, the expert investigation officer acting to help the Center of Protecting Children, Teenagers and Women, police station section 2.

Working with the police was Mr. Phalisorn Noja or teacher Ja, the director of the Center of Opposing for Human Trade and Violated Children, to assist in making the plan to arrest the suspects. The initial arrest was made by Pol. Capt. Arnon Infong, Deputy Inspector; and Pol. Sub. Lt. Varakorn Bannasit, Deputy Inspector.

The first suspect was identified as Mr. Karl Josef Ruppel, age 69, nationality German. He was arrested while sitting in front of a room in Soi 10, south Pattaya, Moo 10 Tambon Nong Preu, Amphur Banglamung.

He is charged with committing an obscenity with a child under age 15, according to the arrest warrant of Pattaya provincial court at 95/2556 dated February 1, 2013.

The warrant alleges that the suspect had met a 14-year-old boy in front of Chaimongkol temple market in south Pattaya and deceived the boy to come to his house, where he committed an obscenity involving oral sex, and then paid 200 THB to the boy. The incident occurred in the time period between December 15, 2012 and January 25, 2013. The defendant has denied the charges.

Police arrested the second suspect only a short distance away, while he was buying food at a shop in Soi 10 off south Pattaya road. The second suspect is a ladyboy accused of supplying Thai boys for the old foreign homosexuals.

He was identified as Mr. Rachan Punpleng or Runee, age 51, living in Tambon Nong Preu, Amphur Banglamung. Mr. Rachan is accused of arranging for boys under the age of 15 for human trade involving obscenities committed against them, according to the arrest warrant of Pattaya provincial court at 93/2556 dated February 1, 2013.

A police investigation had revealed that Mr. Rachan is an aging ladyboy who had picked up a 12-year-old boy in front of a department store in south Pattaya, and took the boy to his house. Then Mr. Rachan made a phone call to an unidentified foreign man, “Brian,” to sell him the boy’s sexual services for 2,000 THB.

The foreigner Brian then came to the house to pick up the boy and take him back to his house to do the obscenity, for which Mr. Rachan received 1,000 THB. Mr. Rachan also denied all the charges.

Police then arrested the third suspect, identified as Mr. Andrew John Tracey or Jack, age 60, nationality British. He was arrested while sleeping in a house in Moo 1 Tambon Bang Saray, Amphur Sattahip.

Mr. Jack is accused of committing an obscenity with a boy under age 15 whether the child consented or not, according to the arrest warrant at 90/2556 dated February 1, 2013.

Mr. Phalisorn revealed that his center for protecting children from sexual abuse had been aware of Mr. Andrew for a long time, Officers of the center had followed up to watch for his behavior for more than 3 years.

They knew that Mr. Andrew would hang out in front of a Pattaya department store, to deceive young boys to come to his house to perform obscenities, and would pay them 300 to 500 THB each time.

Pol. Lt. Col. Ormsin said the arrests were carrying out the policy of the superior high rank officers, who have commanded the police from the Center of Protecting for Children, Teenagers and Women to conduct ongoing investigations involving the sexual violation of children, especially by foreigners who exhibit the behavior of homosexuals.

The police have made it a priority to track down and arrest sexual predators of children in order to assure the international organizations related to children and women that Thailand is taking the problem seriously to protect vulnerable youngsters from being exploited by predatory tourists.

Read more, HERE:


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Thailand – MP urges Thai women: Marry a farang (foreigner) for an easier life

Via: Coconuts

A Thai MP has gotten into hot water over his controversial suggestion for poor Thai women who want an easy life: “find a farang husband.”

Pheu Thai MP Sunai Julphongsathorn’s words caused a barrage of complaints on Thai web forums after a clip of his comments (embedded below) surfaced on YouTube recently.

The 12-minute video was apparently shot on August 19 at a seminar at a school in Samut Prakan.

Sunai tells the audience of around 1,000 red shirts to find a farang husband for an easy life “because European governments give you everything for free.”

Sunai went on: “Get a German husband. Get a Swedish husband. Get a Norwegian husband. People used to love [Thailand] unreservedly. But the more they loved the country, the poorer they got. The more they loved the country, the stupider they got.”

“All you need is a farang husband and their government will pay you to study,” he said.

Even more controversially, he then implied that the best way to study a foreign language was by sleeping with a foreigner.

“Sitting studying is too slow. Lie down to study, then go to the hospital. They will pay you to have the baby… It’s all free, right up to the shitty diapers.”

Many web users were furious at Sunai’s comments. They said they were highly inappropriate coming from an MP, particularly one in the Pheu Thai Party whose prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, had become the first woman to administer the country.

Sunai later told reporters that he had never meant to insult Thai women. (well, okay then)



Plus, ALL the foreign men who come to Thailand, are INCREIDIBLY SEXY!


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Bangkok – ‘Quote of the Day’

“many people had been found falling from high buildings into the graveyard in the past.”

Lokrai Wannasukoprasit, 18, the graveyard caretaker



Via: The Nation

“German Found Dead”

Police said he fell from a high building near the graveyard, which is in the Silom area of Bangkok.

His Thai friend, Thongban Santhat, 32, who travelled from Phuket to search for him in Bangkok believed he had jumped to his death because the German had called him on Friday and told him to pick up his body.

So he rushed to Bangkok and told Jor Sor 100 traffic radio officers to help him. Later they told him to identify the body and it was that of his German friend.

Thongban said Hammer suffered from brain tumour and it might have caused him to end his life.

Lokrai Wannasukoprasit, 18, the graveyard caretaker, said many people had been found falling from high buildings into the graveyard in the past.

Police believed he fell from the ninth floor of a hotel, which has a swimming pool. They are checking the hotel’s closed-circuit cameras to find out the cause of his death.


just a wild-ass guess:

I don’t want to second-guess the police; but I would think: the fall, or more precisely ‘hitting the ground’ was the cause of death.


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Pattaya – 58 Year-old German and “Som-Tam” Vendor Caught with Drugs

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Pallop Ringrod, Pattaya police and his team arrested two amphetamine dealers. The two suspects; a German man and a Thai woman.

Mr. Kain Heinz-Otto age 58, German national was caught with possession four amphetamine tablets and Mrs. Pratum Yamvong, Thai national, age, 58 found with 55 amphetamine tablets.

The police arrested the two suspects in a sting or “buy and bust” operation where the suspects were told to deliver the amphetamines to an old ice factory in Soi Buakhao, Central Pattaya. At the ice factory the police detained the two suspects.

Mr. Kain came on a motorbike with his Thai girl friend to the old ice factory in Soi Bukkalo. When the police searched Mr. Kain they found four amphetamine tablets on him.

Mr. Kain who speaks Thai fluently said that he has lived in Thailand for more than 10 years and has been an amphetamine addict for a long time.


The police also arrested Mrs. Pratum, the papaya salad vendor in a similar sting operation in which Mrs. Pratum came to deliver amphetamines to the same place. Mrs. Pratum arrived on a three- wheel-motorbike and was arrested.

On her body the police found 55 amphetamine tablets. Upon investigating Mrs. Pratum, the papaya salad vendor who said that, she had to sell amphetamines because she had earlier broken her left leg and could hardly walk.

The income from selling papaya salad was not enough so she became a drug dealer. She ordered the amphetamines from a wholesaler in Na Klua and sold to both Thai and foreign customers at a price of 220-250 THB ($6.88-$7.81 USD) per tablet. She always delivered the drugs to her customers by herself.

Mr. Kain and Mrs. Pratum are charged with possession and sales of amphetamines.

Both suspects will be further investigated and prosecuted according to the law.


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(2 of 2) Thailand – Jealous German Skinhead Knife Killer Caught in Khon Kaen

Via: Pattaya Daily News

May 9, 2012 [PDN]; Pol. Col. Taweesak Sukkasem, Udon Thani police reported that Mr. Michael Kristien Ditrish age 29, German national had been arrested charged with murder.

Mr. Michael a skinhead wearing an earring with the swastika, nazi symbol. The police had to talk to him all the time because they were afraid that he would commit suicide.


Pol. Col. Taweesak said that at 00:30 May 8, 2012 Pol. Capt. Ratchaphol Morarat, Udon Thani police station was notified about a fatal stabbing at Together Bar & Café and Internet shop on Wattananuwong road, Udon Thani province.

At the scene the police found the corpse of Mrs. Janthavee Miller age 34 lying on the floor in a pool of blood with 17 stab wounds on her body.

The suspect was Mr. Michael, her boy friend.Who after the stabbing escaped in a Toyota Vios bronze color, license number KOR TOR 962 Udon Thani.

Later at 10:00 the police was notified by the local people that they had found the car of the suspect parked at Phoechai 1 community, Nonsoong, district Udon Thani.

The police arrived and found the front of the car was damaged and the front left wheel, the rubber was torn and there was the blood on the driver’s door.

The witness said that approximately at 01:00 he heard a loud screeching sound of a car’s wheel hitting the pavement.

As he came out he saw 2 or 3 men got off the car and one of them spoke Thai language he said, “park here” and then disappeared into the nearby Soi.

The police assumed that Mr. Michael escaped with a Thai friend and had a car accident so they abandoned the car and ran off.

At 03:00 on May 9 the detectives traced Mr. Michael through his mobile phone number.

They suspect he was hiding in Silachol resort in Khon Kaen.

At the resort in the room the police found, beer, bread, cans of food and a lots of drinking water.

Upon investigation Pol. Col. Taweesak said that, Mrs. Janthavee used to have a British husband whom she divorced.

Later she met Mr. Michael and they lived together until Mrs. Janthavee met a Frenchman named Mr. Peter who worked in an entertainment center near the bar & internet shop.

Mr. Michael knew she talked to Mr. Peter but after Mr. Peter went back to France everything was OK.

Until the Frenchman returned then Mrs. Janthavee contacted him again. Chatting on the Facebook and finally Mr. Michael became furious and killed Mrs. Janthavee.

The suspect confessed that he arrived in Thailand last year for the first time and liked Thailand very much.

He was once drinking beer at Mister Thong shop when he met Mrs. Janthavee Miller.

He fell in love with her and wanted to live her. They moved in together. But things changed, she started talking with other foreign men and gambling .

Mr. Michael paid her gambling debts totally 100,000 THB ($3,225USD).

Before the stabbing. he was drinking beer heavily at Mister Thong shop.Then he walked over to the internet to see her.

There was Mrs. Janthavee but she didn’t want to talk to him, she was chatting again with the Frenchman on Facebook.

Then Mr. Michael lost his temper. Shouted in anger and suddenly stabbed her with a folding 17 times until she fell on the floor and died.

The suspect confessed that he didn’t think before that he would kill his girl friend but because of the overpowering feeling of jealousy and the drunkenness he did it.

The Thai man who helped the suspect to escape was investigated. he said he was only hired to drive the car.

The suspect said that during the time he stayed at resort if the police had not arrived within 7 days to arrest him he would committed suicide (promises, promises).


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(1 of 2) Thailand – German Stabs Thai Girlfriend 17 Times

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Capt. Ratchaphol Morarat, Udon Thani police was notified about a fatal stabbing at “Together Beer-Bar” (a very romantic name – oui? ja?) address 62, Soi Samphan, Udon Thani.

At the scene of the crime the police found the corpse of Mrs. Jantree Miller (Miller?) age 34, lying on the floor in a pool of blood near the computer table. Mrs Jantree had 7 stab wounds on the left arm, 4 wounds on the right arm, 4 wounds on the forehead and 2 on the cheek. Totally 17 wounds.

The investigation showed that before the stabbing Mrs. Jantree was chatting on the Facebook with a French man, Mr. Mike Kristien Bitek, age 29.

The German, the boyfriend of Mrs. Jantree came into the shop and sat beside her and when he saw she was on the Facebook with Mr. Peter a Frenchman Mr. Mike screamed at her that she was a bad woman who cheated on him. Then he pulled out a folding knife from his pocket and stabbbed her violently until she fell from the chair and died on the the floor.

Moments later Mr. Mike ran out from the bar and jumped into his Toyota Vios parked in front of the beer-bar and dissapeared.

The police alarm was sent out but they could not find the German. The search is on.

Mr. Mike, the German and Mrs. Jantree had been dating for 3 months. They saw each other every day. Mr. Mike gave her 60,000 THB ($1,935 USD) to clear her debts. They lived together for 1 month. Later Mr. Mike found out that she had met Mr. Peter, the Frenchman. Mrs. Jantree said he was more handsome (and perhaps, a longer peter?). When Mr. Peter went back to France Mr. Mike thought everything was OK and they moved back together again.

Then one day Mr. Mike saw that Mrs. Jantree, the girlfriend was chatting on the Facebook with Mr. Peter, the Frenchman. Mr. Mike, the German lost his temper and suddenly stabbed his girlfriend 17 times.

She died in a pool of blood at the “Together Beer-Bar ” in Udon Thani.

Pol. Col. Kovit Charoenwattanasak, Superintendent, Udon Thani police station said that this case is love triangle drama between a Thai woman and two foreign men.

Pol. Col Kovit commanded his dectives to find Mr. Mike. Search for him in places where he used to stay. Including the immigration area in Nongkai. In case he planning to leave Thailand.

Later the police found a suspicious passenger parked in Tambon Nonsoong. Upon inspection they discovered blood on the front door. The police will check the fingerprints.



I suspected the Merkel/Hollande marriage might be rocky; but this, never!


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