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Thailand – British Man Stabs Filipino Wife


SATTAHIP – at 11.00 am Pol.Lt.Yodpan Rattanacharoenkhun-investigation inspector of Sattahip police station- was notified that a foreign couple had been fighting and one was injured in a Navy House village. After notification the police officers and Sawang Rojjana Thammasatharn rescue team immediately rushed to the scene.

At the scene the officers found blood stains on the floor. Previously the rescuers had taken Ms LOT aged 22 from the Philippines who had been stabbed in her leg to the Queen Sirikit hospital. The officers then arrested MR. STEVEN DAVID aged 46 from England and took him to Sattahip police station.

Upon questioning MR. STEVEN DAVID he told the police that he was DRINKING with his wife and his friend and they had been staring at each other in a suggestive way which made him angry and jealous so he picked up a knife and threatened his friend. Unfortunately his wife had tried to protect his friend which made MR. STEVEN even angrier. While they were fighting, his wife crashed into a mirror injuring her self so MR. STEVEN decided to notify the police.

However the police officer didn’t believe his excuse and the police need to question his wife and friend to find out the truth of what really happened.If they find that he did stab his wife they will prosecute him in act of attacking and causing severe injuring others.



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Thailand – British Beer Bar Owner Died from Drinking Too Much Alcohol (really?)


A British millionaire who was the owner of one well known beer bar in Koh Samui celebrated a Manchester win by drinking with friends. He drank so much and was found dead in the back of his pick-up truck the following day.

Pol.Capt. Anumat Ruenphanit (police on duty of Bor Phood police station, Amphur Koh Samui, Surat Thani Province) was notified that there was a foreign tourist lying dead in a pick-up truck on the car park of Cherng Mon Village hotel, Moo 5 Tambon Bor Phood, Amphur Koh Samui, so he rushed to inspect at scene together with the related officers and the rescuers of Wat Plai Laem Foundation.

At the incident the officers found a 4-door- grey Mitsubishi Triton pick-up truck, red license no. Kor-3216 Surat Thai, with the body of the foreign man in the back, he was identified as Mr Thomas Graham, aged 38, British nationality. There was a strong odour of alcohol and the officers assumed that he had been dead approximately 2-3 hours. There were no traces of foul play and none of his property was missing.

Upon questioning Mr John David Markus, aged 53, British nationality, who is a close friend of the deceased he told police that Mr Thomas is the owner of a beer bar called “Premier Sport Bar” in the entertainment area spot at Ban Bang Rak, Tambon Bor Phood, Amphur Koh Samui. The night of the incident Mr Thomas opened the beer bar to watch a Premier League football match between Manchester United and Norwich City and after Manchester United beat Norwich City 4-0 Mr Thomas was so happy he persuaded all his friends to drink alcohol with him to celebrate until the bar closed, but Mr Thomas and his friends continued drinking sat on the back of the pick-up truck until early morning then they all split up and went home leaving him alone on the pick-up truck.

Mrs Phattharaanong Chanakarn, aged 40, who is the wife of Mr Thomas, said that Mr Thomas didn’t have any congenital disease and he was a big Manchester United supporter. After the beer bar was closed she drove her car back home but Mr Thomas carried on drinking with his friends.

The officers sent the of Mr Thomas for an autopsy at Koh Samui hospital to find the real cause of death.




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Phuket – Bad-mouth Brit beggar gets rough Phuket lesson

Via: The Phuket News


Kathu police received a report that a a tourist had been knocked unconscious on Patong’s Street Where Anything Goes.
When they arrived they found Aziz Javaid, 29, lying on the ground, out for the count, with cuts on his head and the beginnings of a black eye.

Witnesses told police that Mr Javaid was walking around demanding money from other tourists and being thoroughly rude to anyone who would not hand over some cash. Unluckily for him, the witnesses said, one of his targets took exception to this abuse and knocked him to the ground.




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Chiang Mai – British man dies after falling through roof of Kas Suan Kaew (shopping center)


Via: City News – Chiang Mai

On 14th July British tourist Stephen Timothy Clifford (22) was found dead by police in an electricity room at the basement of shopping mall Kad Suan Kaew.

A security guard told Phuping police that around 5 a.m. he saw two foreigners standing next the mall. He said both men looked DRUNK. (Hey well, that’s a  surprise!)

The guard told police that the two men seemed to be arguing, but at the time thought nothing of it.

A police report revealed that Clifford had attempted to get into the closed mall by jumping fences and then getting on the roof.  They added that the roof over the electricity room could not hold the man’s weight, and that is why he had fallen to his death.

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Thailand to extradite British man on RAPE CHARGE

David John Fletcher

Via: Straight Times

A Thai court on Wednesday approved the extradition of a 67-year-old British charity organiser wanted by Cambodian authorities on a rape charge.

David John Fletcher, who ran a CHARITY for CHILDREN in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, was convicted in absentia for RAPE of a 17-year-old Cambodian girl. He was sentenced in May 2011 to 10 years in prison.the E

Fletcher was arrested in Bangkok in 2010 after fleeing from Cambodia. A Thai lower court approved an extradition request in 2011, but Fletcher appealed.

On Wednesday, a Thai Appeals Court judge denied the appeal, saying Fletcher’s prosecution did not violate human rights principles.


Good riddance, ass-hole!


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Thailand – Convicted UK Thug allowed to holiday, HERE!


Via: Pattaya103

A British court is allowing  a convicted thug, currently on bail for violence, to take his holiday in Thailand.  Nathanial McIntosh is on a curfew and  only escaped prison, after being found guilty at his trial, because he was willing to wear a tag so that Police know where he is at all times    Yet the failed footballer from Foulmouth succeeded in convincing a British court that he should be allowed to take his holidays in Thailand as they were booked before the   crime took place. ( a likely story)

He   pleaded guilty to using threatening and abusive language and behavior toward 3 people and was given a 12 week prison sentence, suspended for a year, in a case heard last month.   During the attack he is said to have given at least one of the three a “good kicking” during a sustained attack and has previous convictions for similar offences.

Yet now the UK magistrates have  agreed to allow him to have a holiday, HERE!.    According to the magistrates association “If the curfew clashes with work, a pre-booked holiday, a relative’s wedding, or a job interview, magistrates can adjust the curfew as they see fit.   ”They will not add to the punishment by forcing the offender to suffer additional financial losses from losing irrecoverable deposits.”

Motorbike and Car renters need to be on the look out for him too as, only last month,  he was also banned from driving  after a drink drive case.

Where ever he is destined to visit, we trust that he is aware (yeah, right!) that  Local police and courts do not look as kindly on his type of behavior and someone should tip him off to the fact that Kicking off here doesn’t usually lead to a holiday voucher but rather a well populated cell and a poor diet.


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Pattaya – Transsexual arrested following street robbery from Englishman

Via: Pattaya One

A British National was relieved of his wallet and passport by a transsexual at the Southern end of Soi Baukao early on Thursday Morning.

Mr. Stephen ‘dumb-ass’ Perry aged 50 from Birmingham, England was walking along the street when he was approached by the suspect, later named as Khun Chaiyot aged 32. He placed his arms around Mr. Perry and at the same time is alleged to have removed his wallet and passport from his trouser pocket. The suspect disappeared and Mr. Perry soon realized what had happened and alerted the authorities who managed to locate the suspect who was in possession of the stolen items.

Both the suspect and victim were taken to Pattaya Police Station where Mr. Perry confirmed it was Khun Chaiyot who conducted the street robbery even though he vehemently denied allegations brought against him. The case will now go to Court.


My Thai travel tip of the day:

If a stranger comes up to give you a hug, you can ‘take it to the bank’, you WILL BE ROBBED!


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Pattaya – Englishman drugged and robbed by female companion he met in South Pattaya

Via: Pattaya One

An English Tourist was reportedly drugged and robbed by a women he had met on Walking Street over the weekend and lost 130,000 Baht ($4,160USD!) in cash.

Mr. Brian George ‘dumb-ass’ Murphy aged 56 reported the crime at Pattaya Police Station in the early hours of Monday and explained how he had met the woman, later named as Khun Priyanoot aged 23, on Walking Street and Mr. Murphy invited her to his room at the Chaba Hut Hotel in Soi Beokeow. This occurred in the early hours of Sunday and by the time Mr. Murphy had got back to his room, he was extremely intoxicated according to his statement. He remembers opening his room safe to pay the woman for her time and was then given another drink by the woman.

He felt sleepy and passed-out.

He woke up late on Sunday Night and saw his room safe had been opened and the cash had been stolen. The Hotel did keep a copy of the suspects Thai ID Card which was taken to Police early on Monday by Mr. Murphy who assumes she was able to watch him enter the code to open the safe earlier on Sunday.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Khun Priyanoot who cannot be located at this time. (yeah well, good luck with that)


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Pattaya – British Furniture Shop owner caught with LARGE quantity of drugs

Via: Pattaya One

A British Furniture Shop owner from Jomtien, who is currently on-bail relating to two drugs offences has been arrested for a THIRD TIME on suspicion of selling drugs.

He was also caught with a large quantity of the class 1 drug Crystal Methamphetamine, commonly known as “Ice”. Police Colonel Tamanoon, the Pattaya Police Chief announced the arrest of Mr. Simon (dumb-ass) Hall aged 39, who was caught with 25.85g of “Ice” following a search of his apartment on Wongamart Beach in Naklua.

Mr. Hall is listed on the East Furniture and Interiors Shop website as the Managing Director of the Pattaya Branch which is reportedly now closed and has been living in Pattaya for six years. The Colonel claims that Mr. Hall is a well-known suspected drug dealer who would sell primarily to foreign customers. This case will now be added to the two further cases which are outstanding and for now Mr. Hall will be held on remand pending a Court appearance.


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Briton of Chinese origin arrested with six fetuses

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Police from the Children and Women’s Protection Sub-Division on Friday told a news briefing that Chow Hok Kuen, a 28-year old British citizen of Taiwanese origin, was apprehended at a hotel room in Bangkok’s Chinatown area.

At the site, police found and seized six roasted baby corpses covered in gold leaf which were hidden in a box packed in the baggage for smuggling to Taiwan.

The detention came after the police learned that there were announcements related to sales of fetus corpses posted on some websites in Taiwan by citing that the fetuses had been performed in the black magic ritual in Thailand.

The human fetuses to be used for black magic purpose were popular among Taiwanese as they believed that the baby corpses would bring them good luck and fortune.

An initial investigation found that Chow Hok Kuen has run a business related to amulets in Taiwan and has travelled to Thailand for several times to purchase some amulets for further sales in Taiwan.

The suspect arrived in the kingdom in early May, saying that he was hired to bring the human fetuses from a Taiwanese man in Thailand who said he often delivered the corpses by placing them under a tree in a public park.

This was the second time he brought corpses, the suspect said, adding that all six foetuses at Bt200,000 (some US$6,600) and will be sold on websites in Taiwan with a starting price of $6,600 each.

Initially, Chow Hok Kuen has been charged with hiding and possessing the fetuses, aiming at covering up the death and causes of the deaths.

However, the police are tracking persons related to the case, particularly a Taiwanese man in Thailand, for further probe about the origin of the fetuses.


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