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Pattaya – Indian Tourist injured during scuffle with deckchair operator

Via: Pattaya One

A group of Indian Tourists along with their Thai Tour Guide reported an alleged assault by a Deckchair Operator based on Larn Island on Thursday.

The operator and the tourists made their way to Pattaya Police Station to report the incident which included the documenting of alleged injuries caused to one of the Indians by Khun Nataganporn aged 38.

She allegedly demanded the payment of 100 Baht ($3.17 USD) after one of the Indians sat on one of her deckchairs for less than 30 seconds (1-hour = $380 USD – sweet!) so they could take a picture of her.

The operator approached and demanded the money which was disputed by the group, Khun Nataganporn is then alleged to have grabbed the hand of the tourist, bending her fingers (see photo – Exhibit A) back and then pushing her to the ground.

Police decided in the interest of fairness to refer the case to the Pattaya Court where a judge can decide how to proceed.


related story:

Speaking on this, Tomwit Jarnson, Consul General of Thailand in Mumbai said, “We have appointed CKGS as our partner in operating Thailand Visa Application and Processing Centres across Western India. The number of Indian tourists arriving in Thailand leaped to almost 910,000 in the year 2011 and is expected to reach more than one million mark by the end of 2012.”


No question about it, more f’n crazy sh*t; but then again, more tailors.

Yeah, I can live with that.



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(1 of 2) Thailand – German Stabs Thai Girlfriend 17 Times

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Capt. Ratchaphol Morarat, Udon Thani police was notified about a fatal stabbing at “Together Beer-Bar” (a very romantic name – oui? ja?) address 62, Soi Samphan, Udon Thani.

At the scene of the crime the police found the corpse of Mrs. Jantree Miller (Miller?) age 34, lying on the floor in a pool of blood near the computer table. Mrs Jantree had 7 stab wounds on the left arm, 4 wounds on the right arm, 4 wounds on the forehead and 2 on the cheek. Totally 17 wounds.

The investigation showed that before the stabbing Mrs. Jantree was chatting on the Facebook with a French man, Mr. Mike Kristien Bitek, age 29.

The German, the boyfriend of Mrs. Jantree came into the shop and sat beside her and when he saw she was on the Facebook with Mr. Peter a Frenchman Mr. Mike screamed at her that she was a bad woman who cheated on him. Then he pulled out a folding knife from his pocket and stabbbed her violently until she fell from the chair and died on the the floor.

Moments later Mr. Mike ran out from the bar and jumped into his Toyota Vios parked in front of the beer-bar and dissapeared.

The police alarm was sent out but they could not find the German. The search is on.

Mr. Mike, the German and Mrs. Jantree had been dating for 3 months. They saw each other every day. Mr. Mike gave her 60,000 THB ($1,935 USD) to clear her debts. They lived together for 1 month. Later Mr. Mike found out that she had met Mr. Peter, the Frenchman. Mrs. Jantree said he was more handsome (and perhaps, a longer peter?). When Mr. Peter went back to France Mr. Mike thought everything was OK and they moved back together again.

Then one day Mr. Mike saw that Mrs. Jantree, the girlfriend was chatting on the Facebook with Mr. Peter, the Frenchman. Mr. Mike, the German lost his temper and suddenly stabbed his girlfriend 17 times.

She died in a pool of blood at the “Together Beer-Bar ” in Udon Thani.

Pol. Col. Kovit Charoenwattanasak, Superintendent, Udon Thani police station said that this case is love triangle drama between a Thai woman and two foreign men.

Pol. Col Kovit commanded his dectives to find Mr. Mike. Search for him in places where he used to stay. Including the immigration area in Nongkai. In case he planning to leave Thailand.

Later the police found a suspicious passenger parked in Tambon Nonsoong. Upon inspection they discovered blood on the front door. The police will check the fingerprints.



I suspected the Merkel/Hollande marriage might be rocky; but this, never!


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Pattaya – Hooker Trio Use “Knock-Out Drops” On Old German Guy

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Samran Kumwattana, Pattaya police was notified about an unconscious foreingn tourist at the Baan Na Kleu Hotel, Soi Na Klua 16/3 address: 157/24 Moo 5 Tambon Na Kleu Amphur Banglamung, Pattaya.

At the hotel in room: 225 the police discovered Mr. Helmuth Lemburge, age 57, German citizen lying on the bed deeply sedated. The rescue team officer administered first aid and sent Mr. Lemburge to Banglamung hospital. Upon inspection of the room, the police found two glasses of water on top of the refrigerator, which the police kept for evidence. Forensic examination will prove if they contain traces of a hypnotic drug.

A fellow tourist next to Mr. Lemburge’s room said that earlier had noticed three women, one of them looking like a ladyboy entering Mr. Lemburger’s room. They stayed there for unsusully long time so he knocked on the door. No answer. He opened the door, and found Mr. Helmuth lying unconscious on the bed. He immediately contacted the reception to call the police.

Further investigation of Mr. Lemburger’s luggage tags indicated that he is a frequent visitor to Thailand and flies often between Bangkok and Düusseldorf in Germany. The police will wait for Mr. Helmuth to revover and thereafter question him. The police sent the forensic team to investigate the crime scene for further evidence. More witnesses will be questioned and eventual CCTV footage will be screened.


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Thailand – Son Of London Deputy Mayor Dies After Full Moon Party

Via: Andrew Drummond

The 28-year-old son of the Deputy Major of London has collapsed and died in a £12 a night guest house after attending a wild ‘Full Moon Party’ on the Thai island of Koh Phangan.

Police said here today that Andrew John Lister, 28, son of Edward Lister,  the former Tory chief of Wandsworth Council, collapsed while drinking with friends in a guest house on Haad Rin Beach last Monday….the morning after the island’s monthly Full Moon Party.

A police spokesman said: “Witnesses said Andrew John Lister, 28, of British nationality was drinking with four friends in room 315 of the Baan Talay Guest House on Haad Rin Beach when he collapsed.  Attempts were made to revive him but they failed.  His body was taken to the local hospital. We believe he died of a heart attack. There was no evidence of drugs in the room.”

Police said while there was no evidence of any drug taking a post mortem was being conducted.  As Lister collapsed at 6 am it appeared he had been drinking all night.

But sources close to the famly insist that Andrew Lister did not indulge in any excessive behaviour. (except of course, drinking all night – but hey, that doesn’t count).

They believe he died from an undiagnosed medical problem and a post mortem is expected to be carried out in London.

Last night British Embassy officials were arranging for Lister’s body to be flown home. Britain’s consular agent was off island at the time. Results of a local post mortem on Andrew Lister on the nearby island of Koh Samui have not been released.

Attending a ‘Full Moon’ party on Koh Phangan is a ‘rite of passage’ for many young Britons and Europeans on their gap year.

But each month the island’s hospital is always full after the party and there have been many deaths from drugs and even drowning when revelers have been carried away by the monsoon currents.

Occasionally there are fights between tourists and locals and robberies and sexual assaults are also reported each month.

Gavin Hill, a British television producer who attended serveral ‘ Full Moon’ parties for a documentary series ‘Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand’ said:

“ On the mornings after the full moon parties I accompanied the British Honorary Consul. The first question he would ask was: ‘How many rapes do we have today?’


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Pattaya – Chicken stabs Fish; Fish stabs Chicken

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Two hot headed Pattaya vendors were in a knife fight resulting from a  chicken sandwich seller parking his sandwich-motorbike in front of a seafood merchant’s shop.


The chicken was insulted and  hit the seafood merchant with a chair and stabbed him with a knife several times.”


Pol. Capt. Somchai Chaichanakul Pattaya Police  was notified about knife fight involving stabbing in front of a grocery store at Soi 9, Pratamnak Road.

At the scene the police found Mr Anusorn (fish) Wanhajitr age 30, seafood merchant severely injured in front of his shop with stab wounds on his  right wrist, left  wrist and at the back bleeding profusely. The Police provided first aid  before sending him to Banglamung hospital. The bystanders caught the culprit named Mr Komsan (chicken) Othongleurng age 34, chicken sandwich seller with the knife that he used to stab the seafood merchant. He was detained and taken to Pattaya  police station.

Upon investigation  Mr Komsan (chicken), the chicken sandwich merchant, said that while he and his girlfriend  parked  their motorbike  in front of the seafood shop where he usually parks  his bike Mr Anusorn (fish), the seafood merchant shouted and insulted  him (the chicken) and his girl friend (cow).

Mr Anusorn (fish) got furious and violently hit Mr Komsan (chicken) with a chair and took his carving knife and stabbed  the chicken merchant on the wrists and at his back before his was subdued. The notice for evidence before taking the injured to investigate finding the real cause of this incident.


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Syrian Caught In Pattaya For Croquet Federation Boss Murder

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pattaya police reported  that Mr Mohamad Shanar Ryad age 22, Syrian citizen has been arrested  in possession of a  computer notebook, a mobile phone, a wrist watch and the murder weapon, a folding knife.

Mr Mohamad confessed that he met  Mr Jones in  South Pattaya  and then  went to Mr Jones  room to consume ganja.

After that Mr Jones paid  him 400 THB ($13.33) to perform oral sex.

Few days later  Mr Jones  brought him to his condominium again. This time  Mr Jones wanted to sodomise him but Mr Mohamad refused and a severe  argument broke out whereby Mr Jones  grabbed a knife and tried to rape Mr Mohamed, who took out his folding knife and stabbed Mr Jones neck and body more than 20 times until Mr Jones died then stole his belongings, left the building  and went to his  girl friend  in Soi Chalermprakiet 19, Central Pattaya and stayed there until he was arrested.

The  investigation reveals that   Mr Mohamad a former SYRIAN COMMANDO SOLDIER  had traveled in and out of Thailand for more than FOUR YEARS under the REFUGEE STATUS of  the United Nations.

He had also worked as a cook in a Pattaya restaurant but had been fired. And was unemployed at the time of the murder, staying  with his  girl friend.


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Pattaya – Worker Helps German Tourist And Later Steals His Belongings

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol.Col. Nuntavuth Suwanlaorng superintendent, Pattaya, police was notified  to arrest a Mr Tawatchai Inpha age 28 of Sakonnakorn province, in front of a restaurant, Central Pattaya road,  Banglamung after he stole property belonging to  Mr Brand Radix aged 55, German national at D-Den Apartment (‘D’ for drunk?; or perhaps. dumb-ass?) Soi Kor Pai Moo 10 South Pattaya.

After interrogation Mr Tawatchai Inpha worker in a furniture store  confessed that last night when he was drinking at Laem Bali-hi, South Pattaya he saw  Mr Brand Radix being to robbed and helped him.

Mr Brand Radix wanted to thank him and invited  Mr Tawatchai to drink in his room, but when Mr Radix got  drunk Mr Tawachai  stole Mr Radix’s   computer and Canon camera and went to a pawn shop in Third Pattaya Road,  Banglamung.

He received  5,500 THB ($180) for the stolen goods. But after that he felt guilty, and wanted to return the goods back to Mr.Brand Radix, but he was arrested.  Mr Tawatchai was arrested and detained according to the law.


I believe Mr. Radix is VERY LUCKY he didn’t ‘hit his head on a table’.


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Thailand – Golden oldie love triangle ends in shooting

Via: Phuket Gazette

You’re never too old to fall in love – or to take violent revenge on your cheating wife and treacherous neighbor, as events in the northeastern province of Loei recently showed.

On June 22, local police received reports that two people had been shot at a house in Thali subdistrict.

At the scene, they found villagers gathered around Wan Soisan, 86, who was lying on the ground after fainting.

Minutes earlier, Mr Wan had reportedly used a homemade shotgun to blast his 84-year-old wife In as she sat in the house peeling mangoes.

Mrs In, shot in the left shoulder and thigh, was rushed to hospital.

After shooting his wife of 50 years, Mr Wan went next door and shot Pak Khamsuk, 91, as he lay on a bamboo bench. From there he walked to his own backyard – and promptly fainted.

Mr Wan and Mrs In had three children together and shared the house with their eldest daughter Bunthian Mijinda, 47.

Relatives told police the old couple had recently started arguing regularly because Mr Wan had become jealous of his wife’s closeness with Mr Pak. (really?)

Indeed, Mr Wan had gone as far as to build a shack in the couple’s garden in order to observe how intimate the relationship had become.


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Pattaya – U.S. Citizen found dead – Congenital Diesease, Drug OD, or rabid Rabbit?

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol.Lt.Col. Preecha Sumrith, Pattaya police was informed of deceased foreigner at the SY Mansion,Soi Chalermprakert 12, Pattaya 3 Road.

At the scene in room # 7 on the third floor, the body of Mr George P Stanco, age 48, U.S. citizen, was found lying on the bed. His naked body was stiff and he had a dark coagulated  blood visible from his nose and mouth. There were no wounds on his body or traces of a fight. In addition, the police found the victim’s pet rabbit. The victim’s belongings were scattered around the room.The police assumes that the victim had died less than two days earlier.

Mr Kittisittipong Jantasri, age 54, the mansion owner, reported to the police that the victim had stayed alone at the mansion for several months.

He was not accquainted with anyone and had a domesticated  rabbit as his pet. (really?)

Before discovering the body of the victim he had not seen the victim leaving his room since  August 1st. On  August 17th the owner knocked on the door to ask for the rent that was usually paid on the 14th of the month but there was no reply. The owner noticed a foul smell from the room so he decided to use a spare key to open the door.

Pol.Lt.Col. Preecha stated that from the evidence and the victim’s body that the victim might have had an underlying disease, or diabetes, or died of a drug overdose, or rabies.

He was not murdered.

As for the ‘alledged’ mess in the of the room, it could have been caused by Roger.

However, the victim’s body would be taken to the Institution of Forensic Medicine for a post-mortem examination. The Embassy of United States in Thailand will be informed accordingly.


Tip to the cops, look no farther



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Thailand – ‘Hippo Eat Circus Dwarf’ – Believe it, or NOT!

Via: eBaum’s World (Pattaya Mail)


‘The vets said this is the first time a vegetarian hippo has eaten a circus performer.’

note: I’m NOT a circus performer, but I must admit, I’m somewhat relieved; know what I mean?

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