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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – Man Murdered After Raping His Friend’s Cow (See Photo)

City News – Chiang Mai


At 11:00 a.m. on March 26th, Thai Police received a call about a body found in an abandoned security guard’s booth in Tambon Baan Thai, Amphur Baan Thi, Lamphun.

Police Colonel Siriwat Boonprasit, the Baan Thai Police Commander, rushed to the crime scene with a medical examiner and Lamphun Rescue Services.

They found the body of Annop Buddhasart (41) on a mattress in the abandoned booth. His head was caved in due to blunt force trauma from a weapon. The Police found out that Annop was living with a man named Ta Khamkaew.

They searched for Ta for 3 hours and found him looking and acting very suspicious. They took him for questioning at the police station, where Ta confessed that he killed Annop out of pure rage.




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Bangkok ‘Ghost Tower’ – Image Gallery


The Sathorn Unique was once slated to be a glistening, stunning addition to the Bangkok skyline during Thailand’s economic boom in the 1990s. But in 1997, the Asian financial crisis left no money to complete to building.

Today, the eerie, unfinished 49-story “ghost tower” is a very different kind of attraction.

While entering the building is forbidden, viewing it from afar is still a creepy experience. The gray tower stands empty and desolate — its incomplete upper levels beg you to wonder what’s up there.

Locals are convinced the building is haunted, and just from looking at the pictures below you can understand why.


personal thought:

I believe the Thai ‘bubble’ might burst again, and it could be worse than ’97.






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Thailand – Graduating High School Seniors Fail in 7 out of 8 Subjects

Via: Coconuts Bangkok

The results of the last round of nationwide, standardized tests are in, and they don’t look good.

High school seniors, on average, failed EVERY SUBJECT but health ed on the ONET exams, according to results released this morning by the National Institute of Educational Testing Service.

Average scores for 413,000 Mathayom 6 students tested nationwide were under 50 percent, with mathematics and English remaining students’ least favorite subjects with average scores of 20.48 and 25.35, respectively.

Scores for Thai (49.26 percent) and vocational education (49.98 percent) nearly achieved an average passing rate.

The students’ did best in health ed, with a 62.03 percent average score, Morning News reported.

ONET scores for the high school graduates factor heavily into the university admissions process.


‘Health Education’?

It’s hard to pick up a newspaper without reading an article that ‘Thai teenage pregnancy’ is at record levels.



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Thailand – Chinese Tourist Beaten By Teenage Gangsters

Via: Khaosod English


(24 March) A Chinese tourist accused of molesting a ‘Coyote Girl’ was subsequently mob-beaten by a group of teenage gangsters in Sa Kaeo province.

The incident reportedly took place at around 03.00 yesterday at Fusion nightclub in the Aranyapradesh district. Police arrived at the scene to find scattered chairs and tables and glasses in the nightclub, while Mr. Au Kai Chuan (name transcribed from Thai text), a 36-year old Chinese tourist, was found unconscious on the floor.

Mr. Au’s condition was described as severe and medical workers said he sustained multiple bruises.

Witnesses told police a large group of teenagers were dancing in the establishment when a shout went up that someone has molested a “Coyote” (female dancer) of the nightclub, causing the teenagers to mob and beat Mr. Au.

Coyote staff attempted to tell the assailants that Mr. Au was not the perpetrator, but the suspects refused to listen and proceeded to kick the Chinese tourist until he passed out. The suspects fled the scene shortly afterward.

A senior police officer said the assailants belong to a local teenage gang who previously assaulted a police officer inside the same nightclub only a week earlier.

Police said that they are currently looking for 7 suspects in connection with the assault on Mr. Au.

(‘Seven on One’; yeah, sounds about right.)


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Chiang Mai – Rain gives Residents a Break from the Smog

Via: City News – Chiang Mai


After days of thick, gray haze (not only blotting out the mountains and the sun, but also causing flights to delay their landing into the Chiang Mai airport), things seem to be looking up as a result of considerable rainfall and hail in Chiang Mai and surrounding northern cities this past weekend.

Officials in Chiang Mai have commented on the hazardous haze as an issue that needs to be taken care of without any decisive moves made toward improvement.

However, it looks as though Mother Nature, at least for now, is providing some solace as overall quality of the air at downtown Chiang Mai is in the ‘moderate’ range at PM10 59 right now.




The World Health Orgazation, US, EU, maintain PM10 rating of +50 is ‘DANGEROUS’!

Until Thailand recognizes the fallacy of their grading system, they will continue to put their citizens at grave risk.





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Chiang Mai – 4 hurt in 3 bombings

Via: Phuket News


Three bombs went off in the northern province of Chiang Mai on Friday night (March 21), resulting in four injuries, police said.

At 20.35pm, a bomb was thrown into a PTT petrol station in tambon Nong Hoi, Muang district. Four people, three of whom were petrol station staff, were injured. The other injured was a woman who came to the station to fill up her car. They were rushed to a nearby hospital.

At 21.35pm, two grenades were hurled into the office of Boon Rawd Brewery Co in tambon Yang Nerng of Sarapee district. One of them exploded but the other did not go off.

The third bomb attack took place at 22.15pm at a parking lot of Andaman Seafood Restaurant in tambon Pa Dad, Muang Chiang Mai district. Two cars were damaged and no injuries were reported. Police said the bomb was hidden under the wheel of a car. Police were investigating.


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Chiang Mai – Two Domestic Flights Diverted Due to Smog

Via: City News – Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai Airport (CNX) Public Relation told CityNews that two domestic flights had to be diverted from the airport due to low visibility from the pollution.

The Thai Airways and Lion Air flights scheduled to land at CNX earlier this morning will return to the airport later today when the landing conditions improve.



“will return to the airport later today when the landing conditions improve”

I have lived the last eight years in Chiang Mai, I find it gets worse ‘later in the day’, NOT better.

Oh wait, wait, wait; they mean, MID to LATE APRIL!

Got it.




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Chiang Mai – Viangbua Mansion – CHEAP EATS!


The meals, regardless of whether it’s breakfast or lunch, are uniformly inexpensive.

However, my current favorite is the ‘Omelette Set’, which includes:

– coffee or tea

– fresh fruit (watermelon and/or pineapple)

– orange juice (NOT orange drink!)

– two pieces of toast

and the,

– omelette (not huge, but big enough, and absoulely filled with ham and vegetables!)



59 baht ($1.82 USD)


$1.82 for Gawd Sakes!


Please don’t be a CHEAP CHARLIE – leave a tip for Moi (See Photo), and the other waitress, Ann.

khup khun krup


‘Chiang Mai – Viangbua Mansion – Review’


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Thailand – Air Pollution: Northern Thai “hell in the air”

Via: Bangkok Post


Much of northern Thailand as far south as Saraburi lay under a heavy blanket of haze and smoke Friday from hundreds of fires, mostly set on purpose by farmers in Thailand and Myanmar.

NOTE: The farmers certainly contribute to the problem, but the major culprit is the ‘shash and burn’ loggers!


The crisis areas were spotted in the far North, the lower North and upper Central provinces. Saraburi, where the air quality index (AQI) touched a dangerous 104 at noon Friday, had an air pollution index of 128 which, roughly translated, means “sensitive groups such as children, older people and asthmatics should stay indoors.” (Hey, that’s me!)

Any AQI over 100 is dangerous to health, according to the Pollution Control Department, which maintains a website with information from around the country.

NOTE: The World Health Organazation, the EU, and the U.S.; says the number is 50, NOT 100!

The most dangerous place in Thailand Friday afternoon was Mae Hong Son, where the AQI in the “pristine province” was 219. The index says an AQI this high is “an emergency condition. The entire population is more likely to be affected.”




The Good News: the Thai New Year, Songkran, i.e. ‘water festival’; is now less than a month away.

The farmer above might tell you it’s a ‘real bitch’ to start a fire in the rain.



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Chiang Mai – Art Cafe


Art Cafe at Taepae Gate, for me, has all the ambiance and charm of a 70’s/80’s U.S. roadside diner.

I believe Breaakfast is the ‘main event’, but they also serve lunch and dinner. HUGE MENU!


MY FAVORITE is the ‘American Breakfast’; where I select:

– scrambled eggs

– three pieces of bacon

– two pieces of whole wheat toast

– mango jam

– mango juice

mango coffee


Keeping in line with the 70’s/80’s, the TOTAL COST is 150baht, $4.62.

That’s right, $4.62 USD!


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