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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai expands airport

Via: Bangkok Post


The northern city’s airport is embarking on an upgrade to cope with surging traffic demand, particularly from China, whose citizens have been flocking to the northern Thai city.

The upgrade, estimated to cost just over 100 million baht, includes adding an eighth apron for large aircraft, expanding the international arrival hall and domestic departure hall, improving toilets and creating an OTOP centere.

The work is expected to be carried out this year as the airport plans to de-bottleneck its facility to deal with rising passenger and aircraft traffic, said Lukchai Chaleoyprach, the airport’s general manager.

The airport also plans to extend its operating hours around the clock, up from 6am to midnight now, especially to accommodate charter flights to and from China after midnight, starting in April.

The airport also plans to extend its operating hours around the clock, up from 6am to midnight now, especially to accommodate charter flights to and from China after midnight, starting in April.

The airport also plans to extend its operating hours around the clock, up from 6am to midnight now, especially to accommodate charter flights to and from China after midnight, starting in April.

Eight airlines operate domestic flights through Chiang Mai with 14 routes, and 19 carriers have international flights through the city with 18 routes. Chiang Mai airport is connected with Chinese cities on 10 routes.

The current upgrade is meant to address specific constraints that emerge during peak hours. After the upgrade, the international arrival hall’s space will be increased to 3,000 square metres from 1,000while the domestic departure hall will jump to 3,500 sq m from 1,000 sq m.


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Bangkok – Suvarnabhumi Airport wins ‘BEST Toilet Award of 2012’

Via: NNT


Suvanrnabhumi International Airport, on its 7th birthday anniversary, introduced newly-opened restrooms, with an aim to make Suvanrnabhumi a 5-star airport.

Raweewan Netarakavesana, Director of Suvanrnabhumi International Airport, said the Airports of Thailand (AOT) had always placed emphasis on restroom service, as it was one of the most important elements of a service business.

She said 124 restrooms in the airport had been renovated with cleanliness and sanitation in mind, in line with the “HAS” standard, which stands for healthy, accessibility, and safety.

She further revealed that Suvanrnabhumi last year received “Best Toilet Award 2012” given by the Public Health Ministry.

On the special occasion of the airport’s 7th anniversary, Suvanrnabhumi has built 7 more restrooms, 4 of which have been opened to the public since March this year.

The 7 newly-opened restrooms have been created under the theme of “7 wonders of Thailand”. (See Photo)

According to the director, the restrooms are getting a lot of attention in the media and social network. The 7 wonders are in separate locations in the terminal.


personal thought:

You can call me a cynic if you want, but it seems to me, ‘Best Toilet of …’ is a pretty shitty award.


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Chiang Mai Airport, the 4th best in the world

Via: Pattaya Mail

Chiang Mai International Airport has been named one of the top-5 airports in the world.

Airports of Thailand PCL (AOT) President Anirut Thanomkulbutra said on Thursday that the latest survey by the Airports Council International (ACI) has shown that Chiang Mai International Airport is ranked no. 4 on its list of the world’s best airports in the category of airports with annual traffic of UNDER 5 million passengers.

Mr. Anirut said that the report on the ranking was officially announced on February 14th.

According to the AOT President, thirty-four airports from around the world took part in the latest ranking.

He stated that the survey result came from the answers provided by international passengers to 33 questions that the ACI had raised on their satisfaction toward such issues as the cleanliness, the overall ambience, the politeness of staff and the safety measures.

Mr. Anirut went on to say that being the 4th best airport in the world showed that Chiang Mai International Airport has somewhat succeeded in managing its facilities and providing impressive service to travelers after all these years.


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Bangkok – Thailand beefs up airport flood defences

Via: AFP

Thailand has bolstered flood defences at Bangkok’s main airport and other areas as it works to shield the city of 12 million people from the worst inundation in decades, officials said Tuesday.

Flood protection walls have been raised to a height of up to 3.5 metres (11.5 feet) at Suvarnabhumi, the country’s main air hub, Airports of Thailand (AOT)acting director Somchai Sawasdipol told AFP.


A large amount of run-off water is expected to reach Bangkok in mid-October, while high tides will make it harder for the floods to flow out to sea.

“Whether we can protect Bangkok depends on three factors — rain levels, run-off water from upcountry and the high tide,” said Justice Minister Pracha Promnog, who heads the government’s flood relief centre.

“The government will try its best, but no one can say what will happen. We will try to divert as much water into the sea as we can.”

He said the airport would continue to operate normally. (unless of course, it doesn’t)

“I am confident (that we can prevent floods at Suvarnabhumi) but we will not be careless,”  (oh, good) Somchai said, adding that the airport had two major water pumping stations and a 24-hour team to monitor the situation.


Thailand’s tourism minister said the disaster might (?) lead to a dip in foreign visitor arrivals, along with the effect of the European debt crisis, but would
not have a lasting impact.

“It may be affected by 10 to 20 percent but we will try to keep our target of 19 million visitors” this year, Chumpol Silapa-archa told reporters.



The airport is located in a once low-lying marsh (flood plain), formerly known as Nong Ngu Hao (Thai: หนองงูเห่า, lit. “Cobra Swamp”), which took 5 years (1997–2001) to clear make a land reclamation.


The airport was due to open in late 2005, but a series of budget overruns, construction flaws, and allegations of corruption (really?) plagued the project.


A further problem was the belief that the airport was haunted by spirits, and sightings of ghosts by superstitious construction workers, so that on 23 September 2005, the Thai airports authority held a ceremony with 99 Buddhist monks chanting prayers to calm these spirits.


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