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Pattaya – Lady boy blamed for Stolen Mobile Phone!


At 5.30 am MR.ALEXZANDER GOROSHILO , 34 years old Russian tourist ,the victim of a pick pocketing incident blames a lady boy Mr. Soonthon aged 23 from Phitsanulok province for stealing his mobile phone when they met at walking streets. The incident was reported at the Pattaya police station by the victim.

After investigation Mr. Alexzander the victim testified that while at walking streets he met Mr.Soonthon a lady boy who tried to talk to him after a while offered his service, the victim felt that he was drunk and wanted to return to his room therefore he did not go along with the little boy. (a little boy? I don’t think she looks like a boy, and I certainly wouldn’t describe her/him/THEM as ‘little’.)

The lady boy continued to walk after him and again asked him to use this service again but Mr. Alexzander went straight to his room. Just before reaching his room he checked his belongings and found that his Samsung Galaxy note 1 worth 20,000 baht ($625 USD) was missing. He confessed that the phone had been stolen by Mr.Soonthon. He then reported to the police and they are now investigating to find his mobile phone and the person involved.

Mr.Soonthon claims that he did not steal the mobile phone but he also confessed following and talking to Mr Alexander. He believed that the victim was drunk (a drunk Russian – IMPOSSIBLE!) and the mobile phone was stolen by someone else before they met. He also claims that even though he is a lady boy it does not mean that he will take someone else’s stuff. He claims that he has a degree and has participated in many beauty pageant contest and has received plenty of prize money. He never thought of any kind of behavior that will affect his impression. However, if the victim wants to blame him he is willing to fight the case stated the lady boy.

The victim still holds his statement that the ladyboy was the one who stole his mobile phone. The police therefore told the victim that he must have solid evidence to fight the case against the lady boy. The police however recorded all information and told the victim to rest and come back when he was sober (a drunk Russian – IMPOSSIBLE!).

Moreover, if the victim do take over the case then Mr.Soonthon will be informed.

personal thought:

I believe if you are Russian coming to Pattaya, you should turn over ALL your money, cellphones, drugs, and pants; to the FIRST LADY-BOY you MEET.

I mean you’re going to give it up anyway, so …


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