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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – ‘Police crack-down’ – 40 Ladyboys arrested!


Via: Pattaya One

Just before daybreak on Tuesday Pattaya Police conducted one of their regular beach clean-up operations in response to continuing complaints, from tourists and others who frequent Pattaya Beach late at night, regarding rude and aggressive Ladyboys.

A team of Police and Police Volunteers assembled at Pattaya Police Station just before 5am and went from the North to South end of Pattaya Beach and along Walking Street to the Bali Hai Port.

40 Ladyboys were arrested and taken to Pattaya Police Station where they were profiled and urine tested. No one was found to have consumed illegal drugs, and in accordance with laws relating to loitering, the group were fined the sum of 100 Baht ($3.30 USD!) each before being released with a warning from Police not to be seen loitering again.

As expected, the Ladyboys ignored the warning and returned to the Beach as if nothing had happened.



Oh, but this time the cops are serious, as there is a study underway to possibly raise the fine to, ($4.00 USD!)120 baht!

(yeah, that should work!)


Happy Holiday!



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