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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – Bangladeshi caught up in wallet snatch


Early on Friday Morning a Bangladeshi reported a street robbery which occurred in North Pattaya in front of a Hotel.

Mr. Khairul Islam aged 45 was accompanied by a friend and explained that the pair were walking back to their Hotel JUST BEFORE DAYBREAK on Friday when they were approached on a motorbike by a Ladyboy who asked to borrow 10 Baht. Initially the pair refused but the Ladyboy was persistent and continued to follow the pair and ask for money.

Mr. Islam decided that he would give the man a 20 Baht note and during the transaction the Ladyboy grabbed Mr. Islam’s wallet which contained 3,500 Baht, 2,500 US Dollars and 2,000 Bangladeshi Taka with a combined value of approximately 100,000 Baht.

Police will examine CCTV in the area as they attempt to arrest the suspect and recover the stolen money.

personal thhought:

‘Just before daybreak’ out on the street in Pattaya, with +$3,200USD CASH – what a MORON!




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