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‘Toms’ In Thailand becomes Popular among Female Clients


‘Yes or No tells the story of Pai, a college girl who holds a negative attitude about tomboys. Yet she finds out that her new room-mate, Kim, is a woman who dresses like a man and who likes women.’


Via: City News Chiang Mai

According to Thai news site Sunandha News, a new job is becoming popular among Thai university students called the ‘tom host’. Being a tom host entails a tomboy becoming a ‘host’ for a female client in need of someone to go out with, or perhaps even have sex with. (really?)

It was reported that this new form of escorting is taking off in the capital. An agent of a Tom Host ‘club’ said that most of their clients are working class, stressed, and in need of company.

The club has been running now for five years and finds clients through the internet.

The club said they are not part of the sex trade, but an escort service. (yeah, right)

They also said that they only select good-mannered tomboys who are service orientated. They currently have 52 hosts who are mainly university students.

Client age ranges from 15 to 50 years old.


personal thought:

If you can’t find what you are lookin’ for in Thailand, then I suggest you aren’t lookin’ very hard.



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