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Pattaya – Indian (See Photo) Tourist Tricked By Two Beachside Women In Pattaya


In the early hours of Mondays, 36 year-old Mr. Karthikeyan Krishnan, Indian, went into speak with Pattaya Police in order to report that his Indian compatriot was taken onto a car by two women and two assailants, he pleaded police to help track his friend.

Mr. Krishnan told police that his friend, Mr. Khader Basha, aged 40, had a stroll at Pattaya Beach Rd. As they were walking, they were approached by two women offering sex to the two. As soon as they had agreed a price, the women had then taken them into the car. Little did they know that they were two men waiting in the car to assault and  loot them. Mr. Krishnan and Mr. Basha were plundered about 1000 USD in cash off them. A smartphone and a few credit cards were taken off them as well.

Not long after they were looted by the two men, Mr. Krishnan was dropped off, which lead to his report to Pattaya Police.

Police Investigators will now collect more evidence and will try to identify the criminals in order to HOPEFULLY find Mr. Basha.



Tonto was way to smart to fall for a ‘Pattaya Beach Road’ scam.

But the Lone Ranger, oh yeah!



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Pattaya – ‘under-the-bed-massage-scam’ STRIKES AGAIN!


Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pattaya City Police officers were informed by 47 year-old Mr. Hemnnt Kvmar, an Indian national. He reported to the police that about 3,000 USD or 93,000 THB was stolen as he was having a massage from a Thai woman who had offered him a pleasurable massage session.

As he went back to his hotel in Jomtien, he looked in his wallet and shockingly noticed that his money was missing and there was toilet paper (well, that’s a pretty shitty trick!)  in the wallet instead. As soon as he noticed that his money was missing he immediately went to the nearest police station to file the report.

Police are now investigating into the issue, police are now to get obtain CCTV footage in order to identify the suspects. Police will then announce further movements.



Pattaya – Three Indians (SEE PHOTO) caught-up in “under-the-bed massage scam”


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Pattaya – Three Indians (SEE PHOTO) caught-up in “under-the-bed massage scam”


Via: Pattays One

Three Indian Tourists were involved in an “under-the-bed massage scam” early on Monday Morning which resulted in the theft of money by a Ladyboy hidden underneath a bed used during the massage scam.

The men were taken back to the room in Soi Sukhumvit 20 in Central Pattaya by women they met on Pattaya Beach on the promise they would be given a cheap but pleasurable massage.


The men arrived and undressed with the masseur making sure the clothes were left on the floor next to the bed. Unbeknown to the tourist, a Ladyboy was hiding underneath the bed and would steal any money found in the trouser pockets before the conclusion of the massage.

The same room was used three times on Monday Morning and each time the women would target an Indian National. After Police received complaints from the first two men, they located the apartment and were able to arrest three women and the Ladyboy, Khun Sutat aged 39, who is thought to be the main organizer of the scam.

Later on Monday Police took the three victims and arrestees back to the rented apartment to reconstruct the crime which is now under further investigation by Pattaya Police.


personal thought:

As SOON as I think I’ve heard of EVERYTHING; bam, there’s the ‘under-the-bed massage scam’ .



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Pattaya – Indian Gang Arrested After Tricking People To Work Illegally Abroad.


Via: Pattaya Daily News

Police Lt. Colonel Chiddecha Songhong, Suppression Inspector of Pattaya police station together with special operation officer went to arrest an Indian gang that would tricked their own people to work abroad illegally. The raid or arrest happened in Soi Yamamoto in Pattaya Second Rd. inside the house that was raided, police found a number of Indians that were locked in.

When police arrived at the house, on the second floor, police found 31 year-old Mr. Dheeraj Kumar (see photo) and 32 year-old Mr. Rajmal Guswami (see photo), the main  suspects, police then went up to a room on the fourth floor, finding 3 more Indian people that were presumed to be confined with in the room. After questioning them, they had told the police that they had been tricked by the two suspects. They promised them to work in Australia. It was also known that they had to pay a enormous fee of 500,000 rupee or 250,000 THB ($8,333 USD). After the 3 paid the money to suspects, they before locked in at the reported guest house. The 3 Indians also said that they were able to escape once, making them plead for help from an Indian restaurant owner. The restaurant owner then informed the police about the gang, which ultimately led to the raid and rescue.

Primarily, the police controlled Mr. DHEERAJ KUMAR (see photo) and MR.RAJMAL GUSWAMI (see photo), to question and expand the case because the police was suspicious that they would be connected to the bigger gang, and charged them for threatening for properties and sent them to the detective officers to prosecute.

Police have now taken Mr. Dheeraj Kumar (see photo – or don’t) and Mr. Rajmal Guswami (see photo – or don’t) to the police station for further questioning. Police are now trying to expand the case as police believe that the two are connected to a bigger gang.


Oh man, I bought, from Dheeraj and Rajmal, (a suit +sport coat + six shirts + 2 pair of slacks) for ‘special’ price of 2,500 baht – now what?


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Pattaya – Elderly, and grossly overweight, Indian Tourist Asks Tourist Police To Chase Down Watch Thief


Via: Pattaya Daily News

At around 02.00 AM as Tourist Police and Voluteers were servicing tourists at their mobile van at Walking Street, an Inidian tourist who has been identified as Mr. Srigiri Bhaskar Rao, age 52 along with his son, informed the Tourist Police that he needed help.

After questioning Mr. Srigiri Bhaskar Rao, it was known that he was tricked by a transexual or Ladyboy, who has working as a prostitute at Walking Street. He said that he was together with the transexual for two nights already, after he agreed to pay him for sex. He told the police that as he was taking a shower, his transexual partner stole his Tommy hand-watch, which was estimated to be 25,000 THB worth, as soon as he took him hand-watch, the Ladyboy fled.

As soon as the incident was reported, the Tourist Police comprehended the evidence and facts. The Tourist Police then sent out a patrol to find the alleged suspect. It didn’t take long until the Tourist Police found the suspect, the transexual was arrested at Walking Street, he was identified as 23 year-old Mr. Tusnai Hanthong. He was frisked by the Tourist Police and the victim’s Tommy hand-watch was indeed found.

After questioning Mr. Tusnai, the 23 year-old Ladyboy suspect, he confessed his crime. He claimed that as he was going back to get something in Mr. Srigiri’s hotel room, he saw that he was showering therefore, he committed the crime by stealing his expensive hand-watch, which proved costly for the thief. The suspect is now in Pattaya police custody and will be charged for his crimes.



Don’t know of course, but I’d be willing to bet a ‘stack of chapatis’; that before the shower,  the bozo was braging up how expensive the watch was.


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Pattaya – Indian Tourist injured during scuffle with deckchair operator

Via: Pattaya One

A group of Indian Tourists along with their Thai Tour Guide reported an alleged assault by a Deckchair Operator based on Larn Island on Thursday.

The operator and the tourists made their way to Pattaya Police Station to report the incident which included the documenting of alleged injuries caused to one of the Indians by Khun Nataganporn aged 38.

She allegedly demanded the payment of 100 Baht ($3.17 USD) after one of the Indians sat on one of her deckchairs for less than 30 seconds (1-hour = $380 USD – sweet!) so they could take a picture of her.

The operator approached and demanded the money which was disputed by the group, Khun Nataganporn is then alleged to have grabbed the hand of the tourist, bending her fingers (see photo – Exhibit A) back and then pushing her to the ground.

Police decided in the interest of fairness to refer the case to the Pattaya Court where a judge can decide how to proceed.


related story:

Speaking on this, Tomwit Jarnson, Consul General of Thailand in Mumbai said, “We have appointed CKGS as our partner in operating Thailand Visa Application and Processing Centres across Western India. The number of Indian tourists arriving in Thailand leaped to almost 910,000 in the year 2011 and is expected to reach more than one million mark by the end of 2012.”


No question about it, more f’n crazy sh*t; but then again, more tailors.

Yeah, I can live with that.


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Pattaya – Indian Tourist reports theft of necklace

Via: Pattaya One

An Indian Tourist, assisted by his Thai Tourist Guide, reported the theft of a gold necklace at Pattaya Police Station on Tuesday Afternoon.

Mr. Mukesh Nandlal ‘dumbass’ Gurnani aged 32 told Police that on Monday Night he went for a walk along Pattaya Beach and was approached by a Thai Woman, Khun Laddawan aged 29, who suggested the pair return to his Hotel room, in exchange for her receiving 1,000 Baht ($31.25 USD) for her time.

Mr. Gurnani accepted the deal and the pair returned to the Siam Bayview Hotel in Central Pattaya. Reception Staff took a copy of Khun Laddawan’s Thai ID card prior to her entering the Hotel, which was presented to Police. Mr. Gurnani explained that after intercourse, she made an excuse to leave.

Mr. Gurnani later discovered that his bag had been cut open and a gold necklace worth around 70,000 Baht (Holy Crap! $2,188 USD) had been stolen. Police have issued an arrest warrant for Khun Laddawan and would like to warn all Tourists that meeting strangers and inviting them back to your Hotel Room carries many dangers (Nut & Ners?) and they advise against it (really?).


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