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Korat – gang robbery, police arrested phone line

Via: Daily News – Goggle Translate

At 9:30 AM on July 27 at the Police Office, Region 3 Bureau Deja Watson Ram was born, along with three of Subdivision and a police colonel Pisanu. pharmacist. Non Sung District, Nakhon Ratchasima jointly announce shared cause to arrest the accused thief is said telephone line 2 to direct me or love me 21 years of age  (I am, so confused!) and the weapons (assumed name), aged 15, with two lines of medium-weight bags of fertilizer. 37 kg car with me. Honda Sonic Gold – Black Ram 117 for a rod with pliers to cut the water pipe 2, which cause many of the tools used. The arrest was due to the Ban Khok Sung Ho Nam on July 26, through her work performance blooms.She operations b. TT & T network, Nakhon Ratchasima (Thailand) has reported that the Police Complaints. Non Sung criminal gang that has been illegally cut. Phone lines in the area several times, causing damage over 6 hundred thousand officers and investigators. And arrested them along the middle. Preliminary investigation.

The accused confessed that together form the main cut out several times navigate UP call.  The cause has to be wired to the fire before the copper wire to sell the store to buy us one of downtown Korat cost 200-250 baht per kilogram for each trip will take approximately 1. thousand of that money to be shared and applied in the family. Because there is no occupation as a residence. Senior officers are sent to detention continued.



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Chaing Mai: with cars jammed with rush. Before he was hit by a moat

Via: CM108 – Google translate

Cars jammed with rush things. Before he was hit by a moat.

At approximately 1:00 am on July 20, 2554.

Car accident hit a tree. It was a moat. Chiang Mai.

Because the gas station right next Lok Moli Temple Road, Muang Krabi Chiang Mai.

A the scene found the driver was a man.  Knocked out of the car, a convertible car, wounded but still conscious.
Rescue officials from the Unity for Development Foundation Act. Was taken to hospital 1.

However, be aware of it. Victim was drivingthe car of the same 2-3 split Jang print head. Head to the door, a white elephant.

But after he collided with a tree on the footpath next to the moat of the two large trees broken in half a chance. It was a little bruised.

Agreed to turn over the car in the moat, which is not much water. The man driving the car alone. It collided with a tree knocked out on the grass beside the moat, making it an injury.

It is not known whether the car was just faster. Until the second half of the tree.


I’m sorry to read the tree was a little bruised; but is the white elephant which ran out in front of the car, okay?


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Burning Bandits break duck skin in a department store in the Jewelry Gallery

Via: daily news. (Google translate)

The duck skin a cat’s paw keen to break free in-store Jewelry Gallery, the police keep a clean sweep of latent fingerprints, trace it.

At 3:00 AM on June 29 in Prime Swp.sp. Pol.Maj S. Pattaya, Chonburi, was notified. Security.’s Tesco Lotus. Penetrate into the criminal looting the mall. DIAMOND PRINCESS.



Therefore, to investigate the incident at the boot shop sells DIAMOND PRINCESS Jewelry, 1st floor, found that the glass will break out.  Jewelry, necklace, rings and earrings are also missing several items. There is also an iron crowbar.  And a yellow T-shirt. Are kept as evidence.

Initially expected to be the villain in that channel to escape as well. However, officials have collected the fingerprints and CCTV monitoring to guide the continued pursuit to arrest criminals.


UPDATE: The duck has ‘lawyered up’ and has ‘no comment’ at this time.


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Boa dead fry oil sales

Via: (Google Translate)


Stop! Fossil feather boa is to be added.  Many local dance. Invasion of the capital. Meatballs I put the dreaded snake meat. Fry was a shrewd trade sales rather than lard.

Of cases, there were more than 40 bags of fertilizer to meet the boa containing the remains were left in the Acacia forest road around the city. Line in the house – Ngua between km 4-5, Moo 6, Tambon Pa Lao, Muang Phetchabun, which noted that the snake may have been carving the meat sold to the operation or do without. really fresh. Both within the province and nearby areas. The film has been sold to a factory making bags.

The officers went to the ball mill, “Thai Rung Thip” is located in Muang District, to monitor the production process.Meat used to make meatballs. And product quality.But did not find anything unusual that could indicate that the facility was used in the production of meat boa.

Her commitment to the Wat Pong halo.  She said Thai Rung Thip kg plant meatballs, chicken, pork and beef to sell in the past. But the news is mixed into the meat, snake meat ball  The company has been greatly affected. The factory confirmed that the snake can not be mixed with meat. The daily production of approximately 3-4 tons of balls, if using snake meat mixture must be used in large quantities. Which they had just heard from the news that the snake was a ball of meat as well. However, the province should seek to prosecute offenders as well.

I was so consumed with my balls.

Read more, HERE:


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Chiang Mai – ‘Her bare head, killing him, leaving his mother ping water.’


“Killing a nameless young bare head hit the water off. Clothing naked nude Ping camouflage throw the case.”

Today, June 15 at 19:00 pm, police captain Manoch a growing shift of Police. Remember to tell a young woman found floating at the pier where the poles cross the river bridge, Daet. Ping. Irrigation near Daet Padad. Muang, Chiang Mai, along with a police colonel and a doctor of Subdivision Pisanu free temperature shift Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. To investigate the incident. And rescue authorities to draw up his check.

The dead woman’s name, age 50-55 years, about 155-160 cm tall, white skin, short hair, wearing a bra in a soft cream color only.  here who stick with the bra.  The lower strip The preliminary autopsy showed the body, arm and left eye has several bruise marks.  In addition, the forehead on the left have collapsed like a smashed by a solid Officers were sent to the forensic department. Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. Autopsy to find the exact cause of death again.

Pisanu said the police colonel, who will live nearby found the bodies.  Or living along thePing River. Which has been investigating who it is. The preliminary autopsy states categorically that it does not drown yourself. The murder of the other.  The criminals use your head smashed to remove solids. Before removing the clothes off, then threw the bodies off the Ping River, to disguise the case. However, it will have to wait for the autopsy from the Forensic Department to clear again. They are investigating whether the death is one of my first.

We can solve this case.




Okay, okay, you’re right; Google Translate isn’t perfect, but, …

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