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Thailand – Newborn baby rescued by dog from roadside rubbish dump


Via: Nothing To Do With Arbroath

A dog in Ayutthaya Province, has been rewarded after carrying a plastic bag containing a newborn girl from a roadside rubbish dump back to its home.

The male Thai Bangkaew dog named Pui took the white plastic bag from a dump site in tambon Sala Loi in Tha Rua district to his master Gumnerd Thongmak’s house and barked loudly to get attention. Mr Gumnerd’s niece, Sudarat, 12, said she went downstairs after hearing Pui barking and found the bag on the patio. She opened it and was shocked to find a newborn baby inside.

Sudarat ran to get her mother and they took the baby to Tha Rua Hospital. She weighs 2.2kg, hospital officials said. They believed she was born prematurely, at around seven and a half months. She was later transferred to Phranakhon Sri Ayutthaya Hospital. Tha Rua district chief Withit Pinnikorn said Pui regularly wanders around the community.

The district has asked village and tambon chiefs to look for the baby’s mother.

Pui received a leather collar and a medal from Tha Rua district Red Cross Chapter as a token of appreciation for his clever rescue.

note: Pui would have preferred bacon; but hey, the medal is kinda cool.

The Miracle of Life Foundation chief volunteer also gave Mr Gumnerd 10,000 baht (£215, $330) as a reward for Pui’s actions.



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Pattaya – ‘Husband of the Year’


Via: Pattaya One

Early on Friday Morning, Khun Suwaree aged 38 made her way to Pattaya Police Station to report an alleged assault conducted by her Husband over an earlier encounter with a street dog.

She explained to Police that the pair were driving home on their motorbike when they encountered a street dog on Pattaya Third Road which chased the bike and appeared to be attempting to attack them.

The complainants Husband Khun Sakchai aged 32 stopped the bike and decided to confront the dog and attempted to hit the animal. He was pulled back by his wife who told him to get back on the bike so the pair could continue their journey home.

When they arrived back home, Khun Sakchai confronted his wife and claimed that she loved the dog more than him.

A heated argument ensued where the Husband is alleged to have punched and kicked his wife who escaped their home and went straight to Pattaya Police Station to report the incident.

Police will now speak with the Husband to get his side of the story. (how about the dog – huh? huh?)


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Buddha Dawgs

I’m crazy about the Thai people for many reasons, not the least of which, is their often devout following of Lord Buddha’s teachings.

Well Bangkok, like all big cities, has got its share of street dogs (soi dogs), but the dogs here are so incredibly mellow. I originally thought it might be a result of the stiffing heat. But then I realized that didn’t make ANY SENSE because they act much different than say the Manila or the Jakarta dogs. I now believe it’s tied directly to how they are treated by the people; i.e. the ‘Buddha thing’.

My fav flea-riddin’ mutt hangs near a Starbucks, and since I’m a ‘Seattle guy’, I often hang near a Starbucks. I figure our meeting, had to be ‘fate’.

Anywhooo, MY dog has a wonderful goofy-ass ‘dawg-grin’ he lays on me every time he sees me. If he could talk, I think he’d say, “Sawadee krup Dude, how ya doin’?”

He VERY PATIENTLY waits for pieces of my almond croissant, and it’s quite easy to see behind the smile, and in the eyes, ‘khup khun krup’.




1. The almond croissant is his preferance, not mine.

2. sawadee krup is hello; in this case, YO

3. khup khun krup is thanks

4. the photo isn’t of MY soi dawg, but ya gotta luv the face, right?


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‘Thai Flood Hacks’

This is a terrific blog showing how the Thai people are coping with the devestating flood.


Water Bottle Swimming Vest for Cats via Message/Facebook submitted by Siriwat.


My parents’ dog can’t swim, so we made this makeshift doggie life jacket for him.



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