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Phuket – 73 taxi drivers arrested antti-mafia drive

Via: Phuket News

Charges against them included conspiracy to extort, criminal association, uttering threats and putting people in fear of danger to life, freedom, reputation and possession.

The Mayor of Karon, Tawee Thongcham, also surrendered to police to answer charges of collusion with the “mafia” taxi drivers.

The 73 were among 108 for whom arrest warrants were issued. The warrants were based on complaints that the taxi drivers had threatened businesses, extorted money from tour company drivers and threatened them with weapons such as pieces of wood or guns, blocked hotel entrances, and forced tourists to get out of minibuses that arrived to collect them for tours.

At Phuket Police HQ today Pol Lt Gen Panya Mamen, Commissioner of Police Region 8 in Surat Thani, together with his deputy, Pol Maj Gen Paween Pongsirin, Maj Gen Peerapol Wiriyakul from Royal Thai Army Region 4 in Nakhon Sri Thammarat and Governor Maitri Inthusut explained to journalists why the crackdown had been carried out.

Gen Panya explained, “Realising the problem about mafia taxi drivers disgracing the image of Phuket, I set up a team led by Gen Paween and Pol Maj Gen Weerasak Meenawanich from Region 8 to investigate and collect evidences.

“More than a thousand police officers, soldiers and local authority officials have been working on this. “The plan was launched on January 30 this year; we have spent about three months now working on this problem.” It was explained that, of the 287 taxi stands in Phuket, 70 were found to be involved in “mafia” behaviour. “We have issued 111 arrest warrants to those people and now we have arrested 73 of them on 76 allegations,” Gen Panya said. –

See more at:


personal thought:

I know it’s still early, but it looks like the military is doing some very good things: 1) paid the rice farmers, 2) scrapped the graft filled high speed train scheme, and 3) and are making a good start at cleaning up the Phuket taxi-mafia.

long live the military!



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Thailand – GREAT NEWS, the young Chinese, like Phuket, more than Chiang Mai!

Via: GREAT NEWS – Chiang Mai


Phuket has been voted the Number One top destination for Chinese students. It was one of six awards won by the exotic South Thailand resort island in the annual ceremony organised by China’s largest online travel agent (OTA),, and one of nine awards won by Thai destinations in total. Chiang Mai did not scoop any awards, although Bangkok took the best cultural destination.

The“Ctrip Best Tourist Destination of the Year 2013 Awards Ceremony” was held on 28 February, 2014, in Shanghai. It was attended by over 40 representatives of national tourism offices (NTOs) from outside China, 58 representatives of NTOs in China, and numerous other senior executives of the Chinese travel and tourism industry and media.

The Ctrip Best Tourist Destination of the Year Awards were initiated in 2009 to rank the popularity of tourist cities, both within China and abroad. The 2013 results were based on votes cast by about 3 million Chinese travellers via all social media channels, including SMS. The votes are widely recognised as the largest of their kind in the Chinese travel industry.


Oh man, I bet all the Phuket tuk-tuk drivers have ‘boners’ thinking about the fresh batch of suckas comin’ there way!


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Phuket – Italian expat caught with ya ice, ya ba, and weed in hotel room


Italian expat Fabio (See Photo) Milan, 35, was caught with crystal methamphetamine, one methamphetamine pill and marijuana in a hotel room in Patong on Monday (February 17) around 5.30pm.

Milan was staying at a hotel on Pisitkoranee Road, Patong, when around SEVEN Kathu police officers raided the place after a tip off.

Inside the hotel room they found a stunned (Stunned, I’d say!) Milan, who was shocked (Shocked, I’d say!) to see the police but didn’t put up a fight. Police found eight bags of ya ice (crystal methamphetamine) weighing a total of 8.52 grams, 6.97 grams of marijuana and one ya ba (methamphetamine) pill.

Kathu Police Captain Sinchai Thawanpiyayo told The Phuket News, “Ya ice is the type of drug that we find is most common in the Patong area. It’s a big problem here. Other types of drugs are not as popular as ya ice.”

Police charged Milan with possession of crystal methamphetamine and marijuana with intent to sell, and possession of ya ba.


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Phuket – Ukranian Fakes Deafness to Scam Public


A 30-year-old Ukrainian man named Mykola Chornyi has been arrested by the Phuket Tourist Police after it was discovered he had been pretending to be handicapped to solicit donations from the public.

The man was caught on camera by people dining at a food court in Central Festival Phuket Mall who sent the video to the police. The video shows the scammer placing cards on people’s tables which said that he was deaf and asking for donations, along with Angry Birds keychains which were for sale for 100 baht ($3.00 USD) each. The Phuket Tourist Police then sent a team to Central Festival the same day and arrested Mykola outside Swensen’s at 6:30 p.m.

Police charged him with “GENERAL NUISANCE” and refusing to produce his passport, which he said he had left at a car rental shop. There is a possibility he might face fraud-related charges if the police investigation turns up any more suspicious activity. Because Mykola’s money-making outfit is not a registered charity in Thailand, he is technically begging (yeah, you think?), which is illegal.

The police had previously been sent photos and videos of foreigners carrying out the same scam in other areas of Phuket in December. In the photo and video evidence, a female foreigner can be seen doing it in Swensen’s at Kata Beach, while a male foreigner was doing it at a restaurant at Patong Beach. The two suspects have yet to be arrested.


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Indian Woman (See Photo) Caught with Meth at Phuket Airport

Via: City News – Chiang Mai


On 22nd November, an Indian woman was apprehended at Phuket International Airport, with about 15 million baht’s ($476,000 USD) worth of methamphetamine.

The woman, known as Mrs Lalchhuanthangi (37) aroused the suspicion of custom officials when her unusually light luggage went through the x-ray machine. She was then searched by authorities who discovered 4.5 kilograms of methamphetamine hidden inside the luggage.

Mrs Lalchhuanthangi told police she was paid 50,000 baht to transport the drugs from New Delhi to Phuket, where another unknown person was supposed to pick up the delivery.

She has been charged with smuggling drugs and if convicted could face the maximum punishment for this crime, which in Thailand is a LIFE SENTENCE in prison.


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Thailand – Secure Transactions: 5 tips for avoiding hacked ATMs


Via: Bangkok – Coconuts

A wave of ATM skimming has hit Bangkok, and the security issues are prompting some serious insecurity about using cash machines.

More than USD1 billion ($1,000,000 000!!!) ,is stolen by ATM hackers each year, a crime known as “skimming.” Typically this is achieved by hiding a scanner inside the ATM which records your card information and PIN number as you enter it. That information is sent to the hackers, who then use it to siphon money from your account.


Number 1. Use ATMs in public places

Most of the recent instances of ATM skimming have occurred inside office buildings, where they might be accessible to thieves for modification at night, during off hours or slow times of the day. If an ATM appears to be in a lonely location or just looks a little suspicous, look for another in a high-traffic area.

NOTE 1: I live in Thailand, and I have a Thai bank ATM card. 

You can call me a ‘sissy’ if you want, but I never use my card at say a 7-11, or a ATM kiosk like shown. Instead  I only use my card, at MY bank, during banking hours.


Number 2. Check for hidden cameras or card-slot covers

Skimmers usually install a device over the card slot to steal information from your card, as in the picture above. Also, they frequently place a hidden camera somewhere near the machine to visually record your PIN.


Number 3. Look for strange or additional attachments to the ATM

Look for any plastic at the top of the machine, especially of a different color. Anything, however innocent, that looks like it is part of the ATM could hold a small camera. Use one hand to cover the keys as you enter your PIN.


Number 4. Study the instructions and diagrams

Some thieves will go so far as to recreate the entire front of an ATM so they can hide scanning equipment inside. Most of these are quite good, but we know spelling and grammar may not rank high in their skill sets. If the machine reads “Innsert cad hear,” you might consider another machine.


Number 5. Tap the card slot

Again, the most common method of skimming is to place a false card slot over the real one. Go ahead and give it a jiggle. If it is loose, find another machine.



IF you feel you might have been ripped off, I suggest you call your bank IMMEDIATELY so they can check to see if there are any suspicious transactions. If there are, they will close your account, which is a ‘good thing’. The bad thing is, it might take a week or more before you receive your new card.


I strongly suggest you have a ‘backup plan’ just in case,  (See above).


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Thailand – Flight Cancellations & Changes due to Yee Peng (Loy Krathong)

Via: Chiang Mai – City News


Due to the Yee Peng Festival from 16th to 18th November 2013, some flight schedules have been cancelled or changed for safety reasons. Please check with your respective airlines before travelling.


FD3429 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 1835-1940
FD3430 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 2015-2130
FD3425 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 1920-2045
FD3426 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 2130-2245
FD3427 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 1835-1940
FD3428 Don Muang – Chiang Mai 2220-2335
FD3167 Phuket – Chiang Mai 1920-2115
FD3168 Phuket – Chiang Mai 2145-2350



1. Changed
TG116 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai 1650-1800

2. Cancellation
TG117 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai
TG 122 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai
TG 120/121 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai
TG 2124/2125 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai

3. Added on 18th Nov 2013
TG8711 Suvarnnabhumi – Chiang Mai 1545-1655
TG8711 Chiang Mai – Suvarnnabhumi 1745-1855




UO753 HKG-CNX 1225-1425

UO0754 CNX-HKG 1535-1915



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Phuket – ‘Darwin Award’ Winner

Via: Phuket Gazette


At around 3.20pm, there were reports that Chinese tourist Liew Hifong, 33, had drowned at Karon. Police said Mr Liew was staying at a hotel with his girlfriend.

They both could NOT swim and were told by the lifeguards not to enter the water, but did so anyway.

There were red flags (See Photo) along the sand, but these were ignored by the couple. The couple went into the water, but Mr Liew was pulled down under the water by the waves, and drowned.


Mr Liew’s final words were reported to be, “I’m Chinese, I don’t need to follow any sissy-ass rules!”



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Thailand – Phuket’s steamy underbelly


Via: Bangkok Post

Phuket is struggling to balance its new naughty side against its traditional image as a tropical paradise _ and for now, it looks like the dark side is winning.

A decade ago (Note: it been BAD, a LOT LONGER than a decade!), Phuket, sparkling as the Pearl of the Andaman, had earned a global reputation as a must-see destination for travellers interested in unspoilt beaches, natural beauty and green tourism. But…

But those same travellers would today struggle to recognise Phuket. It is veering in the same direction as Pattaya with sex shows, prostitution and the exploitation of wild animals; the seediness mainly confided to Patong’s ever growing bar strip along Soi Bangla.

Add to that equation greedy jet ski operators and taxi and tuk-tuk drivers’ reputation for fleecing customers and the holiday destination’s image takes another blow.

Phuket’s shift towards the shadows was highlighted last month after Barbadian R&B singer ‘the always classsy’ Rihanna made international headlines when she posted photos of herself posing with a protected slow loris and made X-rated comments about a sex-sho she seen the previous  night.

“Either I was phuck wasted, or I saw a Thai women pull a live bird, two turtles, razor blades, shoot darts and ping pong balls all out of her pu$$y”, she tweted to her 32 million followers on Sept 20.


IF you are going to Patong, I suggest you read the WHOLE article, HERE:



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Patong Beach in 1970, and 2012.



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