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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – Indian Tourist reports theft of necklace

Via: Pattaya One

An Indian Tourist, assisted by his Thai Tourist Guide, reported the theft of a gold necklace at Pattaya Police Station on Tuesday Afternoon.

Mr. Mukesh Nandlal ‘dumbass’ Gurnani aged 32 told Police that on Monday Night he went for a walk along Pattaya Beach and was approached by a Thai Woman, Khun Laddawan aged 29, who suggested the pair return to his Hotel room, in exchange for her receiving 1,000 Baht ($31.25 USD) for her time.

Mr. Gurnani accepted the deal and the pair returned to the Siam Bayview Hotel in Central Pattaya. Reception Staff took a copy of Khun Laddawan’s Thai ID card prior to her entering the Hotel, which was presented to Police. Mr. Gurnani explained that after intercourse, she made an excuse to leave.

Mr. Gurnani later discovered that his bag had been cut open and a gold necklace worth around 70,000 Baht (Holy Crap! $2,188 USD) had been stolen. Police have issued an arrest warrant for Khun Laddawan and would like to warn all Tourists that meeting strangers and inviting them back to your Hotel Room carries many dangers (Nut & Ners?) and they advise against it (really?).



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