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Pattaya – Indian Tourist injured during scuffle with deckchair operator

Via: Pattaya One

A group of Indian Tourists along with their Thai Tour Guide reported an alleged assault by a Deckchair Operator based on Larn Island on Thursday.

The operator and the tourists made their way to Pattaya Police Station to report the incident which included the documenting of alleged injuries caused to one of the Indians by Khun Nataganporn aged 38.

She allegedly demanded the payment of 100 Baht ($3.17 USD) after one of the Indians sat on one of her deckchairs for less than 30 seconds (1-hour = $380 USD – sweet!) so they could take a picture of her.

The operator approached and demanded the money which was disputed by the group, Khun Nataganporn is then alleged to have grabbed the hand of the tourist, bending her fingers (see photo – Exhibit A) back and then pushing her to the ground.

Police decided in the interest of fairness to refer the case to the Pattaya Court where a judge can decide how to proceed.


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Speaking on this, Tomwit Jarnson, Consul General of Thailand in Mumbai said, “We have appointed CKGS as our partner in operating Thailand Visa Application and Processing Centres across Western India. The number of Indian tourists arriving in Thailand leaped to almost 910,000 in the year 2011 and is expected to reach more than one million mark by the end of 2012.”


No question about it, more f’n crazy sh*t; but then again, more tailors.

Yeah, I can live with that.



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