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Pattaya – Indian Gang Arrested After Tricking People To Work Illegally Abroad.


Via: Pattaya Daily News

Police Lt. Colonel Chiddecha Songhong, Suppression Inspector of Pattaya police station together with special operation officer went to arrest an Indian gang that would tricked their own people to work abroad illegally. The raid or arrest happened in Soi Yamamoto in Pattaya Second Rd. inside the house that was raided, police found a number of Indians that were locked in.

When police arrived at the house, on the second floor, police found 31 year-old Mr. Dheeraj Kumar (see photo) and 32 year-old Mr. Rajmal Guswami (see photo), the main  suspects, police then went up to a room on the fourth floor, finding 3 more Indian people that were presumed to be confined with in the room. After questioning them, they had told the police that they had been tricked by the two suspects. They promised them to work in Australia. It was also known that they had to pay a enormous fee of 500,000 rupee or 250,000 THB ($8,333 USD). After the 3 paid the money to suspects, they before locked in at the reported guest house. The 3 Indians also said that they were able to escape once, making them plead for help from an Indian restaurant owner. The restaurant owner then informed the police about the gang, which ultimately led to the raid and rescue.

Primarily, the police controlled Mr. DHEERAJ KUMAR (see photo) and MR.RAJMAL GUSWAMI (see photo), to question and expand the case because the police was suspicious that they would be connected to the bigger gang, and charged them for threatening for properties and sent them to the detective officers to prosecute.

Police have now taken Mr. Dheeraj Kumar (see photo – or don’t) and Mr. Rajmal Guswami (see photo – or don’t) to the police station for further questioning. Police are now trying to expand the case as police believe that the two are connected to a bigger gang.


Oh man, I bought, from Dheeraj and Rajmal, (a suit +sport coat + six shirts + 2 pair of slacks) for ‘special’ price of 2,500 baht – now what?



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