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Bangkok – Five nabbed in Thai fake sex drugs swoop

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Bangkok authorities arrested five men in a crackdown on sex drugs sold illegally to tourists in streets around the city’s red light districts, Thai police said Tuesday.

Raids on July 25 and 28 netted several fake or unlicensed drugs such as Viagra, which is normally prescribed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

“We have received complaints from the public that stalls explicitly sell fake drugs to tourists in the evenings,” said Colonel Paitoon Khumsraprom of the consumer protection police.

In total five men, two Myanmar nationals and three Thais, were arrested in the two raids, carried out in the China Town and Nana areas of the city.

They were charged over offences including the illegal sale of drugs and selling fake and unlicensed drugs. If convicted they could face up to 20 years in prison.

Police released a list of items seized in the operation, which were estimated to be worth a total of 500,000 baht ($16,800).

These included various types of Viagra, “Waman penis enlarging tablet”, Kamagra oral jelly — in banana, apple and blackcurrant flavours — and an item intriguingly listed as “Night fire heartily burnable lady’s intense emotion”.

“This has tarnished Thailand’s tourism image,” (yeah, think?) said an official from the Thai Food and Drug Administration, which also took part in the raids.


‘Kamagra oral jelly — in banana, apple and blackcurrant flavours’

Jus’ a thought, but if “Night fire heartily burnable lady’s intense emotion” is the PLAN, I would think banana, . . .




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