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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – ‘planking’ news

Via: Asia One News

1. ‘Posting Nude Photos on line an offence’

“We will write to the National Police Office as well as the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Ministry to ask that they block [Web pages containing the pictures] and nail down (?) the people who posted them,” the centre’s director Ladda Tangsupachai said. She said people who posted such pictures would face legal action for violating the 2007 Computer Crimes Act.

Ladda also said that although it was not illegal to perform nude planking in private places, she warned people against it, saying that it was “not constructive” and “inappropriate”.


2. Lara Louise Pland Saen, 20, a tourist from the Netherlands, climbed over the roof of a car-rent company in Chiang Mai on Sunday night in the hope of planking, but ended up breaking many roof tiles.

The broken tiles fell and damaged a car parked below.

A security guard quickly alerted police and Saen, who was clearly drunk (really?), was arrested. She later admitted she was trying to perform planking and offered to pay compensation.

The company, however, has refused to settle the case out of court. It has insisted that she should be charged with intrusion and causing property damage.


3. In a related development, Mahamakut Buddhist University’s assistant rector for legal affairs Songkran Atchariyasap said that after personally offering a reward of Bt5,000 for information identifying a man seen planking in a monk’s robe, he had obtained pictures and “crucial information”.

He plans to give the information to the National Office of Buddhism today.

“It’s not an appropriate thing for a monk to do. If we find that the man in the picture is really a monk, we will alert the abbot of his temple. A reprimand must be issued,” said the office’s director Amnaj Buasiri.

Amnaj suggested that monks should begin “meditation planking” if they saw the trend as an opportunity to promote the practice of Lord Buddha’s teachings.



YES, that’s a Thai dawg.


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