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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Night Safari

Via: Chiang Mai Mail

The first person in our Chiang Mai Mail SPOTLIGHT is Dr. Sarawut Srisakune, CEO of the Chiang Mai Night Safari. Dirk Weeber Arayatumsopon interviewed Dr. Sarawut with the assistance of Bobby Khotbuntao.

CMM: Dr. Sarawut, when did you start your duty as CEO in the Night Safari?

DSS: Tomorrow it is exactly one year I started my duty the first of JUNE 2010.



Daily Mail:  ‘come to our zoo, . . . then eat the animals” (10 May 2007)

As conservation plans go, this one is perhaps not from the Department of Good Ideas. Visitors to a new zoo will not only get up close and personal with some of the world’s most exotic animals, but will be able to eat examples at the park’s restaurant afterwards.

The £60 ‘Exotic Buffet’ at the newly-built safari park in Thailand includes such delicacies as elephant and giraffe, with lion and tiger also on the menu for lovers of big cat steaks.

The safari park’s project director, Plodprasop Suraswadi, said: ‘The zoo will offer visitors the chance to experience exotic foods, such as imported horse,  kangaroo, giraffe, snake, elephant, and tiger and lion meat. We will also provide domestic crocodile and dog meat.’ The canines would come from Sakorn  Nakorn province, where locals regard grilled dog as a delicacy.”–eat-animals.html


personal thought:

The Night Safari got off to a VERY BAD START; but Dr. Sarawut looks like a very cool guy, so I wish him the very best.



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