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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chaing Mai: with cars jammed with rush. Before he was hit by a moat

Via: CM108 – Google translate

Cars jammed with rush things. Before he was hit by a moat.

At approximately 1:00 am on July 20, 2554.

Car accident hit a tree. It was a moat. Chiang Mai.

Because the gas station right next Lok Moli Temple Road, Muang Krabi Chiang Mai.

A the scene found the driver was a man.  Knocked out of the car, a convertible car, wounded but still conscious.
Rescue officials from the Unity for Development Foundation Act. Was taken to hospital 1.

However, be aware of it. Victim was drivingthe car of the same 2-3 split Jang print head. Head to the door, a white elephant.

But after he collided with a tree on the footpath next to the moat of the two large trees broken in half a chance. It was a little bruised.

Agreed to turn over the car in the moat, which is not much water. The man driving the car alone. It collided with a tree knocked out on the grass beside the moat, making it an injury.

It is not known whether the car was just faster. Until the second half of the tree.


I’m sorry to read the tree was a little bruised; but is the white elephant which ran out in front of the car, okay?



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