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Thailand – We’re Number 2! – We’re Number 2! – We’re Number 2!



‘Thailand ranks second in ASEAN for prevalence of obesity’

A recent study shows that Thais are tending to have more tendency to become obese, as the country now ranked second in ASEAN for the most people with obesity.

During the opening ceremony of the National Health Assembly 2013, the assembly’s organizing committee President, Dr Sirina Pawarorarnwittaya revealed the speculated tendency of Thai people’s health for 2014 that more Thais would become obese due to the current eating habits.
She said data from 2009 showed that Bangkokians were most at risk of becoming obese most, while the northeastern region showed the least risk of contracting the disease.
The data reflected that obesity is usually caused among city people who are well off and receive higher salaries than those who live in the countryside.
As for the ranking of obesity in the ASEAN region, Thailand came second after Malaysia, with the highest number of people with the disease.
And NO, ‘sexy’ Russian men (See Photo) are not factored in.
YouTube – Rod Stewart – “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy”




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