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Jomtien – 1 dead, 14 injured, GERMAN arrested (that’s right, just another typical night)

Via: Pattaya One


A 72 Year Old German man was arrested following a serious road crash which occurred on Jomtien Beach Road on Friday Night which left 1 dead, 14 injured and 13 vehicles damaged. (1 dead, 14 injured, 13 VEHICLES DAMAGED – I mean, DAMN!)

The crash occurred in front of the Somprasong Plaza on Jomtien Beach Road just after 8pm and led to the arrest of Mr. Juergen Heinze aged 72.

He had been assaulted by others involved in the crash and was in a dazed state.

The suspect was subjected to a breathalyzer test but it came back negative for alcohol in his system. Inside his damaged Mitsubishi Pajero prescription medication was found which led Police to believe he may have become impaired due to the drugs.

Witnesses saw the car being driven at speed and erratically and after hitting 10 parked motorbikes it then hit two other cars and a Baht Bus full of Thai and foreign customers.

The deceased victim was described as female, aged around 35 and of Russian decent. 7 Thai’s and 7 Russians were injured and taken to various Hospitals around Pattaya for emergency treatment.

At the Police Station communication with the suspect was difficult so it was decided to continue the interview on Saturday after the effects of any medication he may have taken have a chance to wear-off.



DAMAGED, yeah you think?


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