living in the ‘Land of Smiles’

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – a message to my geezer buds

Via: MK Chiang Mai Property

45SM = +/- 484.39 SF, rent with one-year lease, furnished, balcony, TV, internet, parking

price 8,000 baht @ 30.32 = $264 USD per month

note: I only used this as an example; because there are many realty companies in Chiang Mai, with a gazillion rentals; some more expensive, and some less expensive.


I’m getting so damned old, I almost forget the message.

Message to my Geezer Buds:

IF you are struggling to get by on your social security/pension; you might, and I emphasize might, want to consider residing in Thailand.

Not only can you save money on rent, but you can also save on food, medical care, transportation, plus, plus, and PLUS.

IF you are over 50, you ‘might be/probably are’ eligable for a retirement visa (geezer veezer).


IMPORTANT NOTE: I have nothing to do whatsoever with real estate, nothing whatsoever to do with visas, and I definately do not work for the Chiang Mai ‘Chamber of Commmerce’. 🙂

My friend asked me about Thailand, so after sending him the preceeding info in and e-mail, I decided to ‘blog it’. PERIOD


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