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Thailand – Sea Captain’s Thai Wife Caught In a 10 MIllion THB House Cum Meth Den

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Nitate Soodcharee, Huay Yai police station, Pol. Lt. Col. Paksuwat Chomthanom, and his police team were informed about a suspected ya ice den located in 129/2 Moo 8 Tambon Huay Yai, Amphur Banglamung.

The undercover police agent reported that in the house there was a group of people consuming crystal methamphetamine.

When the police entered the large two story duplex house they found a group of 5 teenagers; 3 male and 2 female, and one dog (see photo) consuming crystal methamphetamine.

All of the suspects were detained including the drug paraphernalia.

Upon investigation the police found that Mrs. Yupin aka Pin Chinvichai age 44 is the OWNER of the house. The police searched the house and found 1 sachet of crystal methamphetamine aka ya-ice weight: 1.14 g and 5 amphetamine tablets.

As the police body searched Mr. Prasit aka “Lek” Jittaphol, age 29, address: 34 Moo 7, Borthong, Kabinburi, province they found 8 amphetamine “WY” 8 tablets in sachets and two more sachets of ya-ice weight: 1.07 g and 1.04 g hidden in the pocket of the shorts that Mr. Prasit was wearing.

Also detained were three teenage girls; “Ms. B” age 17, Ms. “A” age 16 and Ms. “Khao” age 17 whose urine was found positive on a drug screen test.

As Mrs. Yupin was interrogated she confessed that he was using both ya-ice and amphetamine tablets.

She usually bought 4-5 g per time. Always in Pattaya and consumed the drugs together with her relatives. Her husband is was American (is, was; say what?), who is the captain of an merchant vessel. He is on the sea for long periods of time.

After she had a son with her husband, they bought a house for 10 million THB ($322,580 USD). Her son is 6 years old. Her husband gives her an allowance of 100,000 THB per month ($3,226 USD).

If not enough she can ask for more. (well yeah, wouldn’t you?)


Mrs. Yupin said that her husband didn’t know that was she is a drug addict. (SURPRISE!)

Now she does not know what will happen to her family when she is convicted.

She says, she is ready to quit the drug habit and she knows that she has to go to jail but she worried about her son.

Mr. Prasit aka “Lek” Jittaphol claims that he had bought the drugs from Ms. Yupin the ya-ice: price 3,000 THB per sachet and the amphetamine: price 120 THB per tablet.

Pol. Lt. Col. Nitate said that the police will carefully investigate the ownership the 10 million THB house. There could be something fishy about this case. Is Mrs. Yupin only an addict or is she also a meth dealer?



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