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Thailand – Need immigration be such an ordeal?

Via: The Nation

While I generally agree with the comments of improved service levels at the Immigration Bureau, the same cannot be said about Thai immigration bureaucratic procedures. I know this is a topic raised on a regular basis. However, I would like to relate a recent experience, which I am sure many readers are familiar with.


“I drew a queue ticket for a re-entry permit Three hours – including one-hour lunch break – and Bt3 800 later I received my re-entry permit.

On my way out I asked an immigration officer when my next 90-day report date was Despite having spent some 5-1/2 hours at the immigration office and having signed five documents certifying my bone fides and good intentions while in Thailand the officer advised me that it was 90 days from my last report re-entry In other words in my case I was to report again in 70 days time.”



Whoa, 5-1/2 hours, not too good!


personal experience:

I went today to the Chiang Mai Thai Immigration office for my routine, 90-day visit with my ‘parole officer’; no, no, no, I mean . . .

Up until, say January 2011, this would normally take 10 to 15 minutes; and on a busy day, possibly 20-minutes.

Well today, it took me over 20-minutes to get to the point where I could recieve my queue ticket; and another 90-minutes in order to get my, ‘stamp-stamp, stamp’.


Q: What has changed?

A: I honestly don’t know, because the Immigration people are working just as hard as they were before; if in fact, harder.

I think the basic problem is: 1) there isn’t enough staff, and 2) too small of a building.


Q: Maybe too many people to process?

A: Actually, this IS the OFF-SEASON!



Seriously, I’m not going to get ‘my panties in a ringer’ over something, I have no control over.

mai pen lai


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