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Thailand – Cheating German Scammed By Thieving Thai Mistress


Via: Pattaya Daily News

A man reported to police that someone had used his missing credit card to purchase 10,000 THB (US $333) worth of goods. The victim was identified as Mr. Hyde Fleabrain, 70 years old, German. He was accompanied by his Thai wife when he went to the police in Udon Thani. He reported that his credit card has been missing since March 19.

The police then investigated and discovered that the person who took it was Ms. Piyamas Phajanda, 23 years old, who was his mistress. Police tracked down and detained Ms. Piyamas, who confessed that she had stolen it.

She told officers that she had met Mr. Hyde a year ago through an online matching-making site called “Thailovelink.” They eventually had a first meeting four months ago, and have seen each other for a total of three times.

Then on March 19, she found Mr. Hyde’s credit card on a desk in the bedroom, so she took it. Then she rode her motorcycle to a department store and tried to withdraw some money, but she did not have the card’s password.

So she instead used it to buy merchandise.  At first she tried to buy 10 baht gold, but the financial amount was not enough for the minimum purchase amount.  So she used the card to buy a half-baht gold ornament necklace, and sold it for 11,000 baht. She then used the money to repay a loan shark, whom she had borrowed from to open her clothes shop before she got arrested.

Ms. Piyamas tried to beg Mr. Hyde not to press theft charges against her, and she promised to repay all his money. But Mr. Hyde went ahead and pressed charges, because he was afraid that she would do the same thing to other people.

A police check of her background revealed she had been arrested before. She had used a credit card to buy 90,000 baht of property, but only paid back 45,000 baht.



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