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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – German Tourist Stabbed


Via: Pattaya Mail

Mr Freddric William (dumb-ass) Beechdale aged 70 from Germany was walking with his girlfriend when a Mr Maalsak a copy watch seller was running and bumped into him, Mr Freddric was not happy about this so he shoved the watch seller (BRILLIANT!) who then produced a sharp scaper which he then stabbed Mr Freddric in the hand and was quick to flee the scene, but some sharp eyed locals who were unhappy with what they saw gave chase and apprehended the assailant out side the the Royal Garden Shopping Centre .

Police were quick to arrive and arrest him. Mr Maalsak was then taken to the police satation for further investigation. Mr Freddric asked police to hurry the investigation as he wanted to go to hospital.

Mr Maalsak was given a 500 THB ($16.13 USD) fine and was RELEASED.


personal thought:

As I’ve said before, and I no doubt will say again, don’t f*ck with the Thai people.


Because like Mr. Maalsak, they could well be armed; or, he’ll get six of his buddies, and . . .

Just walk away, and you might (?) live until age 71.





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