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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – Golden oldie love triangle ends in shooting

Via: Phuket Gazette

You’re never too old to fall in love – or to take violent revenge on your cheating wife and treacherous neighbor, as events in the northeastern province of Loei recently showed.

On June 22, local police received reports that two people had been shot at a house in Thali subdistrict.

At the scene, they found villagers gathered around Wan Soisan, 86, who was lying on the ground after fainting.

Minutes earlier, Mr Wan had reportedly used a homemade shotgun to blast his 84-year-old wife In as she sat in the house peeling mangoes.

Mrs In, shot in the left shoulder and thigh, was rushed to hospital.

After shooting his wife of 50 years, Mr Wan went next door and shot Pak Khamsuk, 91, as he lay on a bamboo bench. From there he walked to his own backyard – and promptly fainted.

Mr Wan and Mrs In had three children together and shared the house with their eldest daughter Bunthian Mijinda, 47.

Relatives told police the old couple had recently started arguing regularly because Mr Wan had become jealous of his wife’s closeness with Mr Pak. (really?)

Indeed, Mr Wan had gone as far as to build a shack in the couple’s garden in order to observe how intimate the relationship had become.



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