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Pattaya – U.S. Citizen found dead – Congenital Diesease, Drug OD, or rabid Rabbit?

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol.Lt.Col. Preecha Sumrith, Pattaya police was informed of deceased foreigner at the SY Mansion,Soi Chalermprakert 12, Pattaya 3 Road.

At the scene in room # 7 on the third floor, the body of Mr George P Stanco, age 48, U.S. citizen, was found lying on the bed. His naked body was stiff and he had a dark coagulated  blood visible from his nose and mouth. There were no wounds on his body or traces of a fight. In addition, the police found the victim’s pet rabbit. The victim’s belongings were scattered around the room.The police assumes that the victim had died less than two days earlier.

Mr Kittisittipong Jantasri, age 54, the mansion owner, reported to the police that the victim had stayed alone at the mansion for several months.

He was not accquainted with anyone and had a domesticated  rabbit as his pet. (really?)

Before discovering the body of the victim he had not seen the victim leaving his room since  August 1st. On  August 17th the owner knocked on the door to ask for the rent that was usually paid on the 14th of the month but there was no reply. The owner noticed a foul smell from the room so he decided to use a spare key to open the door.

Pol.Lt.Col. Preecha stated that from the evidence and the victim’s body that the victim might have had an underlying disease, or diabetes, or died of a drug overdose, or rabies.

He was not murdered.

As for the ‘alledged’ mess in the of the room, it could have been caused by Roger.

However, the victim’s body would be taken to the Institution of Forensic Medicine for a post-mortem examination. The Embassy of United States in Thailand will be informed accordingly.


Tip to the cops, look no farther




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