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Pattaya – 2 Teenagers Arrested For Murdering An Elder American Man


2 teenagers were arrested for allegedly murdering an Elder American.

The Director of Pattaya Police station tried to cover up the news story as he feared that it would cause a feat under incoming tourists.

(I can’t help but wonder if they meant feet instead of feat; as in, ‘Feet, do your stuff!’)


Two teenage suspects aged 19 and 22 were arrested for allegedly murdering an American at an internet café in South Pattaya. The American was named Mr. Steven F. Morfiella, aged 70.

After checking their criminal records police were astounded by the number of cases they had, they had over 40 cases in Jantaburi Province.

Journalists reported that police officers ordered reporters to not present the news of the arrest, as it was feared that it would cause negativity to Pattaya’s tourism. (seriously, is that even possible?)


Via: Pattaya One

And this newspaper, said Mr. Morfella was BEATEN to DEATH in HIS OWN BED!

“At the time, Mr. Morfella was asleep and as the two men entered the 2nd floor bedroom, they saw him in the bed and used a stick to repeatedly strike him. The victim screamed for help as one of the suspects placed a pillow over his head while the other continued to beat him until he died.”

personal thought:

The crime is bad enough, but the cops trying to cover it up – UNFORGIVABLE!

No more trips to Pattaya for me, that’s for damn sure.


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