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Pattaya – American involved in knife incident

Via: Pattaya One


On Saturday Morning Pattaya Police detained a 49 year old American who was accused of using a knife and allegedly attempting to indecently assault a Thai shopkeeper.

The incident occurred at the Night Plaza in Central Pattaya and at a small shop inside the Plaza owned by Khun Jurarat aged 51. She had just opened the store at 9am when the American, named as Mr. Ronald Harris, entered the story and began to look at items, including lighters depicting a man and woman having sex and other adult-orientated souvenirs.

Khun Jurarat decided to approach Mr. Harris and ask him if he wanted to purchase any items as he had been looking around the shop for some time. She alleges that Mr. Harris then produced a flick-knife and grabbed the shopkeeper in an inappropriate way.

Her Husband soon arrived who was then allegedly struck by Mr. Harris as the pair came-to-blows. During the fight Khun Jurarat sustained a small injury to one of her fingers.

Mr. Harris was taken to Pattaya Police Station but vehemently denied allegations of assault brought against him.

He was however not willing to comment on the knife possession.

Legal proceeding are currently ongoing.



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